How to Choose the Right Cotton Fabric

with Anna from Spoonflower's Brand Marketing Team

MAY 7, 2021 updated May 12, 2021

“I don’t know which one to use!” is something we often hear from customers when it comes to our fabric selection, especially cottons. To help you pinpoint the best cotton material for your next project, I stitched together four flowy skirts featuring our favorite woven cotton fabrics: Petal Signature Cotton®, Cotton Poplin, Cotton Lawn, and Organic Cotton Sateen. Keep reading for more information on these cotton contenders and how you can incorporate them into your sewing life!

Spoonflower Cotton Fabrics Rundown

Explore our favorite woven cottons—which will you choose?

Petal Signature Cotton
Cotton Poplin
Cotton Lawn
Organic Cotton Sateen

I picked a circle skirt, a great project for any beginner sewist due to its few pattern pieces and quick assembly, to showcase the different drapes and forms of each cotton. You can use this circle skirt calculator to make your own, too!

Petal Signature Cotton

First, our most popular and most affordable cotton: Petal Signature Cotton! This Spoonflower-exclusive fabric has a bit more structure compared to other apparel cottons, making it a great material for quilting projects or stiffer pieces that require shape. Petal was also created to display vivid printed colors and crisp design detail, a characteristic any crafter would appreciate! The skirt I made from this had a lot of volume and shape.

Project recommendations: Face masks, structured tops, fitted and pleated skirts


Featured design: Tulah, gold by ehpopoki

Mask design: Strawberry Daydream by cambrasine

Cotton Poplin

Cotton Poplin offers a very soft, smooth feel and nice sheen with excellent color detail. Easy to sew with a beautiful drape, this fabric is a sophisticated choice for both home decor and apparel, from table linens and curtains to dresses and shirting. I love the soft, yet crisp texture and subtle highlights of this skirt!

Project recommendations: Bowties, scrunchies, pillowcases


Featured design: Topographic Map [Pink] by danlehman

Cotton Lawn

We’re so excited for the launch of our newest fabric, Cotton Lawn! Due to its light and airy characteristics, Lawn is great to use for garments like blouses, long skirts, and button-ups. Despite how breezy Lawn is, it’s hard to wrinkle and keeps its shape quite well. This soft yet crisp fabric has a high thread count and a luxurious feel, and was my favorite material to use for these skirts!

Project recommendations: Summer dresses, blouses, baby clothes

Tip: Use a very small needle when sewing with finer fabrics like Lawn.

Organic Cotton Sateen

Our sustainable 100% Organic Cotton Sateen, a fine weave medium-weight cotton, is popular for its strong wash durability and more muted, subtle color on products. It has a buttery texture and is perfect for pretty much any cotton-based project you can think of! I loved the soft drape it has as a skirt.

Project recommendations: Baby shoes, loungewear, curtains

If you’re still not sure which cotton is calling to you, we suggest ordering a sample pack so you can see and feel all of our fabrics in person before making a decision.

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Take a look at our different knit options with Meg of MEGMADE Sewing.

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Anna is a seamstress and cosplayer of seven years who joined Spoonflower’s Brand Marketing Team in 2021. In her free time she’s either sewing together some new products for her small business, binging some sort of animated series, or relaxing with her cat, Mina.

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  • Can you tell us about opacity/transparency? With which ones will
    I have to wear a slip? Thanks!

    • Hi EK, great question–

      Petal and Sateen are quite opaque, so no slip needed there! Poplin is a bit more sheer/lightweight but I still found it worked fine as a single-layered skirt. Lawn would be the most sheer from this group, if I put my hand behind one layer I can slightly see the outline– I could see it benefiting from an extra layer or slip.