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Stepping inside Rhianna Wurman’s design studio is like stepping into a beautifully curated vintage store filled to the brim with handcrafted signs, meaningful knick knacks and everything in between. The owner and illustrator behind the paper goods company and Spoonflower shop Ello Lovey spends her day designing colorful greeting cards and art prints to celebrate the whimsy and simplicity of the everyday. We stopped by the Asheville, North Carolina-based studio to see where Rhianna finds her inspiration.

Did you know Rhianna is the host of the monthly Instagram challenge #doodleaday?
See how you can join Spoonflower and Rhianna in January’s Doodle-a-Day Challenge!

My day starts with…

Snuggle time with our dog Radley, a cup of coffee and breakfast while I quietly read devotionals or journal, then I get in my studio and check my planner for things I need to accomplish for the day.

Rhianna’s pup Radley soaks up the Asheville sun.

I’ve been in love with design…

My whole life, whether I realized it or not. In elementary school, I always felt more engaged in any subject we were learning if we had an assignment where we had to construct or draw something. In college, while taking courses in fashion design, one of my professors urged me to study graphic design, and as soon as I did, I knew I had found my lane.

What’s in your toolbox?

My iPad with the Procreate app, a mixed-media sketchbook, gouache, colored pencils, Tombow brush pens, Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®. I love to experiment with new mediums whenever I need a creative jolt.

What is your process when creating a new design?

I love to gather ideas and inspiration for new designs from photos I’ve taken around Asheville or found on Pinterest. I then sketch out rough ideas in my sketchbook or Procreate. I love working in Procreate because I have the freedom to experiment and can easily change elements in my designs and add interesting textures. Once I have my design the way I want it, I take it into Photoshop or Illustrator to clean it up or take the design even further.

When I’m in my studio, I feel…

In the zone. When I’m in my studio, I’m there to create and get stuff done. My studio is colorful and filled with vintage odds and ends that bring me joy. I also have more than a few motivational reminders that keep me in check on more challenging days. 

Who or what influences or inspires your work and why?

I’m drawn to my natural surroundings, the mountain scenery, wildlife and plant life, and the night sky because they are beautiful and make me feel energized. I’ve also always been drawn to vintage illustrations and lettering, whether in books, ads, packaging or signage because it evokes nostalgia and stands the test of time. I love mixing the old with the new.

If I could live in a painting, I would live in…

The Rainbow Mountain watercolor and gouache painting by Miranda Sofroniou which depicts the Rainbow Mountains of Peru.  It’s so vibrant and otherworldly!

Rainbow Mountains Peru by Miranda Sofroniou

The best advice I ever received was…

Comparison is the thief of joy. I turned this mantra into a print that sits in my studio. It’s so important to realize that we are all on different paths, and comparing our lives, work, or anything else will only detract from our happiness. Our individuality is what makes us so special.

The secret to a strong collection is…

A great color palette and a theme that you’re passionate about. A color palette is the common thread that ties everything together, and you’ll be able to come up with more ideas if you are in love with the theme.

What drew you to design on Spoonflower?

Being able to upload my designs and have them printed on high quality fabrics and have other folks buy them as well. It’s so exciting to see what other makers create with my designs, and it’s inspiring to see the surface designs of other Spoonflower artists.

Follow along with Rhianna’s illustrations and Doodle-A-Day challenges over on her Instagram feed @ellolovey and shop her designs on prints, cards and other goodies on Etsy

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  • I love doing your monthly Calendars. When will the Feb. 2021 calendar be coming out? Tomorrow is Feb 1,2021 and I can not find it anywhere.

    • Hi Neda,

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the doodle-a-day prompts for January! It looks like Rhianna has posted February’s prompts on her Instagram here.


  • I really enjoyed reading abs being inspired by Rhianna and makes me hopeful to be able to get my second career off the ground. How exciting. Thank you for the inspiration! Can’t wait until January!

  • Audrey E. Wrobel

    Nice work! Inspiring statements, too!

    I just began making collections on here, so I found this uplifting, and I too have family ties in my journey of sewing. Your message strikes a chord with me, especially since Angela Walters’ has said “Finished is better than perfect”; a thought I share with 8-year-olds who are learning to sew by hand with me this year.

    I tell them we all start somewhere in sewing, and we all make mistakes from which to learn.

    I insisted they earn their safety badge first, saying safety comes first in sewing. Showing them pattern drafting first taught me important lessons, but I hope it inspires them to draw and sew.

  • I enjoyed reading this interview and seeing Rhianna’s ideas scattered about her studio. Creative people are very inspiring just being themselves. I’ll have to check out the January Doodle a Day design challenge. Sounds like fun!