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4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured pillow designs | Photo by Diane Rath

The One Room Challenge™, a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October, could be considered a marathon for the interior designer community. Each season, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge and transform a space. In addition to the 20 featured designers, anyone else (that’s you!) can join the six-week journey transforming a space in their own home. After marveling over this season’s fall One Room Challenge reveals, we’ve rounded up four trends inspired by nine ORC participants. Which trends are you going to try in your home? 

Falling for Fringe

After seeing the fall One Room Challenge reveals, one thing is certain: fringe is in. The retro trend is making a comeback, but we’re skipping the fringe jacket and going straight to DIY fringe curtains.

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Jewel Marlowe

What do you do when you find just the right design on Spoonflower but the color just isn’t “right”. If you’re anything like interior designer Jewel Marlowe, you go straight to the source and “make it happen”! Using one of her Spoonflower “secrets”, Jewel worked directly with designer Willowlane Textiles to create a custom colorway of her marbled designs. Adding an extra dose of flare, 5″ mustard tassels stitched to the curtains adds an element of DIY without requiring too much effort on Jewel’s end.

For designers who want to incorporate a DIY element in their space without spending hours at the sewing machine, this fearless flare is the just the ticket. At Charlotte Houses’ fringed egret curtains has us feeling green with envy.

Not Ready to Commit to Fringe? Try Stripes!

If you ask Oscar Bravo the three most important accessories of a room, he’ll confidently say: art, lighting and curtains for one very specific reason: they give the room depth. After seeing Oscar’s bedroom reveal, we couldn’t agree more! Playing with horizontal stripes, the 96” curtain panels are accompanied with a DIY’d valance in the same print for a smaller window in the room.

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Oscar Bravo
Featured Design

Your Wallpaper Wishes, Granted

The interior design community has had quite the tumultuous relationship with wallpaper since it first became popular in the 1930s. One year it’s in, and the next year you can’t bear to look at your walls. But we’re thankful our paper pal has forgiven us for the years of neglect and rekindled a friendship with the walls in our home. The removable wallpaper trend as accent walls in bathrooms, bedrooms and even laundry rooms is one trend that we think is here to… stick.

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Diane Rath

Like the saying goes, “go big or go home!” Or at least that’s the case for Diane Rath and her One Room Challenge reveal. Not one to shy away from design risks, Diane’s dining room is filled with delightful design inspiration throughout but there’s one piece we just can’t take our eyes off.

“The real star of the show in here is the Petite Shagreen wallpaper! She is a beauty! I’m definitely not one to shy away from a riskthey so often pay off and you know what, if it didn’t work out I was fine with thatI was happy to change things up if need be. I had to give it a try! And thankfully my instincts were right! The paper envelopes the room and everyone in it creating a warm welcoming environment that all at once feels super fun and inviting; plus it gives everyone an attractive glowwhat’s better than that for a dinner party!?”

When designing her master bedroom/bathroom reveal, Thalita Murray of The Learner Observer knew she had an opportunity to choose a bold wallpaper design in her bathroom. While hidden from the rest of the bathroom, the area around the sink was still visible from the bedroom. William Morris wallpaper to the rescue!

“The Spoonflower Wallpaper is what my dreams are made of. I wanted it in here because this space is totally independent of the rest of the bathroom – there’s a pocket door between this and the toilet/shower room, but it’s visible from the bedroom, so it had to be mega pretty.”

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Tanya Watson

When the restroom is almost always the first room visited by her house guests (most visitors have at least an hour drive to visit Tanya), she’s got to make an impression! Transforming her downstairs bathroom, Tanya introduced a turquoise and copper palette with the help of the featured wallpaper Sprigs on Ocean.

Featured room by Deb Fogolia

Creating a modern yet vintage space in your home can feel like an impossible task but Deb Fogolia, the designer behind Seeking Lavender Lane proved it was possible with her choice of William Morris ~ Pimpernel by peacoquettedesigns. Focusing on just the entrance of the room, Deb’s temporary solution is a perfect way to add a little drama without all of the commitment.

“If you have design impulsive/fickleness, removable pre-pasted wallpaper is such a good option because you don’t have to make a longtime full commitment. It’s great for renters and nurseries too for spaces that will most definitely change with time.”

Get Down with Upholstery

We all love a good thrift-store score, but what do you do when it requires a little TLC? Break out the staple gun and upholstery-grade fabric because it’s time to get creative! Whether it’s a quick-and-easy recovering project or an “all hands on deck” makeover that goes from drab to dreamy, it’s time to get down with upholstery!

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith might claim her living/dining room transformation was on the small-scale compared to some of her other projects, “… this feels totally minimal. I didn’t gut the room first. I didn’t reframe the windows. I didn’t pull up the hardwood floors”…but we think building a bench from scratch and then upholstering it with channeled tufting is no small feat. If you’re feeling as inspired as we are to refresh your home with upholstery, you can see the complete how-to featuring Pink Woodgrain by Rebecca Reck on Cypress Cotton Canvas here.

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured Designs
Inca Pescados | Batik Mosaic
4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Stephanie Watkins

Do you have a specific piece of furniture that you just can’t part with because you know one day it’ll be the perfect base for a DIY project? That was just the case for Stephanie Watkins and her mid-century chair that almost made its way to the donation pile. The secret to reviving this neglected chair? Upholstery! Using Cypress Cotton Canvas, Stephanie recovered the chair in an inca inspired design by vagabond_folk_art and we can’t believe how much personality it adds to the colorful office space.

Yellow is Mellow

Falling right in line with the growing ’70s trend, mustard and yellow tones are making a strong comeback this season. Trying to incorporate it into your home? Give subtle accents of mustard on your bedding a try!

Channeling her favorite color into this season’s One Room Challenge, Tiffany of My Eclectic Nest incorporated pops of mustard and yellow into the room without turning the space into a wall-to-wall banana. After all, would that even be a-peel-ing? Tasteful touches of mustard featured in the duvet cover and sheets featuring designs by nouveau_bohemian pulls in the pop of mustard painted on the walls. With the addition of two twin beds in her guest bedroom, we’d say this makeover is twice as nice!

4 Home Decor Trends Inspired By the One Room Challenge | Spoonflower Blog
Featured room by Diane Rath

Now that you’ve seen how nine interior designers are using Spoonflower in their home, it’s time to show us how you’re using Spoonflower in your home! Be sure to tag your pictures with #spoonflowerhome on social media for a chance to be featured.