Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog

Founded in 2012 by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is dedicated to empowering people to live happy, healthy lives through their thoughtfully formulated, safe and effective baby, personal care and beauty products. We’re thrilled to announce that The Honest Company has joined the Spoonflower family and has brought some of their top-selling designs—originally featured on diapers and more—into their very own shop in the Spoonflower Marketplace. What’s even greater? We partnered together this spring to give four custom baby shower packages to deserving new moms who are COVID-19 frontline workers. For these parents who were hosting virtual celebrations in trying times, these cheering packages included “Honest” goodies and cute bunting made with Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick Removable Woven wallpaper. Keep reading to learn how to make your own no-sew banner and hear from Jessica Alba herself on why she feels this partnership is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all new moms-to-be.

Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog
Jessica and baby Hayes

What’s special about this partnership between The Honest Company and Spoonflower?

Jessica: I’ve been a fan of Spoonflower for a while! I created The Honest Company with design top of mind—it’s one of the things we are most well known for—and this partnership takes our shared passion to the next level. I love that you can create custom designs that truly speak to your lifestyle and create a seamless look and feel for your home or a special event. A baby shower is such a special event in parents’ lives, so our whole team loved the chance to celebrate with Honest style and Spoonflower craftiness.

Shop Wallpaper Inspired by The Honest Company’s Best-Selling Prints

What’s the story behind the featured designs?

The diaper designs are so important to me—I’m passionate about the whole creative process: concept, treatments, scale, everything. And I look everywhere for inspiration. We embrace everything from pop culture to fashion trends, contemporary graphic design and vintage references. I’m always thinking about how cohesive the storytelling and design is. I work closely with our creative team to design all of our prints in house each season and these 4 designs represent our bestselling OG prints. Whether you’re boho, classic or minimalist, these adorable designs have a real ‘wow’ factor for showers. We use them across gifting must-haves, like our layette, accessories and diaper cakes. We’ve got you covered if you’re having a boy or a girl, or don’t shop by gender at all. I love these designs so much because they speak to modern parents’ unique style and are more sophisticated than your typical diaper designs.

Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog
Mom Priscilla is ready for her new baby boy | Featured: The Honest Company Dots and Dashes Pennant Banner Template

What inspired The Honest Company to celebrate these moms?

I founded The Honest Company as a community-driven brand empowering people to live happy, healthy lives. Giving back has been part of our DNA since day one and that matters now more than ever. Our safe, effective products are created to give peace of mind for the whole family, especially when you’re pregnant. I knew that there were so many expecting parents on the frontlines that not only had to cancel their baby showers, but also take care of others at a time when it’s critical for them to take care of themselves and their babies. We had to do something to provide support, help lift their spirits and honor all that they’ve done to keep us safe and sound!

Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog
Party-in-place is just getting started with mom-to-be Shannon who is putting the focus on her partner Rob | Featured: The Honest Company Giraffes Pennant Banner Template

How to Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner with Wallpaper

Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog
Pandas are the theme for new mom Connie | Featured: The Honest Company Pandas Pennant Banner Template

Pennant Banner Materials

  • 1 swatch from The Honest Company Pennant Banner Template collection in Peel and Stick Removable Woven wallpaper
  • Card stock (A cereal box works too)
  • 8 ft of twine or embroidery thread
  • Rotary blade or scissors
  • Washi tape or push pins
  • Hole puncher

Step 1: Attach Wallpaper to Card Stock

Cut out all 12 triangles, being careful to follow the lines as your guide. Peel the backing from the woven wallpaper and stick to card stock. Trim excess card stock.

Pro tip: If your card stock is the same size as the wallpaper, you can stick the entire piece down, then cut the triangles out. 

Step 2: Grab Your Hole Puncher

Using a sharp hole puncher, punch holes in the left and right corners of the shortest edge of each triangle.

Step 3: Intertwine the Twine

Starting on the design side, lace your twine through the punched holes so that the string lays behind each triangle. You can cut your twine in half to create two pennant banners.

Step 4: Hang Your Masterpiece

Using washi tape or pins, attach each end of the twine to a wall and admire your work! If you keep all 12 triangles on the same string, support the middle with tape or pins.

Craft a No-Sew Pennant Banner for Baby Showers with The Honest Company® | Spoonflower Blog
A sweet welcoming for baby from new mama Erin | Featured: The Honest Company Rose Blossom Pennant Banner Template

In the climate of COVID, we’re hosting more virtual celebrations than we could ever have imagined. Your party-in-place can be just as festive and fun as in-person celebrations with DIY decor, including a photo backdrop for all new parents-to-be. Visit The Honest Company blog for virtual shower ideas and browse more DIY projects below to start planning your own party!