Meet the maker: Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet

This week we’re delving into a world of magic and make-believe to meet maker Lindsey Bonnice (and her daughter Libby!) of the whimsical brand Live Sweet. Tucked in the country beside a shimmery lake, Lindsey and her family of 5 live in North Eastern Pennsylvania on a hobby farm complete with an array of fuzzy animal friends and everyday adventures. The ethos behind Live Sweet’s creations are inspired by Lindsey’s children and the nurturing world she creates for them. Live Sweet brings a dreamscape of play into every moment of life and we’re so thrilled to share their story with the Spoonflower community!

My day starts with:

“Lots of snuggles with my kiddos. After a smoothie for breakfast, I usually look over everything that needs to be accomplished for the day including returning emails and making phone calls.”

Meet the maker: Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet | Spoonflower Blog
Sweets galore! Shop Lindsey’s Donut and Princess, Unicorn and Dragon soft products

I fell in love with making goods when:

“I have been making and creating for as long as I can remember! I started making friendship bracelets from a fishing tool box and selling them to friends and family as early as grade school. I have always loved to create and have always been an entrepreneur. I did several things in sales during my late teens and early twenties but when I really fell in love the most was shortly after having my daughter. I knew I wanted to create a whole line around things that I wanted to make especially for her and things just grew and grew from there!”

Who or what influences or inspires your work and why?

“Everything around me becomes inspiration as I am always looking at colors, products and critters for new ideas. The things that my kids play with and love also spark ideas for new creations. It’s hard for me to go a day without being inspired by something!”

Live Sweet's Studio tour | Spoonflower Blog
Pastel colors and cuteness prevail in Live Sweet’s adorable home studio

When I’m in my studio:

“I feel giddy in my studio and office. I love being surrounded by all my creations and all the pretty little things I’ve collected. It’s one of my favorite places to be and makes me all sorts of happy.”

What’s in your toolbox as a maker?

“I draw most of my patterns free hand with a pencil on a piece of printer paper, it’s nothing special and sometimes I come up with my best ideas that get scribbled onto an envelope and later made into a new design. I create in many different places so I don’t really have just one toolbox, the things I use most are paper, pencil and scissors.”

Libby and Lindsey of Live Sweet | Spoonflower Blog
Lindsey and her daughter Libby (the star of the show!)

My proudest accomplishment over the last year is:

“This year I really focused on designing new types of products. I wouldn’t say there has been one specific accomplishment, but I’m very proud of how much we have expanded our line over the year!”

What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

“I wear a lot of lace, glitter, pink, and fuzzy things which sums up my style that is completely eclectic!”

Meet the maker: Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet | Spoonflower Blog
There is something for everyone in the Live Sweet shop, even bunnies, too!

Before starting a small business, I wish someone had told me:

“Running a small business is amazing but I wish someone had told me how much business work there would actually be, which tends to be way more than the creative process and designing. I’ve learned a lot along the way but everyone needs to be prepared to handle the business end of things, not just the fun making side of things!”

How does Spoonflower meet your business needs?

“Spoonflower has helped bring so many of my ideas to life! Now that I am able to print all of my designs on so many different kinds of fabric, I’m able to create original unique pieces to share with my customers that they can’t find anywhere else.”

Meet the maker: Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet | Spoonflower Blog
Live Sweet’s Christmas collection features everything from gift wrap to stockings to soft plushie ornaments. We’ll take one of each, please!

What has been an important resource to you as a small business owner and why?

“I would say social media. I have learned so much from other business owners, social media friends and just searching on social media for ideas for running a business. There is an unlimited amount of information out there, you really just have to take the time to find it and I love the beautiful communities I have gotten to be part of on social media and the support that so many show to each other.”

My favorite Spoonflower textile to work with is…

Minky because it is so crazy soft and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful!”

Meet the maker: Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet | Spoonflower Blog
Snuggle up in a Live Sweet blankie and see the rest of the treats in her shop

We already know, you can’t get enough. We can’t either! Lucky for all of us, we can follow Lindsey on Instagram, YouTube and her blog for all things happening with the enchanting world of Live Sweet. You can also find a small collection of fabrics in her Spoonflower shop.