They’re cute, they’re easy, they’re inexpensive: what’s not to love about handmade baby hats? You can make at least two hats from one fat quarter of our knit fabrics, so you can have some on hand for friends or family. Download the free hat pattern and follow the step-by-step tutorial below or jump to the video tutorial to get started. 

Featured designs: Hat: Watercolor Field by katievernon and Bright Day by allierunnion


Here’s What You’ll Need:

*Designed to fit a newborn with an average head circumference of 13.5″

Cut Out Your Pattern Pieces

1. Trace the pattern onto your folded fat quarter of fabric and cut out the pieces. You should have two hat pieces cut from your fabric.

Assemble the Hat

2. Pin the two hat pieces together, right sides facing.

3. With right sides facing, stitch together the two hat pieces with a zig-zag stitch. Sew with the presser foot against the raw edges of the fabric to guide you around the curve of the hat and to give you a small ¼” seam allowance.

Pro tip: Set your machine to a loose zigzag stitch (length 3, width 1.5) and use a ballpoint needle.

4. With the hat still flipped inside out, roll up the bottom edge of the hat by ¼” twice. 

5. Flip right side out and hem into place. 

For an optional cuff: 

1. Fold the bottom opening of the hat 2″ to the wrong side and press with an iron. Sew the folded fabric all the way around the hat, about ¾” away from the raw edge.

2. Turn the hat right side out, and gently press the seams. Fold up the bottom edge about 1″ to the right side to create a neat band around the opening of the hat.

3. Hand sew a small tack in the turn up along the side seams to secure.

Place directly onto a little nugget’s head because you’re done! To complete the perfect baby outfit, pair the hat with a pair of handmade baby leggings using the free pattern and tutorial

1 year ago Baby Ash was cuddling up to Organic Sweet Pea Gauze™ but now he’s cruising in Organic Cotton Knit!

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    • Hi Karin,

      Thank you for your question! You do not need to cut the hat longer to accommodate for the cuff. Best of luck with your project!

      Take care,

    • Hi Carmel,
      When working with knit fabrics, we recommend using a zig zag stitch. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! – Meredith