Re-Cover A Kid’s Art Desk in 5 Simple Steps

AUG 16, 2016 updated May 19, 2021

It’s already August and we can smell the school supplies! But does your kiddo have a cozy, quiet workspace at home to tackle homework and creative projects? Scientific research shows that kids are more likely to do their school work when their desk has fun wallpaper on it. Well, ok maybe it’s not scientific research but we’re pretty sure it’s still true! Read on to learn how you can revamp a boring old desk with Spoonflower’s temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper. 

Colorful peel & stick wallpaper featuring "Colored Pencils" design by Rubydoor
Colorful Woven Peel & Stick wallpaper featuring “Colored Pencils” by Rubydoor

desk-wp-mockup 2

Supplies needed:

  • Woven peel-and-stick wallpaper ordered in a quantity that fits your desk. You can purchase custom rolls by the foot at $8/ft.
  • The squeegee provided with your order
  • Measuring apparatus such as ruler or measuring tape
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • The desk you want to spruce up. Any surface will work!

STEP ONE:  Measure your desk to find out how many ft. of peel-and-stick wallpaper you will need to order. Then, design your own or shop the Marketplace to find your perfect print! We are using Colored Pencils by Rubydoor for our desk.

art desk: before
art desk: before. Design featured here on the walls is Arrow Herringbone by Emily Sanford

STEP TWO: Gather your materials

all the supplies you need! scissors, woven wallpaper, squeegee, pencil
all the supplies you need! scissors, woven wallpaper, squeegee, pencil
woven wallpaper comes in widths of 24" with customizable lengths up to 15 ft.
woven wallpaper comes in widths of 24″ with customizable lengths up to 15 ft.

STEP THREE: starting at one end, peel the backing off the paper.

peel the backing off your woven wallpaper
peel the backing off your woven wallpaper

STEP FOUR: Use your squeegee to carefully line up and adhere the paper to your desk.

use the squeegee to smooth out any bubbles
use the squeegee included in your order to smooth out any bubbles

STEP FIVE: If you have extra paper, trim it off using your X-acto knife and a straight edge. Alternatively, if you have a small amount of overlap just tuck it under the sides of the table.

installing your woven wallpaper
The woven wallpaper is fully removable and repositionable, so don’t worry if you don’t stick it on just right the first time.
Woven wallpaper costs $7.50 per foot
Woven wallpaper costs $8 per foot

Voila! You’re all finished. 
Finished art desk, covered in woven peel & stick wallpaper

Finished art desk, wrapped in woven peel and stick wallpaper

Did you end up with extra paper? Stick it to the back of your laptop for a super easy way to add personality to your tech.

You can apply woven peel-and-stick paper to make a custom laptop skin, smartphone sticker, or customize anything else your heart desires!
Have some wallpaper left over? You can use it to make a custom laptop skin, or customize anything else your heart desires!

Want more wallpaper hacks? This one is a Spoonflower employee favorite.

All that’s left to do is stock your desk up with fun supplies and share photos with us! Tag us at @spoonflower on social media so we can “ooooh” and “aaaahh” at how great it looks!

Need more DIY projects? Check out our Back to School DIYs roundup for 41 awesome projects to get your creativity flowing!

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  • Does the wallpaper have a woven texture that would “bleed through” paper used with, for example, colored pencils?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks so much for your question! We’ve used the Woven Peel and Stick wallpaper as coloring book wallpaper and have even adhered it to a table you could color on directly! You should not experience issues with colored pencils or markers bleeding through to the other side but we do suggest testing out your coloring tool of choice to make sure before you dive in. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

      Best Regards,
      -Meredith F.

  • Wow! so pretty kids art desk. This amazing art desk must inspire kids artwork. It will grow kids creativity. I need this for my kids for increasing their creativity. I think kids should grow up physically as well as mental. An attractive art desk help to build kids mental growth. Thanks for sharing such a great idea for kids. It’s really helpful for kids.

  • Great idea using wallpaper for recover art desk. I like it. Must apply it my kids’ art desk. Thanks for this idea.

  • Hi There,

    I want to recover my young daughter’s multi-purpose table similar to this. However, she’s messy. Will the wallpaper hold up to multiple uses including wet media and food spills? Or would you recommend a final step of some sort of varnish or shellac to protect the wallpaper surface?

    • Or maybe just get tempered glass or plexi glass to put over it. I’ve used two dresser top glass from IKEA for a few of my projects. Varish has a lot of chemicals in it.

    • The wallpaper should hold up to soap and water to clean up any spills, although we have not done rigorous testing for this. You could always order a swatch first and run some experiments if you want to be extra sure! The great thing about this project is that the paper is removable. So you could always switch it out with new paper annually or as often as needed. Best of luck with your project!