Mark Your Calendars! Announcing the 2021 Craft Friday Schedule

A free, virtual event with 14 creative make-along sessions on November 26th

OCT 11, 2021 updated Oct 18, 2021
Craft Friday

Last year, we reimagined the shopping-centric day after Thanksgiving commonly referred to as Black Friday, as a time for families and friends to make time to craft together. Folks from around the world learned new skills at our virtual Craft Friday event and we are proud to announce the inspiring line-up for 2021.

This year’s Craft Friday festival will bring together 14 talented creatives with make-along projects like DIY scrunchie headbands, paper collages, and so much more. We’ll be publishing a new tutorial every half hour on Spoonflower’s YouTube channel!

Check out the schedule below, gather your supplies for your favorite sessions and get ready to follow along on Friday, November 26th.

Christmas Paper Collage by Chimps Tea Party

Scrunchie Headband by DIY Daisy

Watercolor Holiday Card by Ohn Mar Win

Full Schedule for Craft Friday

November 26, 2021

Keep reading or click on a session below for more details. 


10:30 – 11:00 AM ET: Watercolor Holiday Card with Ohn Mar Win

11:00 – 11:30 AM ET: Punch Needle Coffee Sleeve with Daisy McClellan

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM ET: DIY Zipper Pouch with Tobias Milse

12:00 – 12:30 PM ET:  Creating A Repeating Pattern in Procreate with Sareka Unique

12:30 – 1:00 PM ET: DIY Scrunchie Headband with DIY Daisy

1:00 – 1:30 PM ET: Holiday Card Display with Robert Mahar

1:30 – 2:00 PM ET: DIY Fabric Planter with Peppermint Magazine

2:00 – 2:30 PM ET: Christmas Paper Collage with Chimps Tea Party

2:30 – 3:00 PM ET: DIY Quilted Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set with Daddy Dressed Me

3:00 – 3:30 PM ET: Detachable Collar with Katie Kortman

3:30 – 4:00 PM ET: Furoshiki Gift Wrapping with RIVTAK

4:00 – 4:30 PM ET: Gift Wrap Add-ons with Nadia Hassan

4:30 – 5:00 PM ET: 3 Decorative Holiday Gift Ideas with Wallpaper with Casa Watkins

5:00 – 5:30 PM ET: Quilted Rainbow Gradient Wall Hanging with Mister Domestic


We’d love for you to join us on Craft Friday, but don’t worry if you are already booked up. Shortly after the event, this page will be updated with recordings of each session.

Craft Friday Sessions

Get more details about the sessions including the instructors and materials.

Watercolor Holiday Card

10:30 AM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Ohn Mar Win

Join Ohn Mar for a super fun and quick tutorial to create splendid mistletoe gift cards you can send to dear friends and family during the winter season. Using just a few watercolors you can create this loose and flowing bunch of mistletoe offset by a gold ribbon and berries. If desired you can replace gold for red and still achieve an elegant design.


– Watercolor paper cut to 5 x 7 inches when folded in half (approx. 300gsm)
– Watercolor paints (recommended: sap green, forest green and gold)
– Round brushes No. 10 and 4

Punch Needle Coffee Sleeve

11:00 AM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Daisy McClellan

Keep those fingers safe from hot beverages and reduce environmental waste with this adorable reusable punch needle Zarf (yes, there is a technical work for coffee sleeves!) Join Daisy McClellan as she teaches you the basics of punch needle in this relaxing 30-minute class. You’ll finish your Zarf with stash fabric making your new Zarf even more green. Perfect for the coffee and tea lovers in your life!


– FQ of any woven fabric
– #10 Oxford Punch Needle
– Rug Yarn (single color)
– Monk’s cloth (the backing cloth that you need for punch needle)
– Non-slip Morgan’s Hoop (or any punch needle frame)
– Snips
– Water soluble pin
– Needle and thread
– Button
– Thin elastic hair tie

About the Instructor: Daisy McClellan is a punch needle artist based in Charleston, SC who is interested in making colorful and functional art for everyday use. She is also passionate about teaching others how to create with their hands, both through her public and private workshops and her DIY kits, which she sells alongside her handmade goods at various museums, local shops, and regional art markets. Learn more about Daisy here.

Tobias Milse headshot

DIY Zipper Pouch

11:30 AM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Tobias Milse

The ODÉON zipper pouch is a simple accessory with an elegant twist: the French seam finish and its metal zipper. This mini clutch can ideally be made of dry oilskin or canvas and doesn’t require a lining. You can decorate it with embroidery or special stitches and it is the perfect gift – for loved ones or for oneself. The ODÉON is part of Tobias’ handbag and accessory collection that he sells in his boutique in Geneva.


– Piece of fabric, 11.8″ x 15.75″ (30 x 40cm), Spoonflower’s Cypress Cotton Canvas recommended
– Metal zipper, 9″ (23cm)
– Double-sided basting tape, 19.7″ x .4cm (50cm X 4mm)
– Matching thread

About the Instructor: Tobias is a German who lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In 2015 he won the German TV Show “German Sewing Bee” which inspired him to open his couture concept store in Geneva selling a collection of handbags, accessories and everything the heart desires for home sewing: from fabrics to haberdashery, sewing machines to personalized embroideries and patterns. Since winning the TV show he became the Brand Ambassador for PFAFF and Gütermann, and in 2018 his first sewing book “MännerMode Nähen” was published. It is a collection of patterns for unisex and men’s garments and accessories.

Creating A Repeating Pattern in Procreate

12:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Sareka Smith of Sareka Unique

A repeating pattern is a tile or block that will repeat infinitely. The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to create seamless repeating patterns in Procreate. Seamless means there will be no gaps or seams when the tile is duplicated and placed side by side. These patterns are perfect for fabric and wallpaper. Sareka will show you how to create a seamless pattern on your iPad in Procreate and upload the file to Spoonflower. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to have your custom designs printed and delivered right to your doorsteps!


– iPad
– Apple Pencil
– Latest version of Procreate

DIY Scrunchie Headband

12:30 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Daisy Braid from DIY Daisy

Learn how you can DIY one of Daisy’s most popular projects – your very own scrunchie headband. The scrunchie headband is for everyone and is an easy way to make your zoom parties that little bit more festive.


– 20 cm (8 in) of woven fabric
– Matching thread
– Sewing scissors
– Hand sewing needle
– Fabric covered padded head band or ribbon wrapped head band
– Sewing machine
– Iron & ironing board

About the Instructor: Daisy Braid, aka DIY Daisy, is a sewing blogger who shares free sewing patterns and tutorials on her website to encourage and inspire makers of all levels to DIY their dream wardrobe.

Holiday Card Display

1:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Robert Mahar

Incorporate the thoughtfulness of family and friends into your seasonal decor with a cut-and-sew Holiday Card Display! This festive fat-quarter project only requires simple straight-line stitching to create an attractive wall organizer. Featuring Lightweight Cotton Twill fabric and small wooden clips to secure your cards and photos, this DIY comes together quickly and can be used year after year.


– (1) fat quarter of Robert’s Holiday Card Display design in Lightweight Cotton Twill
– (1) yard/meter of 1/2” or 1” cotton twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
– Scissors or quilting ruler and rotary cutter
– Sewing machine and thread
– Pins or sewing clips
– Six-strand embroidery floss
– Embroidery needle
– (12) 1-3/4” clothes pins
– E6000 glue or similar strong permanent adhesive
– (2) 1/2” x 12” wood dowels
– Hanging string, twine or yarn
– Optional: (4) white dowel end caps

About the Instructor: Robert Mahar is a California based artist, designer, maker and embroidery enthusiast who teaches clever do-it-yourself projects and develops imaginative craft inspired products. He’s also a proud alumni of the inaugural season of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art. Learn more about Robert, explore his video tutorial archive and shop his collection of curious embroidery samplers at

DIY Fabric Planter

1:30 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Bonnie Liston from Peppermint Magazine

The DIY Fabric Planter is a quick and easy sewing project that is a perfect scrap-buster. With the application of a simple mathematical formula, you can create this colorful, reversible and washable home for plants of any size. And hey, there’s no reason to limit these to plants. You could create a set of three nesting pots for storing fabric scraps, sewing supplies, knitting projects or whatever odds and ends need a new home.


– Fabric for outside (suggested: Spoonflower’s Recycled Canvas)
– Fabric for lining (suggested: hessian)
– Sewing machine
– Thread
– Tape measure
– Scissors
– Pins
– Pen or fabric marker

About the Instructor: Bonnie is the sewing content manager at Peppermint Magazine, an Australian quarterly publication focused on style, sustainability and substance – and sewing. As the resident Peppermint maker – and a deft hand with a sewing machine, crochet hook and embroidery needle – Bonnie spends her time in the office dreaming up creative projects and writing about all things sewing, craft and DIY. In her free time, Bonnie doubles down on her obsessions and devotes herself to sewing, craft projects, and Doing It (Y)herself. Dedicating her career to proving that following your passions can pay, she has written professionally about Star Trek, feminism, ancient history and now sewing!

DIY Quilted Oven Mitt & Pot Holder Set

2:30 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructors: Michael and Ava Gardner from Daddy Dressed Me

One of Michael and Ava’s favorite activities is to cook together. They’ll be creating an oven mitt and pot holder set. A great project for beginners, kid friendly and makes for an awesome gift for the holidays!


– Pencil and paper to create the pattern
– 1 yard/meter of 100% cotton fabric – outer fabric
– 1 yard/meter of 100% cotton fabric – lining fabric
– 1 yard/meter of Insul-Bright insulated batting
– 1 yard/meter of warm & natural cotton batting or fleece fabric
Sewing Machine
Pins or clips
Bias Tape
Fabric Marker

About the Instructor: Michael Gardner is a proud #GirlDad, self-taught sewist, life-long crafter and DIY enthusiast, also Known As “Ava’s Dad.” He began his sewing journey in 2014 and created Daddy Dressed Me by Michael Gardner to bond with his daughter. His mission is to help Ava build her self-esteem and establish confidence in herself and her abilities. He sews the clothes and Ava models. They share a special bond as a father daughter duo through their love and passion for creativity.

Christmas Paper Collage

2:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Pippa Hiscock from Chimps Tea Party

Making with your hands is therapeutic and fun! In this tutorial you will learn how to make a personalized Christmas paper collage, using scissors, glue and paper. We’ll be making a paper design of the front of a house decorated for Christmas! You’ll then be shown how to get it ready to be printed onto cards, fabric, homewares or gifts.


– Scissors
– Glue
– Assorted colored paper
– Camera phone or scanner
– A picture of a house to work from (this can be your own house, a friend’s house or just one you love!)

About the Instructor: Based in Bristol in the UK, Pippa is an illustrator, pattern designer, and maker. She uses handmade photo and paper collage techniques to create designs for fabric, or for homewares and gifts to sell in her online shop Chimps Tea Party. She loves the tactile look and feel that comes from designing with her hands. Her colorful work is inspired by all things 1950’s and 60’s, kitsch, nature, and the surreal. Pippa wants to fill people’s homes with things that bring them joy, and help them to celebrate the little every day moments as much as the big things!

Detatchable Collar

3:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Katie Kortman

Join me and make a snazzy, fancy, or quirky detachable collar for the holidays! It can be a collar to make your plain shirt look fancy, or a collar to wear to an ugly sweater party, you choose. Then we can use fun fabric and crafty supplies to make them extra special!


– 1/2 yard/meter of scrap fabric (if you want it to be reversible, then do two different fabrics)
– Hook and eye
– Interfacing
– Iron
– Sewing machine and sewing supplies
– Crafty things to make your collar snazzy (lace, doilies, beads, leather) or festive/ugly sweater style (pipe cleaners, bells, ornaments)

About the Instructor: Katie Kortman is an artist/sewist turned textile/fashion designer. She is self-taught and works in her home studio while surrounded by 4 kids in their home in Japan. Catch her dancing, posing, painting, designing, teaching, wearing lots of color, and loving life @katiekortmanart or

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

3:30 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: River Takada from RIVTAK

River Takada will be taking folks through the steps to wrap their gifts sustainably this year using fabric in the Japanese Furoshiki tradition. River will share a little about the history of furoshiki and show you a variety of ways to wrap up gifts of all shapes and sizes. Perfect for the fabric lover or zero-waste advocates in your life. Wrapping fabric can be finished on the edges, or cut with raw edges. The possibilities are endless as Furoshiki has been around in the Asian culture for over 700 years, so this tutorial will be filled with tips to get started wrapping with fabric. Furoshiki can be used every day and not just limited to gift giving!


– Square of fabric (size according to what you would like to wrap)
– Item to wrap (can be any shape, in a box or not)
– Scissors
– Optional: Sewing machine; pinking scissors/pinking rotary blades

About the Instructor: River Takada is a Durham based mixed-media artist and art teacher. River has a small batch production company under the name, RIVTAK, established in 2007, now selling handcrafted products in independently owned shops and online, Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Carrboro, NC, River grew up with an appreciation for the constant change in nature, and the beauty of functional art. River loves to work with kids and adults, empowering folks by sharing the therapeutic and vocational powers of sewing and other creative skills. She teaches fiber arts at community centers on the East Coast, including Duke University, The ArtsCenter, The Scrap Exchange, ArtSpace, The NC Museum of Art, Freeman’s Creative, NCSU Craft Center, etc. River focuses on utilizing salvaged and upcycled materials in her products, creating zero-waste collection. Follow her on Instagram @rivtak.

Gift Wrap Add-ons

4:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Nadia Hassan

Nadia will demonstrate how to make dimensional gift tags, Danish stars, and paper diamonds using smooth wallpaper from Spoonflower, to add an extra-special touch to wrapped or bagged gifts.


– Spoonflower smooth wallpaper
– Plain paper or cardstock to make square template(s)
– Chipboard and/or cardstock (for tags)
– Quick-dry craft glue
– Hole punch
– Twine/yarn/thin ribbon (for tags)
– Clear beading thread or fishing line (for diamonds and stars)
– Scoring/creasing tool such as a bone folder (optional but highly recommended; a butter knife is a decent substitute)
– Straight edge
– Scissors
– Sewing needle or thumbtack

About the Instructor: Nadia Hassan is a North Carolina-based artist, illustrator and multidisciplinary designer with endless enthusiasm for color and pattern. She is inspired by everything all the time, especially the moments in everyday life where the mundane meets the serendipitous. Her playful, investigative spirit guides her creative process, and each day she looks forward to discovering where the limitless possibilities will lead. She spends her free time reading, taking long walks, thrift shopping and looking after her many houseplants.

3 Decorative Holiday Gift Ideas with Wallpaper

4:30 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Stephanie Watkins from Casa Watkins

Learn how to make 3 decorative gift ideas using Spoonflower wallpaper! First, “For the Home”, you’ll learn how to cover wooden Christmas trees with Peel and Stick Wallpaper – a great gift idea for friends or family that love home decor. Next, “For the Entertainer”, you’ll learn how to use Peel and Stick wallpaper to decorate a functional tray that can be used for entertaining throughout the season (and beyond!). Finally, “For the Art Lover”, you’ll learn how to use Peel and Stick wallpaper to wrap frame mats and create a unique work of art that will make a statement on any wall.


Craft 1:
– Trees
– Wooden or paper mache trees
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Peel and Stick wallpaper
– Plastic gift card

Craft 2:
– Tray
– Scissors-pencil
– Peel and Stick wallpaper
– Box cutter
– Plastic gift card

Craft 3:
– Photo mats
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Peel and Stick wallpaper
– Plastic gift card
– Picture frame
– Desired art or photo

About the Instructor: Stephanie Watkins is the creator of, a home and DIY website established in 2015 that is dedicated to sharing Stephanie’s journey in re-making her cookie cutter house into a modern bohemian home infused with globally inspired decor. Her designs and ideas have been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV magazine, The Pioneer Woman magazine, Southern Living Magazine among others. Stephanie, a Caribbean native, has the motto that home should be a vacation and fills her home with tropical inspired colors, globally inspired patterns, and mostly alive plants. She shares the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of her typically one-person home renovation projects on her Instagram. She lives in Maryland with her husband and three children.

Quilted Rainbow Gradient Wall Hanging

5:00 PM ET on Spoonflower’s YouTube Channel

Instructor: Mathew Boudreaux from Mister Domestic

Come learn Mister Domestic’s tips, tricks and tutorial to create this next-level rainbow gradient wall hanging that is sure to razzle dazzle. From striped board preparation to all things weaving, this project was designed with Mister Domestic’s Spoonflower Collection inspired by and designed for fabric weaving. All levels of experience are welcome, so make sure to come to the party.


– 1 yard/meter each of Mister Domestic’s Gradient Rainbow Stripe, Mister Domestic’s Gradient Warm Stripe, and Mister Domestic’s Gradient Cool Stripe to create a 12 x 20″ (30.5 x 50 cm) wall hanging
– Foam Board
– Pins
– Fusible interfacing
– Recommended: Wefty needle

About the Instructor: Mathew Boudreaux, Mister Domestic, learned to sew as a kid, but the antiquated binary gender expectations of his parents got in the way, so he never really felt compelled to up his game. Shortly after his daughter Helena was born in 2013, his spouse bought him a couple sewing classes at Modern Domestic and then he took off like he was at the races. And with his kid as his muse and inspiration, the quality and coolness of the stuff he made far exceeded anything that he thought he would ever be able to create with his own hands.

What will you create on our day of DIY?

Let us know which classes you’re most excited about in the comments below, and don’t forget to share your final Craft Friday projects by tagging @spoonflower and #SpoonflowerCraftFriday in your pictures.

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