How to Create a Custom Duvet Cover!

AUG 18, 2015 updated Oct 26, 2016

Custom Duvet Cover

Decorating a space that feels totally unique and fresh can be a struggle with what’s available at local shops. Our friend and super crafty lady Lia Griffith visits the blog to share how she created a custom duvet cover using Spoonflower fabric!

For full instructions, follow along here or download and print your own set of instructions!¬†Create your own fabric or use Lia’s Woodgrain design.

Custom Duvet Cover Instructions

Custom Duvet Cover Instructions

Custom Duvet Cover Instructions


Custom Duvet Cover Instructions

Custom Duvet Cover Instructions


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  • Great tutorial! Do you have any recommendations for which type of fabric that should be ordered in order to make this?

  • Making the duvet cover seems easy and a lot of fun. But all the calculation, all the math, can be stressing. I am kind of a perfectionist I guess. If the measurement is messed up even only a millimeter, it’ll definitely get to me. This totally can be stressing for me! Even more that I am not that good with the shewing machine. But hey, I am willing to give it a try. I downloaded the full guide and you guys also provide pretty detailed steps, so I think I’ll be fine!

    • Way to face up to your fears, Jessica! We know you can do this. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, and you will be rewarded with the wonderful feeling of completing a handmade project. We’re here for you if you need us along the way!