Make This DIY Easter Chocolate Bunny Plushie for Under $20

FEB 28, 2020 updated Jun 18, 2021

Nothing says Easter quite like a chocolate bunny! Add some cuteness to your basket this year with a customizable DIY plushie version by Spoonflower designer alliechenille. This Fleece fat quarter project costs less than $20 and is a great project for beginner sewists. The best part? Your bunny plushie will last long after the real chocolate is gone!

How to Make a Chocolate Easter Bunny Plushie


  • 1 Fleece fat quarter* of Chocolate Easter Bunny Plushie cut-and-sew project by alliechenille
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors
  • PolyFil or stuffing of your choice
  • Brown thread and hand sewing needle
  • Ribbon
  • Wonder Clips or pins
  • Optional: air soluble or disappearing ink marker
  • Optional: chopstick

*Please note: This project is intended for a fat quarter that is at least 28” wide.

Cut Out Your Bunny Pieces

1. Cut out the front and back pieces of the bunny plushie pattern along the dashed lines.

Pin and Mark Your Fabric

2. Pin or clip the right sides of fabric together.

3. Using a light-colored or an air soluble marker, mark a 4” opening on the bottom side of the bunny. This is going to be the section that you leave open to turn your project and insert stuffing.

Sew the Bunny Pieces Together

4. Starting at one of your marks, sew the front and back pieces together with a ¼” seam allowance. Stop once you have reached your other mark for the opening. Back stitch at the beginning and end of your stitches.

5. To give your plushie smoother corners and edges, trim the excess fabric from the seams. Make sure that you don’t cut into your stitches!

Fill the Bunny

6. Turn your project right side out using the 4” opening on the bottom. You can use a chopstick or similar tool to poke out the smaller and harder to reach areas like corners and the bunny’s ears.

7. Fill your bunny with a generous amount of stuffing. You can use the chopstick again to help you push stuffing into the harder to reach areas.

Pro-tip: Polyester stuffing loses some of its loft over time. Use as much stuffing as you can to keep your plushie plush!

Secure the Bunny Opening

Use pins or Wonder Clips to keep the bottom opening closed while you sew it together. Double up brown thread and sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch — it will be nearly invisible.

Use the ribbon of your choice to tie a bow around the bunny’s neck. I used a 1 ½” yellow satin ribbon for mine.

You’re done! Enjoy your super cute chocolate Easter bunny plushie!

About the Guest Author

Allie Chenille is actually Allie Padgett, a San Diego textile artist who creates happy, hand-tufted décor and accessories. Allie is the founder of Punch Needle Gang and the creator of Stitch Frame, a game-changing embroidery hoop that allows you to make ready-to-hang embroidery art in any shape that you can imagine. You can find her all over Instagram at @alliechenille.

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