graphic title: inside the new and improved collections
From top left to bottom right: Food by angelger28 | Watercolor Abstracts by Ivieclothco | Black and White by bluebirdcoop | Florals by bluebirdcoop, Painted stripes in pretty pastel by revista | Geometric by b__woolf  | Animals by caja_design | Mudcloth by domesticate

Do you have dozens of favorite Marketplace designs and wish you had a way of categorizing them? Are you a designer who wants to showcase your catalog of designs under one or more themes? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, we’ve got a brand-new Collections update based on feedback from users like you!

woman with long blonde hair hanging a red, blue and white quilt
Master the art of mix and match with this curated collection!

Where can I find my collections now?

When logged into your Spoonflower account, begin by hovering over My Studio then select Collections. This is the main Collections page where all of your Collections are housed. There you will see two tabs: Designed and Collected.  Designed collections are those with only designs by you.  “Collected” designs can be entirely from the Marketplace, or a mix of your own + other designers’ designs.
There are now 3 places to view your collections: the collections page described above found under My Studio, the original collections view inside your shop, and in your design library. The Collections page under My Studio will have all collections, sorted into two tabs (Designed, Collected).  Only you will see any private collections on that page.
screenshot of a collection page showing the navigation buttons

collection of handwritten designs
The Collected tab will show collections featuring your own designs and Marketplace designs. If a designer deletes or sets a design to private that you have added to a collection, it will be removed from that collection. If this leaves the collection with only your designs, it will then move to appear in the “Designed” tab instead of “Collected.”
  • The collections in the shop view will only have Designed collections by you alone.
You will only see your designed collections when accessing the “Collections” page directly from your Shop Home
  • The design library shows only collections containing at least one of your own designs.
Design library showing collections
The Collections view from the Design Library shows all collections containing at least 1 of your own designs. You can also create a new collection here.

How do I start a brand new collection?

There are a few ways to start a new collection. The newest way that’s just been added, is by hovering over My Studio, then going down to the Collections page. In the upper left, you should see the option to add a new collection. The light gray boxes indicate empty slots in a collection.

Here’s what you’ll love about the new Collections

  • Organize your favorite designs by different designers into one single themed board. While browsing the Marketplace, you can create a Collection by hovering over a design and clicking the folder icon next to the favorite (heart) icon or start from the Collections link under My Studio to begin your theme. You’ll see the collections you already have listed.  Or if you’re starting a brand new collection, just type in the ‘New collection name here’ field to create a new collection on the spot!

Collection options next to colorful Xochitl design
I already have a few collections created, which is what you see here under “Add to Collections.” To start a new collection, just type the name you want into the text field and hit the “plus” icon.
The red box with a “minus” icon indicates you have added the design to the collection successfully. Add one design to as many collections as you want!
  • Make your Collections public (searchable by others) or private. Do you want to show your curation skills to the world or make a shoppable wishlist? Make your Collection public! Throwing a surprise party for a friend? Just keep it private.
collection options next to a vintage botanical wildflower design
Make a collection private by keeping the “public” box unchecked. A collection will have a lock icon next to it to indicate that it’s private
Screenshot of a private collection and editing options
To change a collection from private to public, just edit the design, click on the “public” box and hit update.
  • Want to add more than 30 designs to a Collection? Now you can! Plus you can have the same design in multiple Collections. Curate away to your heart’s content.
Screenshot of watercolor collection thumbnails
You can add unlimited designs to a collection
  • Look! A shiny new Collection block! Each Collection now features one large design over two smaller thumbnails. We pre-populate these from your Collection automatically based on your public designs, but you can customize it by assigning order to three designs. Once you click into a collection, you’ll see these cover designs first.  After that, designs will show up in the order that you add them, with the most recent ones at the top.
screenshot of collection page
Select the three designs you would like to show as your collection cover. These should be the 3 designs you feel best represent the collection, as they’ll be the first thing a customer sees when browsing through your collections.
screenshot of three collections: kitchen linens, bold and graphic, and living room curtain designs
Organize and create collections based on sewing projects, styles, themes, applications, anything!
collection thumbnails showing bedroom makeover collections and swimwear designs
Keep your inspiration and sewing projects organized, plus see how different designs look together to gauge cohesion before ordering swatches.

Did you know?

As a designer, you can easily make batch edits to your designs by going to the “list” view. Select the designs you would like to edit, then choose an action. Add designs to collections easily in this view by simply typing in the collection you want to select under the COLLECTION category at the top. Do the same under the TAGS category, typing out the tags you want to add, separating them by commas.

editing view of the design library
Did you know that you now have the option to not only favorite design, but to favorite collections as well? Just click on the heart in the upper right that appears after you click into a collection.
screenshot of vintage sea collection
Find your “favorited” collections on your favorites page under the Collections tab.
screenshot of userhome favorites showing collections
*A special note for designers:  swatch samplers can still accommodate just 30 designs or less, and will pull from the first 30 in a collection. You cannot purchase samplers of collections that include designs by others (not your own.) So if you have a collection of your designs that does contain more than 30, you will need to separate it out into 2 collections before ordering samplers.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over and make a new Collection!