We’re so pleased to introduce Alissa Bertrand, the creator (and mom!) of the fashionable Jabella Fleur Girls. Serving both Vogue-worthy looks and one-of-a-kind refashioned makes, find out how Alissa creatively collaborates with her daughters to inspire beautiful handmade wardrobes. For many parents who are looking for ways to share their creative passions with their children, we hope Alissa offers you the inspiration you’re looking for.

How I Learned to Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
The Jabella Fleur Girls proudly model jumpsuits made by their mom, Alissa Bertrand.
Featured designs.

When did you start sewing a handmade wardrobe for your daughters? 

I’ve been sewing for over 20 years now. It was always some household project or every now and then, some sort of garment. I just got back into sewing full time in 2019 and decided I wanted to take my fashion design more seriously and create a fashion line for kids. Due to the cost I started creating little mini collections for my girls because I knew their size and only had to design for them.

Thrift shopping had a big roll in it as well. I would look at adult size clothing and think to myself, how amazing that would look in a girl’s dress or a top. From there, I started to buy the clothing and repurpose the fabric into something else that I wanted it to be. Sustainable fashion and being creative, plus saving lots of money on fabric? I was in! It started off as something to pass the time and has now evolved into a full time hobby for me.

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

How do Jayla, Ella and Jada express their creativity? 

When I’m making an outfit, the girls get to decide on whether they’d like shorts, pants, a skirt or which ever. I also give them the say on which fabric options they like and the colors and pattern print. They definitely have their own opinions on what they like and prefer, all the way down to color and length of the garments.

Jada, Jayla and Ella model the watercolor florals they each painted and had printed on Petal Signature Cotton™ and Chiffon below. See how to turn kids’ artwork into a fabric design here.

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

“It’s so cool! How could they print this on fabric and it come out so well?” – Jada 

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

“My fabric is unbelievable. I never knew it would look like this!” – Jayla

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

“It’s amazing. I made that!” – Ella

As your daughters have gotten older, have you noticed their creative outlets change?

As the girls mature and have gotten older, they have definitely had more of a say on what they like and what they will and will not wear. It can be fun to watch the process on what they once loved and would never be caught in again. It has also shown that they believe in me as their designer and personal seamstress, to allow me full access to designing, because I do know them well and I can design what they will wear and love.

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

Have any of the girls expressed an interest in your creative outlets?

Each girl has taken interest in wanting to sew for sure. I have also given them time to play with fabric scraps and mix and match what they please. That is truly the reward, when they mix and match fabrics and come up with ideas that I might not have thought of. I have also shown the girls how to sew on the machine. We started out by cutting patterns and then putting everything together with the machine. Now that I have a lot more time with them due to the Coronavirus, it gives us more time to be together and hangout, plus do something we all enjoy immensely. I have many ideas for them over the summer as well, plus it will give us a way to use up all the fabric scraps and still continue to be sustainable through our style in fashion. They have also come to realize that sewing takes time and is a process.

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

What is it like to spend quality time with your daughters as they model the garments you’ve made?

We definitely enjoy the process of deciding where we’ll go to take pictures or who’s coming up with the picture style and aesthetic. This gives us time to discuss and be creative. When we do take pictures, I give them the opportunity to express who they are and how they want to express that. I also allow them to tell me what works for them versus what doesn’t. Sometimes that includes not wanting to be a part of the picture and that’s fine too—BUT that is very rare. The time we spend together is creating memories for us along the way. We get to sit and chat, discuss events and everyday happenings, plus be with each other and get to really learn and know each other as individual creatives

Serving fierceness like it's their job, the #jabellafleurgirls strike a pose in refashioned women’s blazers. | Spoonflower Blog
Serving fierceness like it’s their job, the #jabellafleurgirls strike a pose in refashioned women’s blazers.

What advice would you give to parents who want to share their creativity with their children?

Children are interested and creative by nature. The younger they are, the easier it is. If you have young children, expose them early on with simple, small and fun projects. Let them sit and watch or help with an idea or color choice to help spark their interest in what it is that you love and they will soon follow. Allowing them to be a part of the process and creative side will also help you bond with them as well. The number of conversations that will come up and funny times is irreplaceable. For older children, I don’t believe it’s too late. They will just have more of an option and that’s good! Give them free range to decide on a starter pattern. Bring them to the store with you and let them choose any fabric they like. Tell them how much fun it’s going to be and all the possibilities they will have with endless creations and creativity. Depending on their age, make it a fun time for their friends to join in and be creative together. You can create all kinds of special events through sewing…spa day masks, room makeover pillows, outdoor tents and fairy decor, pirate costumes—the list is endless. The point is to start, and start anywhere. Just let them be a part of what’s going on.

How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog
How I Creatively Collaborate with My Daughters | Spoonflower Blog

Inspired to start creating with your little ones? Try out this art smock (free pattern included!) or print out a copy of the free Spoonflower Community Coloring Book!

Try out this art smock (free pattern included!) to get creative with your children at home | Spoonflower Blog

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  • I love this story! The family that creates together. Your daughters have nailed that model look, and your clothes have such a unique style. I loved all of it.

  • So inspiring!
    My mom & grandmothers all sewed and taught my siblings and I and I see myself in your daughters (who have such STYLE!) It’s led to so many opportunities and I now design professionally. Right on, Sis!

  • Lutricia Harrell

    Greetings, I pray all is well with you and your family.

    How inspiring and creative to share your gift with your girls. I admire the patience and process that is being shared; in addition to the value of taking what someone else have thrown out and it becoming a treasure to you. I am looking forward to your new youth line. As it is much needed to capture the appropriate fashion style with a cute innocent look for today’s youth generation.

    Thank you for sharing and I will be in touch with you soon!

    Sweet Blessings,

    A Touch of Sophistication by LAH

  • Sarah Ann Higgins

    Your girls are precious and those clothes are TO DIE FOR!!!! You have such a fun, creative eye! Open that kids line – it will sell out in a second!!!

  • Juliett Lee

    Those refashioned women’s blazers is such a great idea. I love the easiness of the jacket and a busy patterned shirt. It really is a cute idea. I would make the skirts a little different but the overall outfit is adorable.

  • Jeffrie Thomas

    That’s dope style, creativity, and leadership! Awesome way to influence and motivate the youth on branding instead of bargaining!

  • These girls are adorable, stylin’ hotshots! I would love to live near them and see what outfits they come up with each day! So creative and brave.

  • What beautiful children and such a creative lovely story. Just what the world needs right now and always.

    Thank you Makers, Dreamers and believers.

  • What an inspiring story. These outfits are stinking cute as well as the girls. Their creativity is amazing. I just love it.
    I can see my adult daughter and me doing the same type thing as far as creativity and design is concerned. She creates, I sew! Sew on!!!

  • Absolutely love #jabellafleurgirls. STRIKE a POSE.. VOGUE. Much flavor. Plenty style. Looking forward to seeing #jabellafleurgirls on the cover of Big things.. Like Teen Vogue. Absolutely adorable.

  • Dawn Drummond

    Alissa, you are an amazing seamstress, mom, designer. Your story really made my day. I love how you & your daughters work together. Keep up the great work. This is something they will cherish & pass on forever. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Elaine Semenko

    So nice to meet you. You have great talent. Your girls are sooo cute and creative.
    Looking forward to my order that I placed with you. Happy Mother’s Day and stay safe.
    Elaine Semenko

  • I loved this story about the Jabella Fleur Girls! What a great Mother’s Day article. Loved all the girl’s outfits too, especially their own prints and the reclaimed blazers. Fabulous looks!

  • This was so cute and inspiring! Your girls are beautiful and quite the models! I love the variety, the layering and textures. The children’s’ paintings look so feminine and the dress so comfy. Congrats on a job well done and I hope things take off for you if that is what you seek. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Isabel Hundley

    Thank you Alissa for sharing your beautiful designs. Happy Mother”s day

  • Your daughters are beautiful and your creations amazing! You are a very talented artist!

  • So proud of you & your girls. My children are all grown now, but I remember sewing for them almost every thing they wore out of necessity & because they were so small. Love your creativity, Happy Mother’s Day.M

  • Lois Wisman

    Your designs are beautiful and so are your children. What adorable models they are!

  • I am blown away by the boldness and inspiration of your designs. What beautiful girls!

  • Very inspirational story brought memories of sewing for my girls. Congrats on making it a successful business .

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and family! My mother is also a seamstress, so I also grew up with handmade clothes. I loved picking out fabrics with her. She taught me to sew in middle school. I made many dresses for myself back then. I recently started sewing again for family and friends. It’s truly a gift for the spirit!

  • Absolutely gorgeous. Love all the prints, the styles and how professional the kids are. Feeling inspired!

  • Linda Curry

    the art smock was my 1970 school sewing project. it brings back memories of Jr. High School.

  • Love these designs! So creative and beautiful! And the models are amazing! This article was inspiring. 😍

  • What a lovely creative family. The girls original floral prints are so beautiful and Mom really shines in her sustainable styling and sewing. The Blazer redos are so chic!

    • Congratulations Alissa! The girls are really beautiful and I love the hair. Your designs are fabulous! Man you’ve been sewing! Must success to you! Good job on the modeling young ladies!