Growing up as a child, did you ever cling to a security blanket when you were feeling scared, nervous, or just wanting to cuddle up on the couch? Imagine going through some of those challenging times without the blanket that gave you comfort and strength. With fabric as our main resource at our headquarters, Spoonflower employees have the opportunity to help provide those blankets for children (and adults) to share a little extra strength when it’s needed most with Blankets for Good.

Blankets for Good Employee Sew InBusy employees donate their time and sewing skills to help make blankets for the local community. 

Blankets for Good is a quarterly employee sew-in and uses returned marketplace fabric (don’t worry, we will never use your private fabrics!) to make blankets to donate to local and international charities. The Spoonflower Greenhouse hosts charitable sew-­ins for local community members to attend but Spoonflower employees were also eager to share their sewing abilities for a greater cause. With the help of the sustainability committee, a group that meets periodically to discuss ways to be more environmentally friendly and community-driven, Blankets for Good was born!

Spoonflower employees Erica and Jennifer share off the blankets they made in the top photo. Erica stands to the left with a pink blanket with rows of white triangles. Jennifer stands to the right holding a blanket with a white background featuring rows of ice cream cones, each with four scoops of ice cream, one orange, one lavender, one white and one light blue. The bottom photo shows Holly holding a handmade blanket that is white with rows of small black Xs.
Blankets for goodSpoonflower team members Erica and Jennifer (top, left to right) and Holly (bottom photo) show the blankets they made. 

Earlier this month, we hosted a Blankets for Good sew-­in where we stitched up 31 blankets to include in a Blankets for Good donation.

Busy at the blankets for good sew-inOperation team members Briana and Connie enjoy a break from processing orders to help make blankets.

Just a week before our sew-­in, Columbia, South Carolina, was hit with a devastating flood that left many people without homes. The Blankets for Good team quickly jumped into action asking “How can we help?” We are proud to share that Spoonflower employees donated the blankets from this month’s sew-­in to local Columbia, SC shelters. While we’ll never be able to replace a child’s first blankie, it’s comforting to know our blankets will have the ability to fill that spot in a child’s life.

Super BlanketsThe Blankets for Good team “jumps” into action when it comes to making blankets for those who need it most.

Two stacks of over a dozen blankets each sit on a table ready to be donated to charity. The patterns mostly have a white background, many feature small animals or small black geometric designs.
The collection of blankets made at the quarterly employee sew­-in is ready for donation! 

Want to donate a blanket to a local shelter in your community? Just follow the easy steps below to get started!

Blankets for good instructions
Blankets for good instruction image with four steps to creating your own blanket with two pieces of knit fabric.