Spoonflower’s 2020 Make Nine List

JAN 2, 2020 updated Jun 5, 2021
Featured Designs: Romantic Boho Collection

At the start of every year, sewists across the globe hit the re-start button and curate a Make Nine list inspired by Rochelle, the one-woman show behind Home Row Fiber Co. and Spoonflower maker! The goal of the gentle challenge is to share nine projects on Instagram that you want to sew/knit/quilt in the new year. Five years later the mini maker’s challenge continues, encouraging sewists to buckle down their focus and work towards a few solid essentials.

This year we asked the Spoonflower team to share their upcoming Make Nine goals and it’s safe to say there’s no lack of inspiration for these sewists as we start a new decade. Keep reading to find out what the Spoonflower team is making in 2020 and be sure to tag your Spoonflower projects with #makenine2020 and #spoonflowerapparel on social media so we can see what you’re up to!

Allie Tate, Director of Home Textiles

What are the nine patterns on your Make Nine list?

  1. Wiksten Shift Dress
  2. Peppermint Mag Jumpsuit
  3. Seamwork Billie
  4. Seamwork Jane
  5. Papercut Patterns’ Sapporo Coat
  6. Purl Soho’s Fold-Up Market Tote
  7. The Fabric Store’s Bento Bag
  8. Sugar and Cloth’s Rag Rug Storage Baskets
  9. The Lovely Drawer’s Hanging Organizer 

How did you curate your list of patterns?

First, I included a few garment patterns to get back to a more handmade wardrobe filled with functional pieces that mix well together making for an intentional collection of garments for everyday wear. I added a few other items to reduce waste through reusable bags of various kinds and a couple organizational items for my home!

Will you be using Spoonflower fabric for any of your Make Nine projects?

Yes! To curate this collection I thought about designs that are both playful and wearable. I wanted something that showed my personality without being too over the top since most days I tend to wear neutral colors and a lot of black. I’ve made quite a few garments with patterns that I love but don’t feel confident pulling out of my closet regularly so for this collection I tried to be more intentional in finding designs that add a pop of pattern to my wardrobe while still being something I’ll want to put on time and time again.

What is your sewing goal for 2020?

To take more time when sewing to make items that are well constructed and fit nicely. To slow down and enjoy not only the end garment but the process as well.

 Paula, Floor Operations Technical Manager

What are the nine patterns on your Make Nine list?

  1. Butterick’s B5895 Vintage Capris
  2. Mary Quant Mini Dress from VA Museum and Alice & Co—it’s a free pattern!
  3. Sew Swimmingly’s Bombshell bikini top
  4. Sew Swimmingly’s High Wasted bikini bottoms
  5. Butterick’s B6563 Button Up
  6. Grainline Studio’s Archer Button Up
  7. Proper Fit Clothing’s 5-Panel Camp Cap Pattern
  8. Copy my favorite ready-to-wear pants originally from Modcloth that I have worn for years and are sadly wearing out.*
  9. Figure out how to make a shirt that a character was wearing in CW’s Legends of Tomorrow that I have been thinking about non-stop for months.

*Learn more about rubbing off ready-to-wear in episode 96 of the Love to Sew Podcast.

How did you curate your list of patterns?

I’m trying to slowly work my way to a vintage casual wardrobe. I used to be into big showy swing dresses but I don’t often have an occasion for them so I’m trying to work the style I love into a more every day look. The hat is for my partner! It was supposed to be his birthday present over a year ago—I just keep getting really nervous about sewing the hard plastic in the brim. If anyone has tackled this kind of project I will gladly accept all tips thrown my way!

Will you be using Spoonflower fabric for any of your Make Nine projects?

Yes! I started by looking at my favorites list then tried to imagine the scale of the designs and idea that each pattern gave me and collected what I thought would look good.

  1. Ice Floe Haze for the shirt inspired by Legends of Tomorrow
  2. Sweet for the Mary Quant dress
  3. Vintage Red Cherries for the bikini top and bottom 
  4. Beach Chairs for the B6563 Button Up
  5. She’s a Shero for the Archer Button Up
  6. Birds Blooms Green & Yellow Dots on Texture for the 5-Panel Hat 

What is your sewing goal for 2020?

To get back into the swing of things—I had a bit of a busy year and didn’t have a chance to make as much as I like to. To feel more comfortable following a vision rather than a pattern, which is why I have 2 things on my list that would require me to trust my train of thought and sewing abilities.

MaryAshlyn, Customer Service Advocate

What are the nine patterns on your Make Nine list?

  1. Style Arc’s Loren Jacket
  2. Seamwork Dani
  3. Seamwork Flor
  4. Cashmerette’s Harrison
  5. Sew Liberated’s Estuary Skirt
  6. Style Arc’s Martha Overshirt
  7. Style Arc’s Portia Woven Top
  8. Cashmerette’s Ames Jeans
  9. Paper Theory’s Zadie Jumpsuit

How did you choose your list of patterns?

These are all patterns I already own but haven’t gotten around to making yet. I tend to collect patterns that interest me as I come across them, but I’m a notorious project-hopper. This is the first year that I’m setting a Make Nine goal and I’m hoping that this will help guide my projects for 2020!

Will you be using Spoonflower fabric for any of your Make Nine projects?

Yes! All but two designs (the Serendipity Jewels and Petra Diamond) are fabrics I’ve already purchased and have sitting in my stash. I love color, but I tend to wear mostly black and other neutrals. Over the past year I’ve been trying to introduce more color back into my wardrobe, so I’m hoping that these designs will help me achieve that!  

What is your sewing goal for 2020?

I’d like to be more intentional about my sewing projects and create a decent number of me-made pieces that I can pull out in any season. As someone who doesn’t sew every day and tends to work on at least five projects at once, it takes me far too long to work through my personal projects. I’m hoping to actually make some headway in my project queue this year! 

Megan, Sustainability Officer and Floor Operations Supervisor

What are the nine patterns on your Make Nine list?

  1. Underwear for an adult woman, an adult man and a child
  2. Collete Patterns’ Negroni
  3. SewSew Def’s Westbrook
  4. Orange-Lingerie’s Landsdowne Bra
  5. True Bias’ Ogden Cami
  6. Closet Case Patterns’ Ginger Jeans
  7. PUPERITAS’ Girl’s Coat
  8. Winwick Mum’s Knit Socks
  9. Erica Kempf Broughton‘s Knit Hat

How did you curate your list of patterns?

I have been developing my homestead-y skills in many areas of my life over the years—in the kitchen, the garden, and the workshop. But in 2020, I also want to hone those skills in the sewing room. I want to ensure I can make wardrobe staples for every member of my family. When I know I can make something, I am less likely to make an unsustainable choice out of sheer necessity. And sustainability is a core value for me at work and at home.

I’m also trying to slowly move away from polyester fabrics in my wardrobe. Polyester is great for a lot of things; but for this list, I focused on patterns that I could make with natural fiber fabrics.

Will you be using Spoonflower fabric for any of your Make Nine projects?

Yes! I curated this collection for my Make Nine projects. For the knit projects I’m going practice on some reclaimed yarn from our local thrift craft store The Scrap Exchange, and then when I’m feeling confident to work on the final product I’ll reach out to a local yarn maker I know who works with all natural dyes.

What is your sewing goal for 2020?

As I approach these projects, I have a goal to stay more organized and keep better notes related to fit adjustments, process adjustments and the like. Often I make a pattern and think I will just remember every nuance I discovered- of course I never do! So this year, I want to be more intentional about pattern storage and note-taking.

Sarah, Sewing Specialist

What are the nine patterns on your Make Nine list?

  1. Helen’s Closet’s Yanta Overalls
  2. Helen’s Closet’s Suki Robe
  3. Helen’s Closet’s Winslow Culottes
  4. True Bias’ Ogden Cami
  5. True Bias’ Lander Shorts
  6. Sew Liberated’s Hinterland Dress
  7. Sew Liberated’s Stasia Tee
  8. Pattern Scout’s Hana Tank
  9. Closet Case Patterns’ Morgan Boyfriend Jeans

How did you curate your list of patterns?

For myself, I’m used to only making dresses because they are easy to sew. I’d like to be able to make more of a variety of things, especially with fabrics I haven’t gotten to sew with yet. I’ve inventoried my current fabric stash and made a list of things I’d like to make with each piece!

Will you be using Spoonflower fabric for any of your Make Nine projects?

Yes! My collection is a mix of prints I have in my fabric stash already and Marketplace designs that I have favorited.

  1. 8” Sweet Blush Roses in Dogwood Denim for the Yanta Overalls
  2. Moody Florals and Lace for the Suki Robe
  3. Leaf and Flower Mint in Linen Cotton Canvas for the Winslow Culottes
  4. Soft Meadow Floral in Chiffon for the Ogden Cami
  5. Linen Solid in Lightweight Cotton Twill for the Lander Shorts
  6. Pom Pom Fringe in Organic Cotton Sateen for the Hinterland Dress
  7. Triangulum in Cotton Spandex Jersey for the Stasia Tee
  8. Linen Solid Mint in Linen Cotton Canvas for the Hana Tank

What is your sewing goal for 2020?

I plan on doing 1-2 sewing projects a month to bust through my fabric stash. 

From jeans to jumpsuits, we hope these five Spoonflower team members have inspired you to get creative in 2020! Leave a message in the comments below to share what you’re most excited to make in the new year and let us know if you’ll be participating in #makenine2020.

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  • Paula, regarding ‘how to make a shirt that a character was wearing…’ it looks like it’s a collar that is rotated off center on a round neckline top, but the collar is made in two pieces. Each piece long enough to make that knot when attached. The sleeve is probably cut 2-3 inches wider than your regular sleeve pattern, then folded like a wide pleat and pressed toward the front of the top. This is a nice asymmetrical look! Good luck!