5 Easily Customizable Projects to Make This Holiday Season

NOV 8, 2021

Wondering what to make this holiday season? Five of our Spoonflower Ambassadors have shared what’s on their holiday project list this year, ranging from sewing projects to home decor and more. All of these projects are customizable for other festive or celebratory occasions too, making them all great DIYs to get inspired by. Feel free to adapt them for your own decorative whims, wishes and wants!

Each of these Ambassadors have written a detailed step-by-step tutorial for these crafts on their respective blogs, so be sure to click through to learn their tips and tricks to getting these projects done and dusted.

Stephanie Watkins portrait

Stephanie Watkins

Brand name: Casa Watkins Living
Website: https://www.casawatkinsliving.com
Instagram: @casawatkinsblog

A wooden tray with curved handles comprised of small wooden beads sits on a white table with a plant with long extended leaves. Some of the plant fronds are hanging over the tray. The surface of the tray is covered in a design with a white background and rows of small green plants in blue pots. Napkins in the same design are laying at the bottom left of the tray.
Three small Christmas trees, all comprised of triangles made out of wood, with short-width bottoms and long sides, are covered in pick-and-stick wallpaper with a brightly colored design with pink, red, blue, yellow and green horizontal stripes. The trees are part of a tablescape and placed in front a small tabletop artificial Christmas tree and behind a stack of 5 small white plates that has teal napkins with pink-and-orange-striped napkins on top of it. Several silver forks are placed on top of the napkins.
A photo of two people standing with their faces close together sits in a photo frame with a peel-and-stick wallpaper border. The print on the wallpaper features leopards and bright blue flowers as well as white flowers. The photo frame is sitting on a white table next to a black pen and several pieces of brightly colored paper.

Project: 3 DIY Wallpaper Gift Ideas: Photo Mat, Covered Tray, Christmas Tree

Tutorial: https://casawatkinsliving.com/diy-gift-ideas-with-peel-and-stick-wallpaper

What led you to pick this particular project? 

The vast amount of beautiful wallpaper and coordinating home decor makes for an excellent DIY gift project and gift arrangement!

What Marketplace designs have you chosen for this project and why? 

Photo mat: I chose Small Flora Tropical Escape – Jungle Plants – Exotic Cheetah by trendy_creation_prints due to its colorful bold pattern. When decorating a photo mat, it’s great to go bold with a color or pattern to bring pizzazz to the wall.

Covered tray: I chose Pot Plants by cheeky_leopard for its timeless style and sophistication. It can be used year round and for many different styles of homes. It’s a beautiful botanical print that is festive even for the holiday season.

Christmas tree: I chose both Peruvian Tassels by artistic_visual_designer and Mexican Blanket Horizontal by anchored_by_love to compliment each other. Both colorful wallpapers are festive and add a pop of holiday cheer to any home. As a fan of non-traditional holiday colors, this mix of patterns and wallpaper design adds so much more color and character during the holiday season.

What other materials will you be using? 

Peel and stick wallpaper, coordinating tea towels, cocktail napkins, napkins, trays, photo mats for frames, beautiful printed art or family photography

What has been inspiring you as we approach the holiday season this year? 

Definitely bright colors and botanicals this year. With the less-than-festive year last year due to the pandemic, this year is full of life with colors and botanicals.

Robert Mahar portrait

Robert Mahar

Website: http://robert-mahar.com
Instagram: @robert_mahar

A close up of some of the supplies Robert Mahar is using for his DIY holiday card display, including swatches of solid fabric in both a medium and a light green, the latter with the selvedge cut off, along with a rotary cutter, an iron and a cutting mat.
A close up of materials used to make a holiday card holder, some sawed-off bits of a small wooden dowel rod, a package of small white screw hooks, and a spool of brown twine, sit next to the holiday card holder itself, which is made of fabric and has a wooden dowel rod running across the top.
A fabric holiday card holder, which is sage green with the word Joy in white cursive font embroidered on it, has cheery holiday cards, one with the face of Santa Claus and another that says “Cheers for a Brilliant New Year!” in cursive red, yellow, green and blue, clipped to it with small wooden clothes pins. The card holder is encircled by various holiday things: red-and-white-fabric candy canes at the bottom left; red, cream and green felt garland at the top left; and a few holiday cards on the top right, one with a Christmas tree design and one with the word “PEACE” in red and gold all caps text. The card holder has a wooden dowel rod running at the top of it with brown twine coming up from either side, from which it will hang from the wall.

Project: DIY Holiday Card Display

Tutorial: http://robert-mahar.com/holiday-card-display

What led you to pick this particular project? 

As a kid, I remember all of my aunties having some variation of a holiday card holder on display at Christmastime. The challenge I gave myself was to take the nostalgic 1980s version I remember from my childhood and update it — creating a handcrafted version that fits my grown-up aesthetic!

What Marketplace designs have you chosen for this project and why?

I’ve created six variations of this design, in three colorways — giving makers the flexibility to create a Holiday Card Display uniquely their own: DIY Holiday Card Display collection by robert_mahar.

What other materials will you be using? 

  • (1) fat quarter of my Holiday Card Display design in Lightweight Cotton Twill
  • (1) yard of 1/2” (1.27 cm) or 1” (2.54 cm) cotton twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
  • scissors or quilting ruler and rotary cutter
  • sewing machine and sewing thread
  • pins or sewing clips
  • 6-strand embroidery floss or perle cotton
  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery needle
  • fabric glue
  • (12) 1-3/4” (4.445 cm)  clothes pins
  • E6000 glue or similar strong permanent adhesive
  • (2) 1/2” (30.48 cm) x 12” (30.48 cm) wood dowels
  • hanging string, twine or yarn
  • (4) small eye screws or (4) white dowel end caps

What has been inspiring you as we approach the holiday season this year?

After a pandemic hiatus, I’m looking forward to the possibility of gathering with friends and family for the holidays this year — inspiring me to tackle festive handmade decor projects!

Antonia Pröls portrait

Antonia Pröls

Brand name: Goldschool DIY
Website: https://goldschooldiy.blog
Instagram: @goldschool.diy

A photo of sewing supplies. In the top right are three spools of thread, one red, one cream, one brown; in the top right are pins with purple heads; in the bottom right is a white tape measure; and in the bottom left are two small pieces of cream fabric with small orange designs (one with pink ornaments and one with cream holly leaves and orange berries), one piece of fabric that is orange with cream leaves; and a piece of fabric that is brown with cream and orange presents, wreaths and mugs.
Several small stockings in the making are laid out on a table with some pins with purple heads in a small purple box and some pieces of terracotta and cream colored fabric. One small terracotta and cream plaid stocking lays on the table cut out with the right sides of the fabric together with the top half of the top piece of fabric pulled back. A hand is starting to pin the fabric of the bottom of the stocking together. Two other stockings with the wrong side of the fabric facing out are in the top right of the photo and they are each pinned around the edges ready to be sewn.
Two rows of small stockings hang on wooden dowels. The fabric of the stockings are a variation of terracotta, brown and cream colors, some are terracotta-and-cream plaid; some are white with small floral designs with red berries; some are brown with small white-and-orange wreaths, mugs and presents.

Project: Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

Tutorial: https://goldschooldiy.blog/?p=5148

What led you to pick this particular project? 

Often the Advent calendars you can buy in stores or online come with a lot of plastic waste and are usually not very sustainable. However, a self-made Advent calendar can be used for many years and can be filled individually. That’s why I had the idea of sewing an Advent calendar on my own — with 24 small Christmas stockings as doors!

What Marketplace designs have you chosen for this project and why?

I’ve collected several designs that I just love and that look good together here: Christmas Collection by goldschool_diy.

What other materials will you be using?

You can find all of the materials I’m using and a step-by-step tutorial in my blog post about the Advent calendar on my blog!

What has been inspiring you as we approach the holiday season this year?

Since I had the idea for the Advent calendar this summer, I was primarily guided by colors that are seasonally independent and that don’t really follow any trends. These are mainly mustard, terracotta and beige. I wanted to sew something that harmonizes well and that is timeless and simple in design and pattern, so that it can be used again year after year.

Tracey Hairston portrait

Tracey Hairston

Brand name: MochaGirl Place
Website: https://www.mochagirlplace.com
Instagram: @mochagirlplace


Rows of small glass globe ornaments lay on a table. Small strips of fabric in varying shades of brown lay on the table near its edge.
A close up of several no-sew Christmas ornaments, which are glass balls covered in strips of fabric, which have been wrapped around them to entirely cover the glass, in varying shades of brown.
Round glass ornaments wrapped in strips of varying shades of brown fabric, some with white dots, some with white snowflakes, adorn a green fir tree with small warm golden lights.

Project: Handmade No Sew Christmas Tree Ornaments

Tutorial link: https://www.mochagirlplace.com/post/it-s-not-christmas-yet-but

What led you to pick this particular project? 

I needed a craft that was quick and easy to do but still fun to create.

What Marketplace designs have you chosen for this project and why? 

My holiday theme for my Christmas tree is Botanical Flavor. I chose holiday-themed prints in shades of brown in Petal Signature Cotton®. The print color schemes really compliment each other and add balance to my brown tree. I used the following prints: Beaded Garland by chimes, Snowflakes by a_spacecat, Christmas Star by hejamieson, Holiday Christmas Fir Trees by jac_slade, White Pointsettia Sandstone by onesweetorange and Brown Stripes by andrea_lauren.

What other materials will you be using? 

I wanted to use the least amount of supplies as possible and you really could do this project with any leftover fabric you may have lying around. Just make sure to have enough to cover the entire ornament so that there are no blank spots.

What has been inspiring you as we approach the holiday season this year? 

The main thing inspiring me this year is bringing the outdoors in. Nature has a way of displaying unique beauty during the holiday months and so I wanted to express that vibe in my own holiday decor.

Meg Fleshman portrait

Meg Fleshman

Brand name: Meg Made
Website: https://www.megmadesewing.com/welcome
Instagram: @megmadesewing

A close up of the inside lining of a navy velvet blazer in a print with small pink flowers. The inside lining is a bright pink-and-purple plaid.
Meg stands with the back her back turned to the camera, showing off her navy blue velvet blazer that has a design all over it with small pink flowers.
Meg stands wearing black pants and a white top with a dark blue velvet blazer over top. The fabric of the blazer has small pink flowers dotted all over it.

Project: Velvet Blazer (the Heather Blazer from Friday Pattern Company)

Tutorial link: https://www.megmadesewing.com/blog/handmade-holidays-velvet-blazer-with-spoonflower

What led you to pick this particular project? 

I love the idea of a special piece that can be dressed up or down for holiday parties and get-togethers. A velvet blazer is flexible for swanky work parties or casual family dinners and, in the right design, it can be worn even after holiday celebrations are over.

What Marketplace designs have you chosen for this project and why? 

I used Vintage Prairie Chintz Floral Bouquets in Black + Fuchsia by yesterdaycollection and Small Purple Pink Plaid by kellyrenay. I was inspired by a gorgeous velvet jacket from Valentino that had a ditzy floral motif and the vintage prairie floral with its pink flowers was a perfect choice to recreate my own version. Jacket linings are a great place for pattern mixing so I chose the purple and pink plaid to complement the floral main fabric.

What other materials will you be using? 

Coordinating thread, interfacing, and a button or two, depending on preference.

What has been inspiring you as we approach the holiday season this year? 

This year I’m particularly drawn to nostalgic elements that remind me of the best parts of the holidays. For me, that looks like classic 90s Christmas movies, favorite treats and slow days at home. I’m loving designs in the Spoonflower marketplace that feature motifs from iconic Christmas movies or utilize my favorite, comforting color palettes — basically things that feel like a big hug!

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Alexa Terry Wilde portrait

Alexa Terry Wilde

Alexa Terry Wilde is on the Brand Marketing team and is Spoonflower’s Maker Community Manager. She also runs a vintage clothing business called Antlers and Astronauts.

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