Zipper pouches require only a little bit of skill and a fat quarter of fabric, but they go a long way in showing off your personal style. Make one in Satin or Celosia Velvet as an evening accessory or whip one up in Dogwood Denim™ to wrangle travel essentials in your car or corral pencils in your kid’s backpack. 

Whether you go functional or decorative, these make an easy (and fun!) way to get organized. 

Featured designs: Outside Fabric: bebe_kitten by holli_zollinger Lining Fabric: Bebe_kitten_black by holli_zollinger
Tablecloth: Gold paint blobs on cream by Jenlats


1. Cut out two 10” x 7” rectangles from each of your fat quarters. Two will be used as the outer fabric and two for the lining.

2. To install your zipper, place one of the outer fabric pieces right side up. With the wrong side of the zipper facing up, align it with the top raw edge of the fabric.

3. Place one of your lining pieces wrong side up on top of the zipper, sandwiching the zipper in between. Stitch the zipper into place with a  ¼” seam allowance.

Pro Tip: Unzip your zipper halfway before stitching into place. When you reach the zipper pull, lift your machine’s foot (with the needle down) and move the pull to a different area, so that it doesn’t interfere with your sewing.

4. Repeat the two steps above with your remaining pouch pieces to attach the other side of your zipper. Unzip the zipper halfway.

Pro Tip: Press and edgestitch on either side of the zipper for a neat, polished look.

5. On either side of the zipper, refold the pieces to match the outer fabrics together and the lining fabrics together so that the right sides of each are facing.

The Perfect Zipper Pouch in 9 Easy Steps - leave a 3" gap in your lining | Spoonflower Blog

6. Pin all the way around your rectangle, taking care to match your outer fabrics at the open ends of the zipper, and leaving a 3” gap at the bottom of your lining fabrics for turning.

Pro Tip: Fold the zipper teeth toward the lining as you pin. This is the key to not having a pinched-looking zipper.

7. Stitch the edge of your pouch with a ½” seam allowance, beginning at the bottom of your lining fabrics and working your way around.

8. Trim excess fabric at the corners, and turn the pouch right side out through the opening in your lining. Gently push out the pouch corners for a clean finish.

The Perfect Zipper Pouch in 9 Easy Steps - edgestitch the lining closed | Spoonflower Blog

9. Pin the gap in your lining fabrics closed by tucking the raw edges neatly toward the wrong side of the pouch. Edgestitch into place. Tuck your lining into your outer fabric, and press to finish.

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