Our Top Sewing Pattern Picks for Handmade Apparel

How Spoonflower Employees Celebrated Me Made May 2021

MAY 28, 2021 updated Jul 13, 2021

Have you recently spring-cleaned your closet and thought your wardrobe could use more unique pieces? Have you been searching for a project that will inspire you to dust off your sewing machine? You’re in the right place, because today we are sharing over 30 handmade apparel projects stitched up by Spoonflower employees to celebrate Me Made May.

Me Made May was created by Zoe Edwards to encourage sewists of all skill levels to be thoughtful about their handmade wardrobes. Some may aspire to wear garments they’ve already created (or upcycled!). Others find the perfect sewing and surface pattern to add a new piece to their closet collection.

This May, 35 crafty Spoonflower staffer volunteers selected sewing patterns from two of our favorite sources: Peppermint Magazine and Seamwork. Peppermint Magazine’s Sewing School releases a new free pattern every one to three months, while Seamwork’s Pattern Library membership offers over 200 to choose from!

The Spoonflower team paired their patterns with a hand-selected design from the Spoonflower Marketplace and constructed impressive pants, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and so much more. Scroll through the photos to learn more about the best fabrics for different apparel projects and prepared to be inspired by these incredible makers!

Top Apparel Sewing Patterns

Pants & Skirt Patterns


Mix and match your closet with these fun pants and skirt patterns! To achieve sturdiness, explore fabrics like Linen Cotton Canvas and Lightweight Cotton Twill. If you’re looking to add a practical touch, consider sewing in extra pockets just like Kadie and Jamie did. Click the arrows to see everyone’s projects.

Shirt Patterns


Need something to match with your pants or skirt pattern? Scroll through these tops that are ideal for spring and summer and great choices for a beginner-friendly sewing project! Using soft fabrics like Modern Jersey or Organic Cotton Sateen, you’ll be both cute and comfy.

Dress Patterns


With so many styles to choose from, your search for the perfect dress is over! Like Gina and MaryAshlyn, use light fabrics such as Organic Sweet Pea Gauze™ or Cotton Lawn for a flowy and comfortable feel. From picnics, to beach trips, to simply hanging out in the backyard, these dresses are perfect for anything. Scroll with the arrows to see all the fun looks.

Jumpsuit and Romper Patterns


A jumpsuit is a must-have for your wardrobe! These one-piece outfits are perfect for any occasion and are surprisingly easy to make, whether you’re using a heavier material like Linen Cotton Canvas to achieve structure and shape or something light like Cotton Lawn for a soft and breezy look. Just like Christina, Alexis, and Mackenzie, it’s easy to modify an average jumpsuit pattern and make it your own. Use the arrows to explore through and find your favorite!

Outerwear & Loungewear Patterns


Stay cozy and protected with a Dogwood Denim jacket, or curl up at home with a cozy loungewear set! Scroll though these special patterns that are great for advanced-beginner sewists or anyone who wants to create something unique.

Featured Designs

Guppies by sarah_watts


“The color palette of these guppies is fun, bold, and bright, and I love the quirky, unexpected quality of it. Fish don’t have to take on a traditionally nautical feel — they can be bold and chic, too!”


– Theresa R.

Cadence Triangles – Dark Green by littlearrowdecor


“I wanted a design I could wear for various occasions — visually interesting but not overly flamboyant. I like that the color appears a bit different depending on the viewing distance.”


– Kevin M.

Hoopoes and Bee Eaters hunting for bugs! by rebelform


“I wanted color and fun, but I also wanted something that would translate into everyday wear—A dress I could style up for a planned party, a last minute night out or be more casual for a picnic in the park.”


– Missy K.

A Nod to the House Bird by katerhees


“It is such a happy design! I think this design would be adorable as any kitchen or dining decor items like a tea towel, placemats, napkins, table runner or table cloth. I could also see it as wallpaper in my kitchen!”


– Michelle G.

Abstract Patchwork by holgaholga


“I first spotted this design when voting in the Patchwork Design Challenge and immediately fell in love with it! I’ve kept it in the back of my mind for a while trying to find the perfect project for it and my jumpsuit was it.”


– Alexis P.

Stella Poppy by holli_zollinger


“I love the muted colors. I wanted a design that would feel modern, but also give a nod to vintage 1960s and 70s house dresses that inspired my garment.”


– Michelle S.

Shop All Me Made May 2021 Designs

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  • I really enjoyed this post and would love more about how the apparel fabric works and what are good patterns to match to it. Thanks

    • Paula Cina

      I, too, enjoyed the sewers’ comments on the way the fabric itself felt to work with and work with their chosen patterns. It gave me more understanding of where to use the different fabrics. I really enjoyed the project article.

  • I am always amazed at the creativity of Spoonflower……the fantastic patterns/products, information given freely and the creators and workers and service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, I LOVE the fabrics I have gotten thru your company and consider them true works of beautiful ART !!!!!!

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    Really fun article! I loved reading about all your fabric choices and how you dealt with the fabric you chose. That was very helpful. I especially loved seeing you all modeling your finished projects! What talented people you all are!

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    • Hi Anne, great questions!

      Our Organic Sweet Pea Gauze is great for any lightweight and breezy apparel piece, think blouses and summer dresses! It’s also a good option for baby clothes and accessories. Lightweight Cotton Twill works well for structured apparel, like pants, pencil skirts, or overalls. I’ve also used Twill for bags, wallets, and pillow covers. Hope that helps!