Ever see pet beds with really cool covers and incredibly expensive price tags? So do we. But what if we told you that you could totally customize a removable cover and even save a few bucks in the process? All you’ll need is a few yards of your favorite (or your dog’s favorite) design, a pet bed insert, and basic sewing tools. So, if you’re ready to whip up a pet bed to please your pup, grab your materials and let’s get started!

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Materials you'll need to construct your dog bed! | Spoonflower Blog

Materials – Here’s what you’ll need for this project

  • – 2 yards of Recycled Canvas
  • – 30”-34” zipper
  • – 90/14 heavy duty needle
  • – Pet bed insert

Prepping Your Fabric

DIY dog bed: Cutting out the pieces | Spoonflower Blog

Start by cutting out your fabric. Determine the size you want your bed to be and cut two pieces of fabric for the top and bottom of the bed and four pieces for the sides, being sure to add a 1″ measurement to each piece for seam allowance. In our example, we are making a rectangular bed (28″x36″x4″), so our sides are two different lengths. Your side pieces will need to be the same length as the sides of the top/bottom and in our example, about 5″ in height.  One of our long side pieces will be 6″ in height to accommodate the zipper.

Pro tip: We’re making a rectangle, since that’s what our insert is shaped like, but you could follow the same process for a circle or square bed!

DIY dog bed | Spoonflower Blog

Here are our fabric piece measurements:

  • -2 pieces: 29″x 37″
  • -2 pieces: 29″x 5″
  • -1 piece: 37″x 5″
  • -1 piece*: 37″x 6″

*The last piece is for the zipper. It needs to be slightly wider because you will use extra seam allowance in order to insert the zipper.

Inserting the Zipper

DIY dog bed: Measuring the zipper | Spoonflower Blog

Choose a zipper a few inches shorter than the longest side of the dog bed. For our 36″ dog bed we will be using a 30″ zipper. This allows you to have room on either side of the zipper for ease of sewing and a nicer fit.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

With the print side facing in, fold the 37″ x 6″ piece in half lengthwise, then cut along the fold line to create two pieces. Lay your zipper centered on the fabric so you have an equal amount of space on each end and mark where your zipper pull starts and stops. Set the zipper aside.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Sew the two cut pieces together with a 1/2″ seam, using a standard stitch length. When you get to the zipper mark, backstitch a few times, then change to a basting stitch to sew the area where your zipper will be inserted. At the second mark, backstitch again then finish the remainder with a normal stitch length.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Switch to a zipper foot, and insert the zipper facedown into the seam you just sewed.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Remove the basting stitch using a seam ripper, being careful not to rip out your back stitching.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

You now have a centered zipper! On to the rest of the bed!

Assembling the Bed

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Begin by placing two side pieces together with their short edges aligned (and right sides of the fabric facing in). With a ruler or tape measure, mark 1/2″ in from each corner and place a pin to mark those spots.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Sew the seam with a 1/2″ seam allowance, sewing only between the two pins. This means you’ll have a little 1/2″ flap at the beginning and end of the seam where the fabric isn’t sewn.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Finish sewing all around; you’ll end up with a circular loop of fabric. Now, iron all your seams open.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Next, grab the top piece and align one edge with one of the side piece edges. Pin the two edges together and sew them using the same 1/2″ seam allowance, being careful to start and end the seam a 1/2″ before the edge of the fabric. All three pieces (the top piece and two side pieces) should meet in the corner, with overlapping 1/2″ seam allowances. This way, when you turn it inside out, you’ll have a sharp corner.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

When the top piece has been attached to the sides on all four edges, you’ll have a piece that looks like this!

DIY dog bed: Attaching the second piece | The Spoonflower Blog

Repeat the process to attach the bottom piece of your dog bed.

DIY dog bed: Sewing all the way around the bed | Spoonflower Blog

Sew all the way around the rest of the bed.

DIY dog bed: Clipping corners to reduce bulk | Spoonflower Blog

Clip the seam allowance from the corner to remove some extra weight and help your corners really pop!

DIY dog bed: Turning the finished dog bed inside out | Spoonflower Blog

Unzip your dog bed and turn it right-side out.

DIY dog bed: Pushing out the corners of the dog bed | Spoonflower Blog

Push the corners out with a chopstick, bone tool or anything pointy.

DIY dog bed | The Spoonflower Blog

Stuff the insert inside, zip it back up, and you’re all done. This pet bed is pup-approved!

DIY dog bed: Pup on a throne of dog beds | The Spoonflower Blog
Dog approved designs by nouveau_bohemian, leanne, nouveau_bohemian and modfox.

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