8 Skillshare Classes to Help You Master Seamless Repeats

FEB 27, 2019
Artwork by Annie Parsons of anniedrawsthings

Want to take your artwork to the next level by traforming them into surface patterns? Thanks to online learning communities like Skillshare, it’s easier than ever to learn new skills like watercolor repeats and fabric design fundamentals! Today we are excited to share eight designers from the Spoonflower Marketplace who are teaching design-based classes (and a bonus embroidery class) to help you reach your goals. Who knows – maybe you’ll be teaching your own class by the end of the year!

New Skillshare members can try the classes below for free with a 2-month trial. Just click on the class link to get started!

Annie Parsons | From Page to Pattern
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If you’re short on time, Annie’s 22 minute class will be just what you need to learn how to take your sketchbook drawings from paper to pixel. By the end of this beginner class, you’ll be well on your way to creating dynamic repeating patterns just like the ones in Annie’s Spoonflower shop.

Samarra Khaja | Creating Motifs
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Taught by designer, patternmaker and Spoonflower community favorite Samarra Khaja aka SammyK (creator of the adorable Hungry Monster Laundry Bags and so much more), this class is great for pattern makers and designers who want to explore their style further – or just create a set of souvenirs representing their favorite city!

Spoonflower + Skillshare with SammyK

Kylie Kelsheimer | Design Your Own Cut-and-Sew Doll
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Have you ever considered designing your own cut-and-sew project? In Kylie’s class, you’ll learn everything there is to designing cut-and-sew dolls, the perfect fat quarter project. At the end of her Adobe® Illustrator-based class, you’ll be ready to design your new go-to birthday or holiday gift for the little one in your life.

Natalia Gonzales | Designing Tea Towels with an iPad 
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It’s safe to say the Spoonflower community knows a thing or two about designing tea towels. Just look at what was created for the It’s a Punderful Life Tea Towel Design Challenge! Marketplace favorite (and tea towel designer extraordinaire) natalia_gonzalez shows how to use Procreate and to develop your designs using just an iPad.

Mel Armstrong | Surface Pattern Design Fundamentals
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Want to know the secret to creating beautiful repeating patterns that sell? Mel Armstrong is unveiling the tips she’s learned throughout her successful career as an illustrator. This class is a must for designers who are looking for ways to create cohesive collections that inspire.

Liz Kohler Brown | Watercolor Repeats
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Have you ever wanted to turn your watercolor paintings into seamlessly repeating patterns? Do you picture your watercolors on home décor, wallpaper and fabric? Liz (thinlinetextiles on Spoonflower) is showing you how it’s done in her beginner-friendly class.

Kristina Hultkrantz | The Basics of Pattern Design
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Are you just starting your surface pattern journey? Kristina’s entry level class is ideal if you’re new to the game and wanting to learn the basics of pattern design. Using Illustrator’s Pattern Make Tool, learn her tips and tricks for creating patterns from start to finish that are visually interesting and unique.

Floor Giebels | Hand Embroidery
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We know, we know. Embroidery isn’t necessarily on topic for this surface pattern focused round-up but after seeing Floor Giebel’s work, it’s impossible not to share her Skillshare class! Using photos printed on Poly Crepe de Chine, Floor shows you how to bring your images to life through embroidery.

Still getting the hang of seamless repeats? Check out eight more design tutorials to get you started.

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    • Hi Kate,
      The type of computer used for each class will be dependent on the teacher’s preference. If you have specific questions about a certain class, we recommend clicking into the class and reviewing the details shared by the teacher and reaching out to Skillshare if you have additional questions. Sorry we couldn’t be more help! -Meredith from Spoonflower

  • Shelagh Ruane

    Hi! When you say try out any of the classes, do you mean just ONE out of all the classes? Thank you.

    • Hi Shelagh,
      Great question! Once you sign up for the 2-month trial, you’ll have access to all of the Skillshare classes!-Meredith from Spoonflower

    • Hi Jane,
      Skillshare is inviting the Spoonflower community to try out any of these classes for free during a 2-month trial. Once you’ve clicked into any of the class pages, simply select “Click here to redeem” at the top of your page. You can learn more about Skillshare’s pricing directly on their site here. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! – Meredith from Spoonflower

      • Rebecca L Cook

        You should have updated comments. Now you only get 7 days trial not worth it.

        • Hi Rebecca,

          If you click on any of the class links in this article, at the top of the page should be a link to click that says “Spoonflower has given you 2 free months of Skillshare Premium.
          Click here to redeem.” That should give you an upgrade to the typical 7-day free trial that Skillshare offers.