This DIY Wedding Send Off is Venue-Approved!

JAN 2, 2018 updated May 28, 2021

The venue is booked, the dress has been selected (bonus points for me-made!) and the cake tasting is complete, but have you thought about how your guests will send you off to newlywed bliss? We love a festive sparkler exit but more and more engaged couples are finding that venues are putting out the fire before the sparklers are even lit. Lucky for you, the wedding experts at Ruffled have solved your wedding woes with a venue-friendly (glitter and flame-free!) DIY send off that any member of your bridal party can create in just a few easy steps– no sewing required.

This DIY Wedding Send Off is Venue-Approved! | Spoonflower Blog
No-Sew Fabric Ribbons

With just a few fat quarters of fabric, Ruffled’s handlettered design and a few easy-to-find supplies, you’ll be able to create eight one-of-a-kind ribbon wands in under an hour. During your grand exit, guests will get to share in your wedding day excitement with sentiments like “Hip, Hip, Hooray” and the classic, “Best Day Ever!” Choose one of our knit fabric options, like Modern Jersey, for a no-sew project that will impress your guests and get you named Bride of the Year from your venue. Ready to get making? See the complete tutorial here.

This DIY Wedding Send Off is Venue-Approved! | Spoonflower Blog

This DIY Wedding Send Off is Venue-Approved! | Spoonflower Blog
Ready to make your own ribbon wands? See the full tutorial here!

For a DIY twist, pair 1″ strips of the custom Ruffled handlettered fabric with your favorite Marketplace designs to create a no-sew garland for bridal shower or bachelorette party décor. With over 500,000 designs to choose from, coordinating the wands or garland with your wedding colors is a piece of wedding cake! The team at Ruffled created a collection of their favorite designs that added a pop of color to their fabric wands.

This DIY Wedding Send Off is Venue-Approved! | Spoonflower Blog

Spoonflower Marketplace designs chosen by Ruffled | Spoonflower Blog
Recreate Ruffled’s wands with their favorite Marketplace picks.

Now that you’ve gotten your one-of-a-kind send off covered, don’t forget to read up on the 8 tips everyone planning a DIY wedding should know. Already a DIY bride? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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