You’re getting ready to place your next order and a little voice in your head asks, “Do you really need this fabric?”  Whether you’re getting behind on planned DIYs or a family member is questioning your fabric habits, the struggle to manage a fabric stash can sometimes be all too real. Here at Spoonflower, we understand why you may not be able to part ways with the last tiny piece of fabric from your favorite sewing project or resist the exciting launch of a new collection. So we created eight fabric quotes to share with friends and family members who may not understand why you need “just one more yard.” Download your favorites and share on social media. Don’t forget to tag @spoonflower and use #spoonflower to join the fun!

"Less is more" - said no sewist ever
Watercolour Florals Vintage Faded Style on White by sylviaoh

I'm not a hoarder, I just need a bigger craft room"
winter floral // pine by ivieclothco


Yes. I really do Need this much FABRIC.
Soft Floral by pacemadedesigns


Stash happens
Indy Bloom Peachy Blossoms A by indybloomdesigns


If fabric hoarding is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Pretty Florals by laura_mayes


I feed feed dogs.
Spring Peonies, Roses, and Poppies Watercolor Print // LARGE by theartwerks


Some call it hoarding. I call it collecting.
Summer blooms by mintpeony


Sometimes you need to let things go.
Watercolor Flowers, Spring 2013 Collection, No.1 by susan_magdangal


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