When it comes to home decor, we have to give props to curtains for being a functional accessory. While filtering the sunlight that enters your home, they can pull double duty by also matching or complimenting your wallpaper, bedding or even tablescape. Spoonflower curtains are uniquely constructed using two durable fabric options and versatile hanging options, which you’ll learn about below. Read on to see how you can add a little more “wow” to your windows, with our show-stopping curtains available for purchase in thousands of designs in just your style.

Two white curtain panels with blue bamboo leaves are hung on a black curtain rod. Three windows are between them and supported by a white wall. A dark blue tufted couch with fold legs holds pillows of different designs and colors. Three pillows rest in a small pile to the right of the couch. A brown wooden floor supports the couch.
Make your room look larger (and more luxurious) by adding our floor-sweeping curtains. Featured collection

Dimensions and Key Details

How are Spoonflower curtains unique in construction?  

Spoonflower’s Curtains offer two hanging options: rod pockets and tabs. This flexibility allows you to hang your curtains from rods directly, rings, hooks or clips to decorate your window space. Each panel has a generous 4” (10 cm) hem that helps maintain the perfect drape. 

Three blue curtains with a star constellation design hang from two windows . Brown walls with framed pictures surround the windows and curtain. In front of them is a family playing. A man in a grey shirt and jeans, on his knees, holds a baby’s arms helping him to walk. A small stuffed animal is near his foot. Two throw pillows sit up at the edge of a brown crib near the baby and man. A woman wearing a denim top, jeans and socks stands at the other end of the crib holding a coffee mug with her mouth open as if she’s cheering on the baby. A blanket is folded near her hand, at the top of the crib. A white crib sheet with different colored circles covers the crib mattress.
Curtains close for sweet dreams and open for great mornings. Featured collection

What substrates do our curtains come in?

  • Available in 3 sizes: 
    • 50” x 84”
      • (127 cm x 213 cm) 
    • 50” x 96”
      • (127 cm x 244 cm) 
    • 50” x 108”
      • (127 cm x 274 cm) 
  • 100% cotton 
  • Sophisticated basketweave texture 
  • Durable upholstery grade 
  • Heavy to mid-weight 
  • Available in 3 sizes: 
    • 50” x 84”
      • (127 cm x 213 cm) 
    • 50” x 96”
      • (127 cm x 244 cm) 
    • 50” x 108”
      • (127 cm x 274 cm) 
  • 55% linen, 45% cotton 
  • Durability of linen with the softness of cotton 
  • Natural white 
Sample of Cypress cotton fabric
Cypress Cotton Canvas
Linen Cotton Canvas

Where are our curtains made? 

Our curtain fabrics are woven in China, and shipped to South Carolina where they are digitally printed and cut on-demand. Talented sewists at a partner in Virginia and at our own facility in Fort Mill, South Carolina, sew each curtain when ordered.  

How do I care for my curtains? 

We recommend dry cleaning your curtain panel. 

A single striped curtain of pink white and copper brown is pushed back using a curtain hook to expose a sunny day. Below the window seal are two throw pillows. The left pillow has abstract geometric shapes, blocks and patchwork. The right pillow is a mustard yellow-gold with dots, crosses and other tribel prints. A bench with a black and white tribal prints on the cushion, supports the two pillows. A pale blue lunbar billow with white lines in a modern geometric grid, rests at the right foot of the bench on a green carpet. A wall with blue and white wallpaper also make up the background.
Brighten any space with hints of orange. Featured collection 

Shop Curtains

You can find curtains to style every window on Spoonflower.com. Here are a few of our many options: 

Two white curtain panels with lavendar tulips and blue lilacs held together by brown leaves, are on either sides of two windows. A rectangle mirror separates the windows on the wall. Another panel is to the far right panel. A crystal and gold chandelier hangs from the ceiling, above a round dining room table. Five tufted navy blue chairs supported by wooden legs, are pushed under the table. A wooden floor supports the furniture.
Tie in all the accents of a room with curtains. Featured product: Tulip Indienne Blue Lavenders and Brown White Curtain Panel by danika_herrick

Two cream, grey and beidge curtain panels with a moroccan geometric patten hang from a gold curtain rod. One curtain freely hangs while other other is held back with a hook, exposing a closed white window exposing a sunny day. The wallpaper matching the curtains are behind them, and a dark wood dresser. A white lily with a long green stem in a clear glass sits on the dresser along side a book and small mirror. A dark wood floor supports the night stand, as the edges of the curtains touch.
Matching home decor gives maximum impact with minimum effort. Featured design: Moderan Farm by chicca_besso

Ready to Hang Your Curtains With Confidence? 

Home improvements can seem daunting but with the right guidance (and playlist) you can get it done. We wouldn’t leave you hanging without directions to get those beautiful curtains up. Let’s get these windows dressed to impress with tips from the Brownstone Boys. 
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