9 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork

OCT 12, 2018 updated May 18, 2021

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork | Spoonflower Blog

With a little help from Spoonflower, you can transform your child’s artwork into one-of-a-kind keepsakes for family and caregivers. Before you get started making one (or all!) of the nine DIY projects we’ve rounded up, be sure to brush up on your design skills with this repeating pattern tutorial. For additional design help, we suggest this list of eight seamless repeat design tutorials. New to designing fabric? Don’t fret! A majority of these projects can be completed with just a scanner. Ready to see which projects are inspiring us? 

1. Tea Towel

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork | Spoonflower Blog

Nothing could make your kid prouder than seeing their masterpiece displayed on a tea towel. (Future heirloom alert!) Finish your tea towels with a mitered corner for a professional finish or skip the DIY and order a ready-made tea towel through Roostery. Just upload your design to your Spoonflower account, login to Roostery and preview your design on the tea towel page to get started. 

Pro tipTo ensure a picture-perfect Roostery tea towel, see how to format your design here

2. Aprons for the Entire Family

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork | Spoonflower Blog

Looking for a better way to hang onto your kids’ creations instead of a revolving cast of fridge decorations? One of our favorite projects to highlight their artwork is DIY aprons. Just imagine the entire family in matching aprons while baking cookies for the holidays! Pick out your favorite apron style to get started.

3. Canvas Art

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork | Spoonflower Blog

You won’t believe how easyand inexpensiveit is to make custom artwork with Linen Cotton Canvas and some stretcher bars. Create an entire gallery wall featuring the artwork you’ve collected over the years or design custom portraits for the entire family. See how with this video tutorial

4. Classroom Quilt

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kid’s Artwork | Spoonflower Blog

Need a little help dreaming up a thoughtful teacher gift? A custom classroom quilt featuring artwork by the budding artists in the classroom is guaranteed to be a hit. Using the Cheater Quilt Fill-A-Yard™ template, this project can be completed in just a few hours.

5. Table Runner

What does every well-dressed kids’ table need? A custom table runner featuring their very own artwork! Take a classic turkey handprint, paper snowflake cutout or a drawing of their version of a winter wonderland, and transform it into fabric to personalize their table.

Pro tip: Entertain for two different occasions using the same runner by making it reversible! Feature kid’s artwork on one side and a more sophisticated design from the Marketplace on the other. 

6. Throw Pillow

10 Custom Gift Ideas to Make With Kids' Artwork | Spoonflower Blog Fun little drawings can have big impact when turned into a repeating pattern on a throw pillow. See how to sew a simple zipper pillow with Lia Griffith or order a pillow (choose from two styles!) directly from Roostery.  

7. Headboard

Take kid’s artwork from doodle to dream room with a DIY headboard. Ursula Carmona, founder of DIY design blog Home Made by Carmona, teamed up with her daughter to create a custom design featuring for her bedroom makeover. Read even more about how the dynamic design-duo worked together on the project here.

8. Stuffed Animal

Just imagine the reaction you’ll get when you surprise the little one in your life with a stuffed animal featuring their artwork! Audrey of This Little Street took her daughter’s drawings and turned them into fabric dolls and you can do it too following this beginner-friendly tutorial.

9. Me-Made Fashion

Are you ready to take home the prize for making the most thoughtful/orignal/tear-worthy gift for Grandma and Grandpa? We’re sure Albertina, the blogger behind Mimosa Lane, took home this prize when she presented Grandma with a pineapple dress featuring her daughter’s artwork. Lucky for you, Albertina is sharing how you can recreate the project!

We love the idea of inviting your little ones to help with making these DIY gift ideas! For even more hands-on sewing with your kids, be sure to grab a copy of our newest book, The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book by Anda Corrie. 

The Quick-Sew Project Book by Anda Corrie | Spoonflower Blog

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