Spending more time cozied up inside against the winter weather? Take this time indoors to update your space with fresh and bright new prints from the Spoonflower Marketplace! No need for a huge project–whip up quick pillow covers for the couch or frame swatches as art for your walls. This week we're bringing you ideas for small projects that can totally transform the way you see and use your living space, starting with these 5 bright fabrics to get you inspired!

Vibrant Floral Garden by Oksancia

Vibrant Floral Garden | Oksancia


CestLaViv_Madras Orange Pink | Cest_la_Viv

A Bright Summer Day | TheArtWerks

Bright Spotty Trees by Bethan_Janine

Bright Spotty Trees | Bethan_Janine

Tribal Orange by DolphinAndCondor

Tribal Orange | DolphinandCondor