Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

DEC 23, 2014

Kick off the new year with a new organization tactic for your dirty laundry. Samarra Khaja (SammyK on Spoonflower) visits the blog to share a creative project that makes sorting laundry as exciting as it can be. Kids Filling Monster Bags

Hi Sewing Comrades!

Do you or does someone you know (*I’m lookin’ at my little children here*) have a problem getting their dirty laundry into the laundry basket? Does it seem like an endless battle to get those stinky socks on their way to a much-deserved wash?

Since the answer is probably yes and because laundry isn’t usually the most smile-inducing activity on the planet, I thought it was about time to give my kids (and you) a good reason to sort the laundry. Plus, it’s another fun excuse to sew something decorative and functional all in one.

What are we talking about exactly? Hungry Monster Laundry Bags!

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

With four different color combos to pick from, these friendly monsters will make your kid (or your adult friend, who should probably know better at this point) gleefully cram as much clothing into their mouths as possible. Yup, you heard me right, these guys have insatiable appetites and crave clothing, swallowing it whole and displaying no table manners whatsoever.

I made two hungry beasts for our home – one for each of my kids – but you could also easily have a cold/warm or light/dark laundry monster arrangement, if you prefer different organizing methods.

And before you think there are no other uses for these guys, wait, because they make for a perfect receptacle for all those kitchen plastic bags you want to reuse. I hear they like the crunch of plastic, so it’s win-win.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Begin by cutting out all the pieces from your eco-canvas yardage.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Pairing all front and back pieces together, sew up both arms and legs, leaving the ends open. I opted to pad my arms and legs with a layer of scrap batting for added plushiness.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

The monsters secure to just about any towel rod or railing by way of their ear loops, which are constructed with the help of two interlocking strips of sewn Velcro to the backside of each ear panel. Once those are sewn together and the ears are assembled, they easily fold over to create hanging loops with a nice strong grip.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

The two front body panels get hemmed at the mouth and there’s a solid color lining rectangle that gets sewn to the inside of the back body panel, so Monster’s mouth looks more cavernous when complete! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

All legs, arms and ears get basted into position on the two front body panels. I like my arms intentionally asymmetrical so when they’re hung up together, multiple monsters don’t bump elbows and sit nicely side by side.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

With the back body panel right side up (and rectangle lining face down), align the front bottom body panel and pin in place.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Now align the front top body panel with the top of the back panel and pin in place. The mouth will overlap with the bottom panel slightly for a more snug fit. Sew all the way around and flip your new friend right side out via the mouth opening. Iron flat.

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Ta-daa! Monster friends hung snugly together on a standard towel rod, ready to eat whatever you want to throw their way! Oh, you want more monsters? Get a longer towel rod and have at it! Monsters for the entire family!

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Enjoy stuffing their stomachs with all the dirty clothes you can find. When it’s time for laundry, simply remove the monsters from the rod and take them straight to the laundry room. Done and done, fun and fun!

Hungry Monster Laundry Bags

Oh, and P.S. there are mini monsters included in each kit which make perfect little beanbag toys. My kids adore them, but beware of possible choking hazards for anyone too little. Simply empty out the big Monsters’ tummies and you’ve got yourself a perfect rainy day bean bag toss game; you know, for while someone else does the laundry!

About Our Guest Blogger

018Samarra Khaja is an artist, illustrator, licensed textile designer and proud lefty. She likes the color green and can eat an unsightly amount of French bread in one sitting. No judging, people, no judging. See more of what inspires her at and follow her on Instagram. She’s currently working on her first book, between baguettes that is.

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  • The eco canvas is no longer available on the web site. Which is the best alternative? The Linen Cotton Canvas, or the Cypress Cotton Canvas?

    Also, a couple others asked for dimensions of the finished product but didn’t get a response. I’m curious about that as well.


    • Hi Jacqueline,

      While the Eco Canvas is temporarily unavailable, the Cypress Cotton Canvas, Dogwood Denim, Linen Cotton Canvas or Lighweight Cotton Twill could all be great options for this project. The main body of the monster will be approximately 15″ x 37″. Please keep in mind this does not include the attached arms and legs. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Shari Rogers

    It doesn’t say anything about the seam allowance. How much is it, and how do I figure it into the pattern for cutting the pieces out?

    • Shari,
      Thanks so much for your question! The seam allowance is included in the pattern and your cut lines will include the white border. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Tawny Boyce

    Can any other fabric be used for this and still hold up well, besides the eco canvas?

    • Hi Tawny,
      Great question! We would recommend any of our upholstery grade fabrics or the Linen Cotton Canvas for this fabric since you’ll want a sturdy fabric to hold all that dirty laundry! For more information on our upholstery fabrics, please visit our fabrics page here. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! -Meredith from Spoonflower

  • Alice Elliot

    Just finished my green monster. My grandsons are going to love it! My recommendation is to serge or zig zag the whole final seam because the fabric is super ravelly and won’t hold up in the wash if left raw.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Alice! We can guarantee your grandsons are going to love it!

  • Would it be possible to install a length of plastic boning to the bottom of the mouth? My son loves to throw things, maybe it’ll be more “dunkable”?

  • How well do these hold up to being washed?? I usually wash my laundry bags quite often 😬! Are these pretty durable? These are adorable and the perfect colors!!! Can’t wait to make them for Christmas presents for the kids! Oh and maybe they might actually clean up after themselves!! 🤔 Lol! I do have a feeling these will be a huge hit!! But I will keep you posted!!

  • I have a suggestion!
    If you added a zipper at the bottom you could unload the laundry by simply unzipping the bag!
    This is how I plan to make my own bag!!

  • Hi Sharry,
    Sorry for the confusion with ordering this cut and sew pattern. It looks like your order was placed on Basic Ultra, a fabric with a 42 inch printable width, while this design was created for one of our wider fabrics. That is why you're seeing a few inches cut off. When ordered on Eco Canvas, or any other fabric that has a printable width of 54 inches, you will receive the full image. 
    You can see a full list of our fabrics, along with printable widths, here:
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our help team at

  • Sharry Reynolds

    Just received my order (#2503295) for the laundry bag, and I am very disappointed. The printing is incorrect!! A good 4 1/2 inches of the front of the bag is missing due to the incorrect printing. Looking at the picture on the invoice I see that the left side of the fabric is not printed, cutting off the side of the back of the bag. If your other customers intend to cut and assemble this bag as printed it will not happen!! Good thing I only needed this as a pattern to make my own bags for my Great Grandchildren.

  • I second checking out! Nothing compares to getting an original! I have one of hers I keep in my car to keep my kiddos stuff organized and it is the best. Super durable.

  • Hi Amanda,
    Each color option fits on a yard of Eco Canvas. So if you order one yard you will receive all the patterns pieces to make one laundry bag. Do note that each color option is it's own design. 

  • I would like to buy these, but on the website I’m really confused about how much fabric to buy to get the complete pattern, since the pattern is by the yard. Help?