This is our fourth post in a series of posts about the projects created for the Spoonflower Staff Quilting Challenge. 

“Challenge” was the key word for our team as we attempted to pull together a quilt concept across three shifts!  Given our odd combination of work hours, how could we possibly find time to meet, let alone plan and design? As the newbie in the group [Kerry] I took my lead from my seasoned workmates, Mary and Thomas, who both jumped on the idea of a cheater quilt.

This seemed like the perfect strategy for us, and “minimal” rapidly became our theme when Mary sent out an image of a modern quilt that she thought might inspire our layout. Why make things harder than they needed to be? Thomas and I were both good with “minimal.”

Color and fabric were next and we took a look at some sample palettes that accompanied the layout inspiration. We sent around our thoughts on pattern and after a bit we concluded that maybe each of us could contribute a little something on the surface design front.

Apparently there are great snacks on 3rd shift, because Thomas came back with a leopard print in stereoscopic 3D. How about some wonky stripes (me) and some pebbling (Mary)? Perfect!  After some manipulation of color and pattern on my end, we had version 1 ready to throw darts at. Here’s a detail from this first round:

The consensus? Not so crazy about shifting stripes. Remember, think minimal and let’s tone down the white! Thomas came back with version 2.

Closer, but maybe a dark accent and reserve the pebbling for the back? That’s better:

Some final editing by Mary in the name of “minimal” as she put the quilt together:

In the end, not bad for a team of three that never actually met!