Ready to start a new fabric project and want a fun way to guide you to the right one? This fabric quiz is just for you! To help you in your quest, while all our fabrics are perfect for DIY projects, we’ve chosen five workhorse substrates that are great for a wide range of tutorials. Take our quiz to find the right fabric for your next project.  

So you’ve hit that point where you’re thinking, “I want to do another craft project.” Maybe you want to take advantage of a fabric sale on the Spoonflower Marketplace and buy that design in your favorites—but in what substrate? This quiz is here to help you answer that question, plus direct you to some fun tutorials. 

Whether you’re looking to whip out your sewing machine and stitch up your latest and greatest or do a no-sew project with your friends, this quiz is designed to point you in the right direction. What are you waiting for? Your next project is a few questions away! 


Which Fabric Is Best For Your Next Project?

Take this quiz to find the fabric for your next project based on five of our most popular Spoonflower fabrics.


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My sewing skills are: 

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I’m looking for a _____ project. 

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I want to make something for _____. 

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I want to work with _____ colors.

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I like ______ textures. 

6 / 6

Without considering experience level, which item would you want to make? 

Scroll down and learn more about the fabric in your quiz results.

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Featured collection: Performance Linen

Projects with our Petal Signature Cotton® are in your future. Looking for a fabric eager for almost any idea that comes to mind? Petal Signature Cotton is your friend! This lightweight fabric lends itself to projects such as quilting, crafts and cut-and-sew projects like clothing and costuming. 

For beginner sewist, this lightweight, woven fabric is easy to pass through a sewing machine. This fabric is also easy to cut and glue for no-sew crafts. 

This fabric is machine washable in warm or cool water on a gentle/delicate cycle. 

Featured collection: PatternPops

Let’s get it poppin’ with Cotton Poplin! This lightweight woven fabric has a crisp, smooth feel to it. Cotton Poplin is ideal for apparel, quilting and home decor projects. 

Jazzing up your journal with a book cover, easing into quilting with blocks, or turning a love note into a keepsake are a few of the many uses for this durable substrate. 

To care for Cotton Poplin, machine wash it with cold water on a gentle/delicate cycle. 

Featured collection: Minky 2021

You love textures that feel warm and cuddly. You can’t help but touch anything that reminds you of your favorite throw blanket. Create something special with your favorite texture using Minky. It offers a luxe texture, vibrant color and nice drape. Make a rejuvenating neck pillow, huggable plushies and coziest loungewear with Minky. 

Care for your Minky products in cool water on a gentle machine cycle. This fabric is a medium-weight and slightly stretchy.  

Featured collection: PastelHoliday

You don’t let the colder temps stop you from being fashionable and active, or cozy and fun. Polartec® fleece is a soft and stretchy fabric that’s perfect for beginner-friendly to advanced sewing projects. Its texture inspires you to make snuggle-worthy things like a no-sew blanket or jackets for you and your furry friend. Its soft and stretchy fabric is perfect for beginner-friendly to advanced sewing projects. 

Care for your Polartec items by machine washing them on a cool or warm, gentle cycle.  

Featured collection: EerieRetro

Your next project is something personal and fabulous! You’ll be thrilled to wear or show off this project because it’s something for you, made by you.  

Satin’s smooth and shiny texture makes it a beautiful fabric for intimate wear, ring pillows and zipper pouches. Have fabric weights, sewing clips or sewing pins nearby when crafting—satin is a light fabric that easily moves when sewing. 

Care for your satin items by machine washing them separately in a cool, gentle setting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fabric substrates does Spoonflower offer?
Spoonflower offers dozens of fabrics in our fabric shop. Learn more details about them here.
Where can I learn about the other fabrics offered by Spoonflower?
Check out our Fabric Finder to learn about great projects to pair with our fabrics.
How can I order fabric on Spoonflower?
You can order Spoonflower fabric by the yard (42″ x 36″), as a fat quarter (21″ x 18″) or as a swatch (8″ x 8″). Our Fill-A-Yard® option allows you to purchase multiple designs to “fill a yard” of fabric.

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