Calling All Sweethearts! Create Your Own Valentine Chocolate Box Pillow Plushie

JAN 22, 2018 updated May 14, 2021

Calling all sweethearts! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Heidi Kenney, designer of all things cute and tasty, has created a chocolatey treat especially for you. Using just a fat quarter of Fleece, Heidi’s Valentine Chocolate Box Pillow design is perfect for your best friend or partner in crime, your mom and even your one and only true love (yourself, included!). Our favorite thing is that this chocolate box won’t melt or go bad—it’s meant to last as long as love itself. Follow along below with Heidi’s simple step-by-step tutorial and make your very own valentine plushie. 

Materials needed:

Step One: Cut out both hearts and the long strip of red from your fleece fat quarter.

Step Two: Using a rotary cutter, cut the strip of red in half longways.

Step Three: Sew the two long red strips together at one end creating one long red strip.

Step Four: Align the seam from where you sewed the red strips together with the center of the heart.

Step Five: Pin in place and sew the long red strip to the front of the heart with right sides facing.

Step Six: Line up the back of heart along the other edge of the long red strip in the same way. Pin in place and sew along the entire heart leaving an opening near the bottom of the heart about 3″ long for turning and stuffing.

Step Seven: Turn your pillow right side out, stuff with fiberfill and hand stitch the opening closed.

Valentine Chocolate Box Pillow by heidikenney

You’re done! Share your chocolate box valentine with us on social by tagging #heidikenney and #spoonflower .

About the Guest Blogger

Heidi Kenney is a self-taught artist who designs fabric, makes pottery and creates plush and 3-D soft sculptures inspired by everyday objects with a vintage flair. You can find her work at and Read our designer feature on Heidi and see more of Heidi’s cut-and-sew projects in her Spoonflower shop. Don’t forget to follow her @mypapercrane on Instagram for more delectable treats!

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