Does your four-legged friend have a knack for fashion? From DIY bandanas to handmade bow ties, it’s never been easier to let your pups personality shine and earn you the coveted Dog Parent of the Year. If Fido prefers to go fancy with his style, today’s beginner-friendly dog bow tie is the perfect way to add a small touch of color without getting in the way of puppy playtime. Using just a fat quarter of Organic Cotton Sateen, we promise this DIY project is….PAW-some!

Dog in a handmade bow tie sitting in front of a teal wallpapered wall
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1. Cut out your fabric. Cut two 10.5″ x 3.5” rectangles and a smaller 5″ x 3” rectangle.

2. Stitch your fabric. Sew the larger rectangles together with ¼” seam allowance, right sides facing. Clip the corners and trim the seam allowance to ⅛”.  Turn the fabric right side out. 

Pro tip: Make sure your patterns match and they’re going in the same direction when you’re pinning your fabric together! 

3. Create the bow. Tuck in the raw ends of the rectangle and press. Fold the strip in half and stitch the opening closed. Scrunch the fabric to make the bow tie shape. If you would like, hand stitch the cinched fabric to keep the bowtie shape. This step is a …. cinch!

4. Create the bow tie center. Fold the smaller rectangle in half long ways, right sides facing and stitch together with a ¼” seam allowance. Turn right side out and fold in half. Stitch across the end securing the tube and flip the fabric so the seam is on the inside.

Pro tip: If you have a dog collar that doesn’t have a thick buckle, you can change your seam allowance on the skinnier rectangle to fit accordingly. We recommend doing a test with scrap fabric to determine the optimal width. 

5. Finish the bow tie. Insert the bow through the hole and then through your pup’s collar. Get ready to say “bow-wow”!

Cascade Navy by leanne

Bow ties, bandanas and leashes for your pup, we can’t help but spoil our pooch with these easy DIY projects. Shop our curated collection of pup-approved designs for your furry friend. 

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  • These are adorable! Thanks for sharing. It would also be a good project to donate to animal shelters for their photos of adoptable pets.

  • I was so thrilled to find this pattern! That is, until I realized I have my darling Dobermans wearing slip collars, that are the type of collars that tightens up and, if they are wearing the correct size, can’t slip out of them. You slide them over the head, not click on. I think they’re called Martingale collars. However, my parents and a sister have standard poodles! Yes!

  • Made a few of these tonight for my make dog and my grandpuppies for Christmas. I wish I had moe time and material to come up with a bigger bow tie pattern, only because my grandpuppies are meat heads (American Bullies). Their heads are so fat, I’m not sure if the ties will end up looking too small on them. But fits my beagle mix just fine. Thanks for the instructions, they will be so cute in pictures.

  • My husband will be getting a service dog this week and I can’t think of anything nicer than a bow tie when meeting the family. Thanks so much for sharing.