It’s no secret that Halloween is a favorite holiday of the DIY community: from handmade costumes to perfectly carved pumpkins, there’s no shortage of me-made projects during the season of tricks and treats. For Spoonflower team member Meredith, gearing up for her favorite holiday means her four-legged friend also gets a DIY treat: Halloween Dog Bandanas. Keep reading to find out how she used the cheater quilt Fill-a-Project™ template and Spoonflower’s free bandana pattern to create nine different dog bandanas for under $3 each! 

DIY Dog Bandanas for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog

Halloween How-To: DIY Dog Bandanas for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog
Vintage Halloween- bobcat’s castle by katybobsyouraunty
DIY Dog Bandanas for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog
Spooky, spirited designs from the Vintage Halloween Design Challenge

Meredith: Halloween is hands down one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, my mom insisted on making all of our costumes every year (thanks, Mom!) and now in my adult life, I’m still on the quest for a showstopper handmade costume. While the clock is ticking to perfect my costume this year, I wanted to share the Halloween spirit with my playful pup, Alli, and her puppy pal, Fozzi, without adding another time consuming project to my to-do list. Enter the DIY dog bandana.

I LOVE this project for 5 great reasons:

  1. A dog bandana can be completed in just four easy steps which means Alli can look festive while still having time for other DIY projects!
  2. With over 500,000 designs in the Spoonflower Marketplace, you can find the perfect design to get your pup in party mood, no matter the occasion.
  3. Using the Fill-a-Project™ 1 yard Cheater Quilt template, I can make up to 9 bandanas for $2.20 each!
  4. They are a fun, easy gift for your friends with fur babies.
  5. The collar pocket ensures the bandana will stay on no matter how wild it gets at the dog park.

Inspired to make one (or nine!) for your furry friends? Let’s get started!

DIY Dog Bandana for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog

Create your Fill-a-Project Cheater Quilt

Halloween inspired designs for DIY dog bandanas | Spoonflower Blog

Using the 1 yard cheater quilt template and the Vintage Halloween Design Challenge Collection (they’re scary good!) curated by Spoonflower, I created 6 different design sections (the 3 larger sections above yield 2 bandanas each for medium or smaller dog sizes.) The medium dog bandana template is 8″ x 12″, so I made sure each section was at least 12″ x 12″ (2 squares wide x 2 squares tall.) For large dogs, you’ll need to make sure that the sections are 2 squares wide x 3 squares tall.

I love how the cheater quilt template can be used for so much more than just a quilt. Oh the possibilities!

A Halloween inspired Fill-a-Project is ready for DIY dog bandanas | Spoonflower Blog
A Halloween-inspired Fill-a-Project quilt is ready for DIY dog bandanas. Shop featured designs.


  • Multiple dog bandanas: Fill-a-Project 1 yard cheater quilt printed on Cotton Poplin (or your preferred woven cotton)
    • Or to make 1 dog bandana: 1 fat quarter of Cotton Poplin
  • sewing machine
  • rotary blade/fabric scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • bandana template

Choose your Template

While waiting for your fabric to arrive, print out the bandana template. To determine your bandana size, measure the length of your dog’s collar and divide by 2. Choose the bandana template that correlates to this measurement. 

Cut out your dog bandana fabric | Spoonflower Blog

Cut out your dog bandana fabric | Spoonflower Blog

Next, lay the template on your fabric and cut around the template with a rotary blade or fabric scissors.

Sew the Bandana

Hem the edges of your bandana | Spoonflower Blog

Topstitch the bandana | Spoonflower Blog

Fold a double hem 1/2” and press. Topstitch around the entire bandana to secure your hem.

Create the Collar Pocket

Create the collar pocket for the dog bandana | Spoonflower Blog

Create the collar pocket for the dog bandana | Spoonflower Blog

To create the pocket for the collar, fold over the top of your bandana so the edges match up with the corners at the top of the triangle portion. Pin in place and stitch across the long edge of your pocket on the front side of your bandana.

Pro tip: Test out your pocket by sliding your pup’s collar through before stitching.

In just four easy steps, you’re ready to celebrate any special occasion with a custom dog bandana! Find even more pup-approved DIYs here!

Halloween How-To: DIY Dog Bandanas for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog

Halloween How-To: DIY Dog Bandanas for Under $3 | Spoonflower Blog