Nefertiti in a rainbow jumpsuit

As the final post in our Black Creatives to Know series, seamstress, DIY expert, Spoonflower ambassador, and rainbow-obsessed Nefertiti Griggs is sharing her favorite Black sewists who use their talents to inspire and bring artistic vision to the community, one stitch at a time. Ranging from makeup bags to shoes, there isn’t anything these ten makers can’t create with a needle and thread.

Meet Nefertiti Griggs, owner of The Corny Rainbow

Nefertiti Griggs

My name is Nefertiti Griggs of The Corny Rainbow. I’m a color-loving sewist, designer, and stylist who believes that the clothes we wear bring out the energy we want to present to the world. I have enjoyed sewing since childhood and found sewing and creating as healing and therapy in my adult life. I love to inspire others to think outside the box and feel more confident about making bold statements with their wardrobe.

My fashion and style is bold, colorful, and edgy–I strive to stand out in the crowd. I’m mostly drawn to make high fashion DIY looks. I love blazers and suits, but lately I’ve become quite obsessed with athleisure/activewear.

Unfortunately, for quite some time Black sewists in the maker community have not been represented equally. We are a rich culture and history in the creative space that deserves recognition for our contributions to this community. I support many Black sewists for these very reasons and I believe that when one shines, we can all shine together.

Nefertiti in a bright yellow dress
Nefertiti in a green sweatshirt with the continent of Africa printed on it

Meet the Featured Sewists

Jaimie Black


Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Jaimie is covered head to toe in creative abilities. Not only does Jaimie sew clothes, but she is an awesome shoe maker. Someone shared her post and captioned “she made the shoes too!” and from that moment on I have been amazed by her talent.”

Jaimie sitting on porch stairs with grey outfit and black boots
Jaimie with daughter in matching red dresses

Sierra Burrell

Website  |  Instagram

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Sierra lives in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Her energy reflects a beautiful soul that is not only talented at knitting and sewing, but she also shares patterns within the sewing community that are inclusive in their sizing and are plus-size friendly.”

Sierra with a blue dress
Sierra with a white shirt with dogs printed on it



Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Miranda is a super talented sewist and knitter who is also very friendly, funny and supportive. She is based in the U.K. and has such an energetic and bubbly personality.”

Miranda in a pink flowy dress
Miranda in a yellow dress

Jessica Webb


Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Jessica is a therapist, sewist, and author, just to name a few of her many gifts. She has an infectious smile that continues to draw me closer to her and her work.”

Jessica sitting in a black and white dress
Jessica with a green shirt and jeans with a ruffle

Raven Maureen

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Raven caught my eye a couple of years ago when she had an Etsy shop and sold clutch bags, makeup bags, and glasses cases. I saw her for the amazing, talented, and friendly person she is and we became sisters–the rest is “herstory.”

Raven in a fuzzy pink outfit
Raven standing in front of telephone booth

Julian Collins

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Julian has colorful creations and many many sewing machines. He is passionate about his craft and is a very talented sewer. I am thankful for our friendship and have learned a good bit about vintage sewing machines thanks to him.”

Jacket made by Julian
Julian in a green shirt

Faith St. Jules

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Faith grabbed my attention with one of her blue looks a couple years ago, sharing about her personal journey from time in the army. She continues to inspire me through her loving personality and her ability to motivate others.”

Faith in a blue dress
Faith in a black jumpsuit and black and white jacket.

Erica Bunker

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Erica has been in the sewing community for quite some time. She is what I like to call my favorite auntie. Her talent, skills, and style speak for themselves. What I like the most about Erica is her authenticity and realness. She is also very supportive and beautiful, inside and out.”

Erica in a giraffe print dress
Erica in a formal white dress

Jasmine Chandler

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Jasmine and I were both competitors in a sewing contest and afterwards I learned that she is also a fashion design instructor. I love her edgy style and the fact that we are both a part of the tall women sewing crew. Jasmine is very knowledgeable and shares lots of sewing and design tips, books, and even pattern drafting skills.”

Jasmine wears a short hot pink ruffled dress with matching heels
Jasmine in a green suit

Mack The Tailor

Why this sewist caught Nefertiti’s eye:
“Mack has a beautiful story. While I would love to tell it, I urge you to go check it out yourself.  She is a self-taught designer who also has a humbling spirit and love for creating. She not only inspires others, but she gives back to her community in so many ways. I have really enjoyed watching her journey and I know others appreciate her too.”

Mack in a gold and white outfit
Mac in a yellow and black outfit