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Betsy Greer

Betsy loves to think about how making, specifically through craftwork, helps people grow, connect and heal. Starting in 2003, she popularized craftivism, sharing how craft and activism work together to help people worldwide share their voices, stories and big emotions. She loves hearing and learning about how what we make with our hands helps us show up with authenticity, empathy and curiosity, making the world better for ourselves and others. Have a story to share about your own work? You can reach her directly at bgreer@spoonflower.com.

About Betsy Greer

Betsy Greer is a writer and stitcher who joined the Brand Marketing team in July 2021. In her spare time, she talks to people about their choice to make things by hand and related lessons learned for her project Dear Textiles. She also aims to befriend all the dogs she meets and is forever looking for the perfect dress pattern with pockets.

You can view her favorite Spoonflower designs here: https://www.spoonflower.com/favorites/b_greer