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JAN 16, 2020 updated May 27, 2021
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Whether it’s a statement wall in the living room, a refreshed powder room or a transformed vintage airstream, we’re wild for wallpaper! The renter-friendly decor option has become a community-favorite for everyone from interior designers to home dec enthusiasts and we can see why.

With a slight texture and matte finish, Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper offers easy installation—simply remove the adhesive backing and it will stick to smooth surfaces. Unlike most peel-and-stick wallpaper, our Woven wallpaper is completely free of vinyl, one of the most toxic plastics for the environment. Plus, it’s removable, repositionable and doesn’t leave any residue behind. So what are you waiting for? Watch our step-by-step installation video to get started!

Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper Installation Materials

  • Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper
  • Utility knife
  • Squeegee included with your order
  • Tape measure

Hanging wallpaper is a two-person job—grab a friend to help!

An important note about Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper
Woven Wallpaper is not recommended for use on walls with texture, walls painted with “scrubbable” paints, or in children’s rooms. For children’s rooms, Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper is preferred. For textured walls, wallpaper may not be a good option and rigorous testing is recommended.

Step 1. Determine How Much Wallpaper You’ll Need for Your Project

Total Number of Wallpaper Rolls
Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick wallpaper has a set width of 24 inches. To determine how many rolls you’ll need, take your wall width and divide by 24″. Remember to round-up to the nearest whole number.

Wall Width / 24″ = Total number of Rolls (round up to the nearest whole number)

Wallpaper Roll Height
Spoonflower’s Peel and Stick wallpaper comes in 1′, 3′, 9′ & 12′ lengths. To determine how tall your rolls need to be, take your wall length and divide by 12″. We recommend rounding up so you have wiggle room to match your pattern. Also, most walls (even in new construction) are not even. Having a little extra helps you adjust and end up with perfectly wallpapered walls.

*If your wall requires a roll that is larger than 12′, we suggest our Non-Pasted Traditional Pebble Wallpaper that is 27′ tall.*

Wall Height (in inches) / 12″ = Roll height

Pro tip: Before you place your complete order, we recommend ordering 2′ x 1′ swatches to see which design will work best for your project.

Step 2. Prepare Your Wall

Before applying any wallpaper, ensure your wall is smooth, clean and dust-free. Patch any damaged areas of the wall, especially where sharp edges might pierce or tear the wallpaper. For best results, apply wallpaper to a surface that is a solid, light color. Allow recently painted or primed walls to cure for four weeks prior to installing wallpaper (applying wallpaper over uncured paint can lead to bubbling). 

Please note our Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper is not recommended for use on walls with high texture or painted with scrubbable paints.

Step 3. Prepare Your Paper

Re-roll your wallpaper so that the top is on the outside of the roll. The top of the roll has no white space, whereas the bottom has a narrow line of white and is printed with a barcode. Do not trim any part of the paper before hanging.

Step 4. Hang Your Wallpaper

If you’re applying multiple rolls of wallpaper, hang them from left to right OR right to left to ensure a smooth repeat of the design. Start in a top corner of the room, wall or other surface you’re covering. If covering an entire room, choose an inconspicuous corner to begin since the repeat will not match up on the final seam.

Hanging the First Wallpaper Roll
Pick up the first roll and peel away a few inches of the paper backing from the top of the roll. Fold the backing paper away from the adhesive and crease it, giving you a few inches of tack to begin your application. Don’t unroll the full length of the roll yet—you’ll want to support the roll and unpeel it slowly as you go. Align the top of the wallpaper with the ceiling making sure it’s straight and even on the wall. Ask your friend to step back and check that the roll is straight and your design elements are level, then press the exposed adhesive area against the wall. Peel and Stick Woven Wallpaper is repositionable, so if you need to adjust the placement simply peel the paper off the wall slowly and reapply as necessary.

Once the top of the roll is in position, gently peel the paper backing down 5-10″ (15-25 cm) at a time and smooth the wallpaper onto the wall, moving from the center outwards. If necessary, use the squeegee to move large air bubbles to the edge of the design, being careful not to scratch your design.

Hanging the Second Wallpaper Roll
Pick up your second roll of wallpaper and apply it so that its edge overlaps the previous strip by approximately 3⁄4″, carefully visually matching the repeat. When aligning the paper be sure to use a gentle touch to prevent stretching or warping. Do not trim the overlap; it guarantees that the wallpaper will repeat seamlessly. Repeat this step, aligning each new roll over the previous one.

After you’ve installed your final roll, trim the excess paper at the bottom with a sharp utility knife and admire your job well done!

Not sure what to do with your leftover wallpaper scraps? Create a laptop skin in just five minutes!

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    I can’t even get my backing off of the peel and stick. Any tips? It just keep creasing and tearing. 😕

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    Is satin or flat paint better for good adhesion under this peel and stick wallpaper? I’m seeing recommendations for both so feeling confused.

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    What is the usual length of time this wallpaper stays on the wall? Can it stay on for several years or does the adhesive give out after a certain time? Also, do you have any wallpapers that are bathroom friendly? With the obvious good ventilation and *not* near the shower.

  • Is the length of the wallpaper roll 3′ long plus the white barcode strip or does the 3′ length include the strip with the barcode. My space is 35 1/2″. So I don’t have much extra space, but I would be wasting a lot of paper if I have to buy 6′ rolls.

    • I need help in determining how much to buy. What’s the best way to determine openings and doorways.

      • Hi Katherine,

        Thank you for your interest! Our amazing customer service team is available to assist! You can send a message here and Monday-Friday from 9am – 4pm Eastern Time we offer live chat. Just click the green “Help” button in the bottom right-hand corner while you are on and someone will be happy to help!


    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your interest! The printed length of the wallpaper is 3’ so you should be good with a 3’ roll if your walls are even.

      Best of luck with your wallpaper project!


  • Isaac Christian

    Will the spoonflower peel and stick wallpaper adhere to wood or cement backer board type of material?

    • Hi Isaac,

      Thanks so much for your question! Our Woven Wallpaper is not recommended for use on surfaces with texture so we would not advise using the peel and stick wallpaper on these types of boards. I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!