a shadowy bedroom scene featuring black, plaid bedding, black pillar candles that are lit, and a green palm tree on the left side. There is a black wire shelf above the bed.
If you feel called to the “dark side,” keep reading! “Dark academia,” “witchcraft,” and “Gothic” search terms are all on the rise. Explore the featured designs.

If you’re a surface pattern designer, knowing what trends are coming up can help you know what people might be searching for, get ahead of the curve or perhaps for the contrarians among us, buck them entirely. But there’s no doubt that being aware of what your customers might be wanting to buy in the coming months can help not only your sales, but your creative output too. Spoonflower’s Senior Manager of Merchandising Emerson Jones drops by to share what trends she is seeing on the horizon, along with some tips on how you can incorporate them into your own work.  

Friendly reminders:
• Regarding designs featured in this post, please respect your fellow artists’ work and intellectual property. Featured designs are for illustrative, inspiration purposes only and not for replication. 
• All trending search percentages given below are based on the number of searches for those terms from January-April 2023 on Spoonflower.com as compared to the number of searches for those terms during the same period in 2022. 

Emerson: In this version of our Trend Report, we are excited to share guidance and direction to help you create your own unique take on what buyers are looking for as we head into the autumn and winter seasons. We’ve been doing the research into industry trends and taking a deep dive into what our customers are searching for and buying in the Spoonflower Marketplace. Keep reading to learn how familiar trends are shifting as tastes evolve (welcome back, Grandmillennial!), and discover opportunities to experiment with new, emerging trends (hello, Wild West!) 

Trending Color Stories

Warm Neutrals: Autumn’s Color Story

It’s time to dispel the myth that neutrals are boring. Customers are gravitating towards bold design motifs in more subtle, neutral palettes. As we move into fall, we are all looking forward to the cozy season and comforting warm hues. Think colors like Pink Clay, Soft Terracotta, Ivory, Beige, Rich Oak, Taupe and Light Olive. So go bold, create interesting illustrations and unique motifs—but take an editing eye to your palette and experiment with these nature-inspired neutrals.  

Rich Crimson: Winter’s Color Story

Rich robust reds are the perfect fit for holiday classics and cozy cabin vibes. Pair crimson with toned-down greens like sage (another trending color in its own right) and brown to give your seasonal designs a vintage, rustic feel. Crimson and Soft Pink make the perfect palette for a more modern look, while pairing saturated Crimson with jewel tones like Emerald and Deep Purple brings a glam vibe. Experiment with texture to create elevated holiday designs with home decor in mind. 

What’s Hot for Autumn/Winter 2023:
Trends in the Spoonflower Marketplace 

Mushroom Madness

Trending Searches 

• “Mushroom Wallpaper” +374%
• “Trippy” +273% 
• “Psychedelic” +101% 
• “Groovy” +69%
• “Mushroom” +60%    

Foraged Fungi 

As this is a strong, long-term trend, think outside of the classic toadstool mushroom and explore the wider world of fungi for inspiration—experiment with creepy Cordyceps, ornate Oysters, magical Morels and lush Lion’s Mane varieties. If you’re looking for bold color, check out less common mushroom varieties like Indigo Milk Cap, Amethyst Deceiver and Blue Pinkgill. Dark, moody palettes and a rustic-foraged look are perfect for autumn interpretations. We do not see this trend slowing down anytime soon, but with a wide range of mushroom designs already in the marketplace, get creative to set your designs apart. 

Psychedelic 70s  

As 70s-inspired design has overtaken mid-century modern as our most popular vintage style, so has design influenced by the counterculture. This trend can be expressed as a cute cartoonish style depicting recognizable motifs of the era such as mushrooms, smiling faces, peace signs and groovy geometrics or it can take on a trippier aesthetic with vivid mathematical abstracts in a bold high-contrast color palette. 

Historic Influences

Trending Searches

Pro tip: For each trend, the trending search terms and related percentages refer to how often rising trends were searched for on Spoonflower.com from January-April 2023 vs. January-April 2022. Therefore, “Arts and Crafts” has been searched for on the site 152% more this year during that time period in 2022, making it possible for some percentages to be over 100% based on their increasing popularity over time.

• “Arts and Crafts” +152%
• “Pop Art” +103%
• “Victorian” +80%
• “Rococo” +70%
• “Vintage” +35%     
• “Toile” +25% 
• “William Morris” +25% 

Arts & Crafts Interpretations 

Originating in the UK in the 1860s as a critique of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on society, the Arts & Crafts movement was largely influenced by nature, medieval Gothic Revival and Art Nouveau imagery. It was the Cottagecore of its time, providing escapism in the face of an uncertain future. Given the movement’s focus on the decorative arts, this era of design is a great place to take inspiration from when creating patterns for wallpaper and home decor. 

Pop-Art Portraits 

Give historical portraits a funny facelift. Novelty print wallpapers are some of Spoonflower’s most popular products, and the “funny” search term is up 88% over this time last year. Historic portraits, creatively made new with the addition of humorous motifs, are the perfect fit for commercial projects and small spaces like powder rooms. Create a maximalist look by layering pop-art inspired portraits over florals, animal prints or abstract backgrounds. 

Seaside Style 

Trending Searches 

• “Shells” +155%
• “Coastal” +89% 
• “Under the Sea” +88%
• “Mermaids” +35%
• “Ocean” +33% 
• “Waves” +24%    

Coastal Chic 

Distinctly not tropical, this trend is a very specific interpretation of New England coastal, with hints of Californian, Mediterranean and Adriatic living. Think luxurious, textured designs for home decor incorporating subtle nods to life by the sea, mixing vintage and modern styling. For autumn and winter, consider how you would cozy up a beach house for the season. Try warmer palettes and creative coastal holiday motifs. This trend is strong across all home decor categories—we recommend coordinating collections allowing customers to pattern mix across multiple products. 

Undersea Kids’ Rooms 

If your personal style is specific to the children’s market, you can play a bit more in the novelty space. Popular motifs include hand-drawn sea creatures, waves, shells and coral. Aim for an elevated feel when it comes to color palette, expressing whimsy through the motifs in your design. We recommend coordinated collections created with bedding sets in mind, along with complementary wallpaper to create a full room experience. 

Preppy Revival

Trending Searches 

• “Green and Pink” +2,229%
• “Preppy” +287%
• “Hydrangea” +221%   
• “Chintz” +127% 
• “Golf” +56% 
• “Chinoiserie” +25% 


A trend we first called out last year remains strong, specifically in the interior design space. This style is defined by antique influences mixed with modern elements—think chintz florals, classic chinoiserie, ticking stripes and trellis motifs, paired with modern abstracts and botanicals. Popular palettes include blue and white, pale pink and green, and earthy taupe and brown. Cater to trade customers by designing coordinating collections with home decor and wallpaper in mind. 

Preppy Throwbacks 

In line with general nostalgia for the era, we’re seeing a revival version of the preppy style popular in the 80s and 90s. Bright pastel palettes, pink and green color combos and quilted bags are gaining popularity. Explore classic motifs like floral, argyle and paisley in bright, unexpected colorways. Elements of country club athletics such as equipment (i.e., tennis rackets) and elevated plaid motifs are popular, particularly for wallpaper. 

Back Into the Woods

Trending Searches 

• “Whimsical” +225%
• “Wildflowers” +205%
• ”Frogs” +172%
• “Thistle” +172%
• “Sasquatch” +159%
• “Forest Animals” +148%      
• “Fairy” +97% 


While Cottagecore is still a strong trend, 2023 is seeing a move towards all things cabin. Searches for “Rustic,” “Mountains” and “Plaid” are all trending upward. Incorporate a vintage feel with textured designs in earthy, warm palettes. Mix traditional classic patterns with woodsy motifs, elevated for a more grown-up audience. Large-scale evergreens and neutral plaids are a good fit for cabin-inspired wallpaper and upholstery.  

Whimsical Woodlands 

Nature-inspired fantasy landscapes offer escapism in a time with so much uncertainty and instability. Take your rustic, woodland designs and incorporate whimsical creatures and magical elements. Searches for “Hidden” are also trending upward, so experiment with hiding subtle elements of whimsy in otherwise elevated forest-inspired designs. Focus products are wallpaper and fabrics. 

New Classics

Trending Searches 

• “Masculine” +423%
• “Ticking” +235%
• “Checkerboard” +217%
• “Stripes” +144%     
• “Ikat” +88% 
• “Polka Dots” +88%
• “Paisley” +13%   

Stripes on Stripes 

From bold colorful cabana stripes to thin, traditional pin stripes, makers and decorators alike love mixing striped patterns to create a color-blocked look. Cater to this trend by designing a wide variety of scale options in trending colorways. Experiment with different stripe widths, intervals and directions. Try tone-on-tone palettes and unexpected color pairings. 

Menswear Inspired 

Neutral, earth-tone plaids are trending with a growing interest in classic motifs on everything from wallpaper to bedding. Menswear-inspired collections that facilitate easy pattern mixing though complementary, textured stripes, houndstooth, herringbone, plaid and checks are a great way to tackle this trend geared towards a more masculine audience. 

The Wild West 

Trending Searches 

• “Western Toile” +713% 
• “Cowboy Boots” +715%
• “Southwestern” +99%
• “Cowgirl” +96%
• “Buffalo” +56%
• “Cowboy” +34%
• “Western” +16%      

Cowfolk Kitsch 

Think fringe jackets, bejeweled cowboy hats and vintage western shirts, as the cowboy aesthetic has been adopted and made modern by a more diverse community. Explore western motifs like bandana prints and horseshoes with kitschy influences in unexpected color palettes. Bold boots, rowdy rodeos and colorful cow prints create a western fantasy for a new generation. 

Classic Western Scenes 

The wild west is alive and well. We see two-tone toiles depicting scenes of the American West gaining popularity in our marketplace and in the fabric and decor industry at large. We’ve seen cowboy motifs modernized by artists like Kacey Musgraves, Orville Peck and Lil Nas X and are looking forward to seeing increasingly more related designs depicting an inclusive story of western fantasy along with classic motifs such as horses, buffalo, mining towns, covered wagons and dramatic landscapes. 

The Dark Side

Trending Searches 

• “Dark Academia” +1,356%
• “Witchcraft” +1,106%    
• “Moody” +336%
• “Witch” +257%  
• “Dark” +157%
• “Cryptid” +109%  
• “Occult” +105%
• “Gothic” +86%  

Witchy Symbolism 

If you wish every day was Halloween, this trend is for you. We are seeing terms related to all things spooky perform higher than average for this time of year. As shoppers adopt this dark aesthetic year-round, we see the style expressed as the dark side of Cottagecore. Potions, snakes, foraged mushrooms and symbols of the occult are presented with a rustic style in dark color palettes. 

Gothic Romanticism 

Just as the emo and goth eras have a revival in fashion, we see these motifs reflected in home decor as well. Moody florals, skeletons in love, dark damasks, dusty bookshelves and hidden skulls are popular motifs. Searches for “Black” and “Purple” are trending upwards, fitting well with the classic expression of this style. Consider ways to elevate these concepts for home decor and wallpaper applications. 

Novelty Trends

Here’s a look at other one-off trending novelty motifs that don’t fit an overarching trends. This list of themes covers a lot of ground, but also shows how the search terms customers use on Spoonflower.com are as niche as they are broad.

Trending Searches 

• “Butts” +644%
• “Geek” +461%
• “Highland Cow” +237%
• ”Baseball” +144%
• “Music” +91%
• “Funny” +88%
• “Books” +85%       
• “Cannabis” +82%
• “Pickleball” +80%
• “Dragon” +78%   
• ”Dogs” +65% 

Holiday & Winter Forecast 
Trend Forecast for Holiday & Winter 2023 

Cozy Cabin Comfort

A red cabin sits amidst a snowy foreground and snowy trees growing around it.
Greg Rakozy, Unsplash
Image of a winter solstice tablescape with a cake with white icing and red fruit and lit dark green candles on a white tablecloth with a green leafy vine design. A green tree with small circle lights is in the background.
Anita Austvika, Unsplash

Move aside, ‘Coastal Grandmother! The new aesthetic for winter is ‘Grandpa’s Cabin.’ Envision a vintage, rustic woodland escape—what prints and patterns would you expect to see on blankets, pillows, bedding and the walls? How would a space like that be decorated for holiday gatherings? Put yourself into this cozy mindset to create coordinating collections that evoke a warm, inviting escape from the harsh winter. 

Relevant Searches 

• “Fawn” +272%
• “Rustic” +220%
• “Woods” +114%
• “Cabin” +44% 
• “Buffalo Plaid” +41% 

Key Motifs & Themes 

• Textured Classics 
• Vintage Illustrations
• Mushrooms 
• Foxes & Fawns 
• Songbirds 
• Painterly Wildlife 
• Patchwork 
• Seasonal Landscapes 

Celestial Celebrations

Image of a white mug with repeating gold stars on a white table. Small white lights are to the middle right.
Joanna Kosinka, Unsplash
Light brown wooden stars hang on fishing line against a black background and are shown from slightly below.
Markus Spiske, Unsplash

Look up to the skies for divine inspiration. Renaissance-inspired depictions of the heavens, as well as 90s sun-and-moon motifs are popular expressions of this trend. Recommended colors include Dark Greys, rich Blues and Deep Purples paired with pops of Golden or Ivory hues. There can be minimalist interpretations of this trend, but experiment with more ornate, maximalist designs that feature elements of whimsy and personified celestial bodies. 

Relevant Searches 

• “Moon” +93% 
• “Stars” +88%
• “Space” +61%
• “Celestial” +56%   
• “Sun” +13% 

Key Motifs & Themes 

• Spooky Night Skies 
• 90s Inspired Sun & Moon 
• Winter Solstice 
• Moravian Stars 
• Star of Bethlehem 
• Star of David 

Merry Modern Minimalist

Rows of fir tree cookies lay on a white surface. They are partially covered in chocolate on the diagonal on the top left and sprinkled with small pieces of nuts.
Irene Kredenets, Unsplash
Two hands reach out for a present laying on a white surface and as seen as shot from above. The present has white wrapping paper with a red-and-white trim wrapped around it and a light brown bow at the top.
Superkitina, Unsplash

Modern minimalist aesthetics meet classic holiday and winter icons in neutral palettes to create a seasonal style with staying power and mass appeal. Incorporate graphic typography with seasonal sayings. Create abstract interpretations with line-art snowmen and Santas. Place classic motifs like menorahs or stands of lights on trendy backdrops of marble or checkerboard patterns. Don’t be afraid of color with this trend, but keep to a limited, monochrome palette for a simplistic look, and balance bold pops with more subdued hues. 

Relevant Searches 

• “Modern Abstract” +607% 
• “Minimal” +290% 
• “Line Art” +236%
• “Neutral” +57% 
• “Marble” +32%  
• “Pink” +31% 

Key Motifs & Themes 

• Abstracted Holiday Icons 
• Grid Backgrounds
• Checkerboards 
• Graphic Silhouettes 
• Contour Line Art 
• Marbled Textures 
• Soft Pink & Red Palettes 

Joyful Jewels

Disco balls of varying sizes have been hung together and are viewed from below.
Lera Freeland, Unsplash
A close up of bright pink garland on a wooden table.
Laura Adai, Unsplash

Glitz and glamour set the stage of elegant, exuberant holiday gatherings. Rich, bold jewel tones like Emerald Green, Garnet Red, Sapphire Blue and Deep Purple Amethyst, all balanced against a dark backdrop for dramatic festive holiday looks. Make nostalgic holiday icons feel current with intricate detail and simulated sparkle. The moody botanical trend also overlaps nicely when you opt for winter foliage and recognizable holiday florals. 

Relevant Searches 

• “Maximalist” +338% 
• “Jewel Tone” +244% 
• “Glam” +106% 
• “Purple” +45% 
• “Teal” +20% 
• “Green” +21% 

Key Motifs & Themes 

• Saturated Hues 
• Ornate Illustrations 
• Nostalgic Sweets 
• Glam Ornaments 
• Intricate Menorahs 
• High Contrast 

In case you missed our webinar on Autumn/Winter 2023 Trends, you can watch the replay here.

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