How to Make a Bandana Bib for your Little One | Video Tutorial + Free Pattern

MAR 7, 2017 updated Sep 8, 2021

Looking for a baby accessory that’s as adorable as it is practical? Well you’re in luck–we’ve been in love with  making bandana bibs lately, which is convenient because they’re so easy to stitch up. Whether you need a gift for a baby shower, something for your own little one, or are looking for new projects to stock your Etsy store with, bandana bibs fit the bill. Download the free pattern and follow along with this easy as pie tutorial. Click here to jump down to the video.

Spoonflower's Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial

One of our favorite things about these bibs is that they’re a great batch project; once you get your pattern printed, you can cut out and sew up three or four in a row without spending much more time than it takes to make one. And since babies are messy, beautiful things, having a lot of spare bandana bibs is never a bad idea. Plus, you can match them with different outfits. 😉

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Here are the step-by-step bandana bib instructions:


Materials for Making Your Bandana Bib

Here’s what you’ll need to make one bandana bib:

    • Scissors or rotary blade and cutting mat
    • Pins
    • Snaps, velcro, or button
    • Fabric pin and a pencil
  • and a sewing machine!

Cut out the pieces for your bandana bib

1. Cut out your pieces – You need to cut out two identical pieces with the bandana bib pattern, so fold your fabric in half, place the pattern right on the fold, and cut. You should end up with two boomerang shaped pieces.

Right Sides together and pin the pattern in place

3. Lay out your front and back pieces, right sides together. Pin everything in place.


4. Sew around the edge with a ¼” seam allowance. Leave a gap (2” works great) for turning the bib inside out.

Your bandana should now look something like this!
Design featured is Floral Tropical Leaves by Shopcabin

5. Now, flip the bib right side out. We like using a pencil to push out the corners. You should end up with something that looks like this.

Topstitching around the bandana, closing the gap

6. Fold the edges of the gap inward, so they match the rest of the bib, and pin in place. We’re going to topstitch around the bandana bib to give it a polished look, which will also close up the gap.

Add in your closure. We're using pearl snaps on ours
Design featured is Cool Polka Dots Banana by Littlesmilemakers

7. Next, add in your closure. We’re using pearl snaps, but you can use KAMsnaps, Velcro, or even a button.

A few bandana bibs made with Spoonflower fabric
(Left to right) Designs by KimsaWillowlanetextilesLauren M Holton, WeegalleryKristin Nohe, SodabyAmyLittlesmilemakers

8. That’s it! Now find a cute baby to put this thing on!

Looking for other newborn / baby craft projects? Check out knit baby leggings, this stretchy baby Jersey hat, an adorable baby kimono, or this baby tank top. In addition to being real, real cute, these projects all use just a fat quarter of fabric, so they’re great for busting your stash and making good use of extra fabric. Happy making!

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  • Love it, thanks for sharing, my sister will really love this for her newly born daughter, I’ll look forward on making some.

  • Leanna Gurniak

    In regards to the PDF pattern file, I noticed that it doesn’t have one of the 2×2 test squares to make sure you are printing the pattern in the right size… Is it missing because even if you print it a tad smaller or larger it still turns out usable?

    • Hi Leanna,
      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have updated the pattern to include a 2×2 test square. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! – Meredith from Spoonflower

  • Thanks for the great pattern, am I ok to sell bibs I’ve made using this? I don’t mind crediting you if necessary. I am wondering what size to make for 1 -2 years, however? Thank you

    • Thanks for your question! We’d love for you to make bibs with our free pattern. We’d recommend doing a sample of the 2T-3T and then size up or down accordingly.

    • Hi Barbara,
      There are three patterns which range from 0 months – 3t. All sizes require just a fat quarter so they’re under 27″ x 18″. We hope that helps!

  • Jacqueline Abate

    Love these but in my experience babies chew on their bibs. A. Lot! I cringe at the idea of snaps being used. Please I beg you to use Velcro!

  • Oh This is most wonderful – thank you for sharing – the PDf download and printed easily for me. Can’t wait to try it. Might I ask what other types of fabrics would be good for baby bibs? (I only have furry children) so I wouldn’t know first hand… thanks!

    • Hi Leah,
      Our Organic Cotton Knit and Minky are great options for bibs! For something extra durable you could you Eco Canvas. We’ve made some bandanas for our fur babies using Organic Cotton Sateen and Kona Cotton.

  • love this pattern
    Tried to print from three different computers and printers
    It will not print only download
    will not print from download

    • The problem printing the PDF might be because the size of the pattern on the downloadable file is different from the size of the paper fed in the printer.
      You have to click the printing menu the option to fit it on a A4.
      I had the same issue and this solved it on my printer.

    • Hi Elizabeth, sorry you’re having trouble printing this PDF pattern! It’s working just fine for us, could the issue be with your printer or with your Adobe reader?