8 Seamless Repeat Tutorials for Designing Custom Fabric

AUG 17, 2018

Surface pattern design is not just for the professionals! If you’ve ever browsed our Marketplace for llamasrainbows or even motorcycle fabric, there’s a good chance you’ve been curious to know how designers have created their seamless repeats. From traditional tools like a pen and paper to design programs like Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator®, we’re showing you eight seamless repeat tutorials to help you find your tried and true resource for creating seamless repeats. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to enter one of our upcoming design challenges

1. Create a Seamless Repeat from a Drawing

We’re putting the tools into your own hands (professional, aspiring or otherwise) with a simple step-by-step tutorial that shows one way to create your very own seamless repeat design, no fancy editing software required!

A seamless repeat in just eight easy steps

2. Create a Seamless Repeat on Your iPad with Pixelmator

This design tool will be your one-stop-shop for creating, editing and enhancing your images. You can choose to create your repeat elements directly in Pixelmator or use an app like Procreate or Adobe Sketch and then use Pixelmator to build the repeat pattern. Spoonflower designer thinlinetextiles shows you how easy it is! 

See the Pixelmator tutorial 

3. Design a Seamless Repeat with Procreate

Does mastering the art of seamless repeats feel like the pinnacle of your surface design journey? We’ve got a not-so-secret truth to tell you—they’re easier than you might think! Spoonflower designer Anda Corrie is demystifying seamless repeats using the budget-friendly (just $9.99!) design tool, Procreate®, and her trusty iPad. 

Fire up your iPad

4. Turn a Drawing into a Seamless Repeat in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered what your doodle might look like as a repeating pattern? Spoonflower’s graphic designer, Alexis, is sharing just how easy it is to take your drawing off the paper and onto the screen in this Photoshop tutorial. 

Go from paper to pixel

5. Design a Seamless Repeat with Photoshop Elements

Feeling a little out of your element? Allie’s custom geometric design tutorial using Photoshop Elements, the budget and beginner-friendly version of Photoshop, will be just what the design doctor ordered! 

Create a design for your next celebration 

6. Create a Seamless Repeat in Photoshop

Watch the step-by-step tutorial

7. Create a Seamless Repeat in Illustrator

8. Spoonflower Repeats

If you’ve designed a single element and want to upload it directly to Spoonflower, you can still create a repeating design! Using one of the five different types of repeats featured on your design page, you can transform your simple element to create a fabulous design.

See the repeats

Once you’ve designed your first (or next!) seamless repeat, upload it to your Spoonflower shop, set up your designs for success and get ready to start earning money doing what you love! 

Shop the featured designs

Design + DIY tutorials

1. Turn your calligraphy into fabric 2. Design a paper snowflake table runner 3. Personalize baby’s first blanket with Photoshop 

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  • Kathy Kelly

    I’d be interested in a repeat pattern tutorial in Affinity Designer.

      • Graham A. Brown

        A new Affinity Designer here, and would like to have a tutorial in Affinity. Using Adobe products now but would like to get away from depending on that company.

        • Hi Graham! Thanks for your interest in Spoonflower and for your suggestion. Liz Kohler Brown has a great tutorial on Skillshare on using Affinity Designer here. We also have some popular tutorials using Procreate here if you are interested in trying another tool. Procreate is definitely a Spoonflower community favorite!


      • Sarah Wilkie

        Affinity Designer is growing in popularity – I’ve just bought it but I’m learning from scratch as someone who aspires to becoming a surface designer. I’d also be really interested in any tutorials you have to offer.

  • Would love this tutorial using Illustrator. It would be such a gift to know how to do this!!! Thanks!!!

    • Hi Caitlin,
      Thanks so much for the suggestion! We’re looking into offering tutorials that include these types of programs so please keep an eye out.
      -Meredith from Spoonflower

    • Alicia leroux

      Agreed! Corel draw lover here too! Would be great if it was covered for some tutorials too. Great job for the tutorials on the other programs.

    • Hi Julee,
      Thanks for adding this tool! We’ll have to look into this program for a future tutorial.
      -Meredith from Spoonflower