6 Black Interior Designers You Should Know with Tracey Hairston

FEB 9, 2021 updated Jun 5, 2021
Tracey Hairston sits at her dining room table

Featured design: Terracotta Floral in Gouache by daria_nokso

Interior designer Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place has an eye for color, a passion for pattern and a prolific green thumb. We’re excited to be partnering with her in 2021 as part of the Spoonflower Ambassador Program and thrilled for her to be introducing us to six Black interior designers that have inspired her design direction. From earthy interiors to dreamy design choices, you’ll be ready for your next room refresh after meeting these designers.

Meet Tracey Hairston of Mocha Girl Place

Tracey Hairston


Hi, my name is Tracey Hairston and I’m an interior stylist and plant stylist. I’m super excited about being a Spoonflower ambassador this year, and I hope you get the opportunity to see how I create spaces in my home using beautiful bold colors and prints.

I love to show people how they can create gorgeous spaces in their home on a budget. I use color and texture to create stylish, yet functional spaces throughout my home. I am drawn to earthy rich tones as well as global and Bohemian designs.

For the coming year, I’m seeing spaces with more plants and tons of art trending! We had a lot of downtime last year and a lot of us were able to get creative with art or learning more about plants and incorporating them into our space. Being able to work with your hands is a great way to change up how you design and style your home.

These six designers have all inspired me to be more creative, to use more color and more print and that is because our ancestors have really embedded that into us.

Tracey Hairston with Spoonflower pillow

Featured design: The leaves are falling by katiekortman

Meet the Interior Designers

Carmeon Hamilton

Website Instagram

Why Tracey was drawn to Carmeon’s work:
“Carmeon has a unique way of blending trendy earthy interior with original and comfortable pieces to create spaces that are upscale but always make you feel right at home.”  

Shop Carmeon’s wallpaper design on Spoonflower

A living room space designed by Carmeon Hamilton

Whitney J.

Website  |  Instagram

Why Tracey was drawn to Whitney’s work:
“Bold colors and earthy, eclectic details make Whitney’s design aesthetic unique and eye-catching.”

A hallway library with purple shelves designed by Whitney J.

Shavonda Gardner

Website  |  Instagram

Why Tracey was drawn to Shavonda’s work:
“Shavonda uses color and patterns to create dreamy and functional design and amazing outdoor living spaces.”

An outdoor space designed by Shavonda

Alvin Wayne


Why Tracey was drawn to Alvin’s work:
“Alvin designs with clean lines but adds a bit of masculine softness to his decor style.”

A living room space designed by Alvin Wayne

Lauren White

Website  |  Instagram

Why Tracey was drawn to Lauren’s work:
“Lauren uses fun patterns and texture to compliment her trendy decor style.”

A kitchen space designed by Lauren White

Bailey Li

Website  |  Instagram

Why Tracey was drawn to Bailey’s work:
“Bailey has the most amazingly eclectic, fun and colorful style!  I love her color palette and how she incorporates texture in every part of her spaces.”

A bedroom space designed by Bailey Li

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  • Carol Jeffrey

    No matter what the intent or rationale, when a person is identified and categorized by their skin color…it is racist. We are designers, business owners, and teachers…not color. This divide saddens me.

    It would be much better to highlight cultures verses skin color.

    • Thanks for your question. The intent of the piece is to celebrate Black History Month by honoring and acknowledging the amazing work of some of our Black community members, like Tracey. We are proud of the opportunity to highlight creatives that may have been historically overlooked and are truly delighted with the positive response our efforts have gotten so far. As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts we leverage different awareness months throughout the year to partner with community members in highlighting makers who identify with the awareness being celebrated. You can see past features here and please be on the lookout for future articles celebrating the community.


  • Dianne I. Smith

    This kind of highlighting Black artists/business owners is so excting. I ordered fabrics from some of the A. American fabric designers featured earlier. Traditionally many of oiur Black talents have been overlooked and as someone who is 78 years old I am so pleased to have lived llong enough to see this kind of celebration of our people’s works. I am originall yfrom N. Jersey. My hometown is nione miles from the G.W, Bridge. When the pandemic is fuurther past us I will visit the Harlem canmdy store. I aill be in touch with the interipor decorator who combines plants within her spaces so that they live well within the space.
    Praises to Spoonflower and all involved in making this happen.
    Dianne S mith

  • Absolutely uplifting creative environment – home living creations! Exactly what the world needs desperately now. Bravo and Thank You All.