Liven Up Your Classroom with Removable Wallpaper

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Edited: May 17, 2022
A kid size desk in front of colorful moth and butterfly wallpaper

Did you know teachers spend on average about six hours each day in their classrooms? That’s over 1,000 hours in the same classroom each year! So how do you keep your classroom fresh and fun? One word: Wallpaper! We’ve rounded up 15 designs to help bring personality to the walls of your classroom and with two removable options, you can easily swap out designs or remove the paper at the end of year. We can already picture the excitement students (and you!) will have as they step into the classroom after your big makeover.

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Spruce Up Your Classroom with Removable Wallpaper

Whether you are shooting for the stars and want a wallpaper that transforms a normal space into outer space or looking to transport your students to prehistoric times with watercolor dinosaurs, there’s a design for every classroom. Scroll through 15 of our favorites below or check out more curated themes.

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Not quite ready to commit to a wallpapered classroom? Order a 24″ x 12″ swatch of your favorite designs on Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper to create easy, framable wall art for the classroom!

Geometric wallpaper design in a classroom

Boho Tangram brings color to the classroom

Moth wallpaper in the corner of a classroom

Midnight Flyers in a cozy classroom corner

More Classroom Wallpaper Inspiration


Ashley Bible, the English literature teacher behind the blog Building Book Love, used this stunning book pattern by Magenta Rose Designs to decorate her classroom. She created a focal wall in a low traffic area. To save on cost, she recommends choosing a wall that needs less coverage. She chose her whiteboard wall because the whiteboard takes up a large area of this space.

Moodboard to decorate the classroom
I’m a strong believer that your environment, whether that be your home or your classroom, can influence your daily energy, imagination, and joy.
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