Woman in a green jacket and dress, blue tights and green boots poses in front of a small house surrounded by foliage is wearing a blue hooded scarf.
Make your very own hooded scarf with mitten pockets!
Featured designs: Cold Snow Winter Blue by ninola-design and Indigo Brush Weave by danika_herrick 

Less is more when it comes to a hooded scarf. Rather than keeping up with a scarf and hat, have it all-in-one with this snazzy piece. Made with Polartec® Fleece, a hooded scarf (also known as a snood) is the perfect winter accessory for staying cozy and warm. Who doesn’t love pockets? Add some to your snood to make it your go-to scarf. And some optional cute ears for a little extra fun! Keep reading as our friends at Peppermint magazine share a free template plus the steps to getting you in the snood! 

A close-up side view a hooded scarf. The fabric is blue with small white circles in different sizes, like snowflakes. The model is wearing a green and white plaid coat, smiling and looking down.
A close up of the side of the hooded scarf.

Peppermint: A sweet little make to get you through the cooler months! This hooded scarf is great for beginners looking to work with Polartec® Fleece for the first time. If you’re looking for a super soft addition to your wardrobe—this is it. Add it under coats for extra warmth or show it off on top of your outfit. Looking to make an extra cute version? Add ears to your snood, we’ll show you how!

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Steps to Make a Hooded Scarf 

Step 1. Print your pattern 

Download and print your pattern via the link here. Please note all seam allowances are 0.4” (1 cm). 

Step 2. Cut out your pattern pieces

Cut out your pattern pieces as noted below.  

Right-side Outer fabric: 

  • Hood piece x 2 
  • Scarf piece x 2  
  • Pocket piece x 2 
  • Ear piece (optional) x 4 

Wrong-side Lining fabric: 

  • Hood piece x 2
  • Scarf piece x 2  
  • Pocket piece x 2 

Lightweight fusible interfacing: 

  • Hood edge piece x 2  

Don’t Forget To Cut Out Your Scarf Fabric!

Remember the scarf piece does not have a pattern. The directions on the printed pattern say to measure and cut 4 pieces that are 7″ (18 cm) wide x 32″ (82 cm) long—two for your outer design and two for your lining.

Step 3. Iron interfacing to the wrong side of the front of the hood 

Iron your interfacing pieces onto the wrong side of your outer fabric pieces only.  

Think about pinning your outer hood fabric together before ironing your interfacing.

Step 4. Add your hood’s ears (optional) 

If you’re making your hood with ears, stitch two ear pieces, right-sides together, leaving the base open. Turn right sides out, press and top stitch. Repeat for the other ear.  

Maker is holding on completed blue hood ear. Fabric to stitch the other ear sits on a wooden surface in the background.
After stitching a hood ear with the design sides facing, flip it design side up.

Step 5. Stitch hood darts 

Stitch the hood darts that are located on all hood pieces.

Four cut outs for a hood lay on a wooden surface. Two are a blue galaxy design, another is a white and blue grid design.
The opening at the back of our hoodie template is for the hood dart we are stitching.

Adding Ears?

If you’re including ears, place one ear between each Outer fabric hood piece and stitch those pieces together.
The artist is folding the hood ear between the hood fabric in preparation to switch pieces together.
If you are adding ears to your hood, sew them into the dart seams of your outer hood fabric.
A finished look of the ears attached to the hood fabric.
Here’s a look at what the outer hood will look like once you’ve sewn the ears into the dart seams.

Step 6. Sew the middle seam of your outer and lining fabric 

With the right sides together, sew down the middle seam of the outer fabric. Repeat with your lining. Turn the hood pieces right side out and press the seams open. 

Maker ironing seams open.
After sewing the middle seam of the hood and lining, press it open with an iron.
Hood and lining lay on a wooden surface after individually being stitched together.
Your hoods are finished! Now let’s bring them together as a lining and outer hood.

Step 7. Sew outer and lining pieces together 

Place the outer hood and lining hood right-sides together and stitch around the edge, leaving the base open. Press and top stitch. Now your hood is ready to meet your scarf! 

Maker pinning the lining and outer hood pieces together with the design sides face.
Pin your hood lining to your outer hood fabric and prepare to sew.

Step 8. Stitch the middle seams of the scarf fabric

Stitch together the middle seam of the outer scarf fabric, and press open. Repeat with your lining. 

Step 9. Attach the hood to the outer scarf fabric 

Attach the hood to the outer scarf fabric by placing the right side of the hood to the right side of the scarf, matching up notches and middle seam.  

Maker is pinning the hood to the scarf in preparation to sewing them together.
Pin the bottom of your hood to the top center of your scarf.
The hood and scarf lay pinned together on a wooden surface.
Remove the pins as you sew your hood to your outer scarf fabric.
The top view of the hooded scarf where four parts of the scarf meet in the middle of the wearer's head. The fabric is blue with small white circles in different sizes, like snowflakes.
A look at the top of the finished hood.
A back view of the hooded scarf. The fabric is blue with small white circles in different sizes, like snowflakes.
A look at the back of the finished hood.

Step 10. Make mittens (optional)  

If you prefer to have a snood without mittens, you can skip to step 11. To make the mittens, place one outer mitten piece and one lining mitten piece right-sides together and stitch along the top edge. Turn it right sides out and press along the top seam. Repeat with the other mitten. 

Four fabric squares lay on a wooden surface. Two are a blue grid design, two are a blue galacy like design.
Arrange your mitten squares on your workstation.
Two fabric squares pinned together with the design sides facing. The squares rest on a wooden background.
Pin one outer fabric square to a lining square along the top edge. Sew along that top edge.

Now that your mitten squares are sewn at the top edges, it’s time to stitch them to your scarf. At each end of the scarf, place a mitten onto the right side of the fabric and stitch down the edges to secure them. Be sure to keep that pocket open for later! 

A close up of the ends of the top ends of the scarf lay on a wooden surface. The mittens lay on top of the scarf ends, with pins indicated where to sew. A collection of sewing pins rest on a magnetic cushion in the corner.
Place your mitten squares on the ends of your scarf. Place sewing pins around the perimeter (minus the top edge) for sewing.
Maker is adjusting pins in place to switch mitten to scarf ends.
When placing your mittens, make sure the top edge you stitched earlier is facing up.
A close up of the pockets at the scarf ends of a hooded scarf. The fabric is blue with small white circles in different sizes, like snowflakes. A hand is in each pocket, which are near the model's waist.
A better look at the pockets with mittens hidden inside.

Step 11. Sew layers together 

Now to sew all the layers together! Lay the sewn hood and scarf flat on the table with right sides up, then place your scarf lining on top. Leaving a 6” (15 cm) gap at the center back seam, sew around the entire edge of your scarf to secure the hood and mittens in.  

The outer fabric of the hooded scarf lays on a wooden surface with the hood attached. The lining fabric lays beside the outer fabric.
Lay your lining fabric wrong-side up beside your outer scarf fabric.
A close up of the lining scarf fabric pinned to the outer scarf fabric in preparation to stitch together. A wooden surface and magnetic sewing pin cushion are in the background.
Make sure your outer scarf fabric and lining scarf fabric are design sides facing when pinning.

Step 12. Flip scarf design side out 

Turn your hooded scarf out through the center back hole and give it a good press. Stitch the center back hole closed and your hooded scarf is all finished!  

Maker is flipping the hooded scarf so the designs are facing out.
Flip your hooded scarf so the designs are facing out and press it with an iron.
Maker places pins where they will be sewing the center back hole closed.
Sew that back center hole closed and enjoy your hooded scarf!

Woman wearing green jacket and dress admires her blue and white hooded scarf by holding the ends of the scarf looking down at them. A house and trees are in the background.
A woman in a green jackets and dress is looking in the distance while wearing a blue and white hooded scarf. Her hand are in the pockets at the bottom of the scarf. A small home is in the background.
A profile of a woman wearing a green coat a blue and white hooded scarf. Trees and grass are in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this hooded scarf be reversible?
Since we’re using two designs for this tutorial, it can be reversible. Keep in mind if you’d like mittens and ears on both sides, repeat those steps for your lining fabric.
What fabric is best to make a hooded scarf?
We suggest Polartec® Fleece because it is a warm, soft fabric ideal for cold-weather apparel and accessories. You can machine wash your hooded scarf on a warm or cool, gentle cycle.
Why should I make a hooded scarf?
A hooded scarf is a fun and fashionable way to stay warm. It’s a hat and scarf combined as one. You can place your gloves in the mittens for safekeeping!

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