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DEC 28, 2019
Featured design: The Twelve Zodiac Signs by camcreative

Ring in the new year by looking to the stars (and the Marketplace!) Whether your Sun is in Sagittarius or your rising sign is in Pisces, our 12 curated collections below reflect the unique qualities each horoscope has to share. Are you an Aries by birth but your design sign is 100% Leo? We give you permission to mix-and-match to find your rising design!

As a competitive, passionate Aries — you gravitate towards fiery, red tones and always love a good geometric design. And while you love going out, Aries, you are also known for taking great pride in decorating your space!  Warm up to designers like pippa_shaw, franklloydwright and zesti with some finished curtains or pillows this year in geometric peppered with circles or rectangles. We’ve hand-picked 15 sizzling surface designs that are sure to light your fire.

Ruled by the planet Venus, you have a keen appreciation of beauty and artistry — not to mention a serious love of luxury and comfort. You view lounging as an art form and being the earthiest of the earth signs, you also know how to hygge it up like no other. Perhaps that’s why you value a well decorated home that reflects your values and your inner “dark horse” essence. This year, adorn your home with dark and moody earth-toned designs from designers like michaelzindell and elisabeth_fredriksson that will be sure to ground you and appeal to your love of sensory pleasures.

Words are your weapon of choice, Gemini! Known for your quick wit and love of communication, typographical designs and bright, lively colors speak to your soul. Not just a lover of words, you also know how to have fun and LOVE a party. Sew up a fun party banner or create an accent wall / photo booth backdrop using the bright and cheerful surface designs from anda, domesticate, and pennycandy for your next soirée. And that vintage typewriter design? It’s got your name written all over it. Don’t miss our full collection of Gemini-friendly designs, perfect on fabric, wallpaper and home decor products.  

Cancer, your sign is ruled by the moon and that connection is strong! Consider celebrating your lunar mystique with a 2020 tea towel calendar inspired by lunar phases, or, if your sensitive side longs to be surrounded by soft, watercolor designs in underwater themes, look no further than fabric and home decor from ceciliamok and heytangerine. Or — since we noticed you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, why not make that sleeve me-made with fabrics that reflect your inner mermaid? Explore all 15 of our Marketplace picks, curated just for you.

Leo, you light up the whole dang room! Pouncing right into 2020 with no shortage of confidence, exuberance or enthusiasm, we found the 15 designs in our Marketplace that match your vivaciousness better than all the rest. We know you love the limelight, but instead of a red velvet stage curtain why not adorn your den in ready-made Celosia Velvet™ curtains featuring designs by lapetitelecour, juliaschumacher or michelleaitchison? If garment sewing is more your speed, we guarantee all eyes will be on you when you stitch up a me-made statement piece in any of these bold designs featuring golden hues and animal prints. We know you like to be a little “extra” and honestly we love that about you, Leo. So go ahead and steal the show with these 15 designs perfect for Leos.

Virgos, we know you probably need to get home to water your plants (which are all perfectly cared for in their terracotta pots)but first, check out these 15 designs we curated just for you. You like to keep things humble, even though with your keen sense of style and impeccable taste, you have plenty to brag about. Because Mercury is your ruling planet, you have a thirst for knowledge and absolutely love to learn. So why not stitch up a new me-made backpack using fabric in warm sunset palettes designed by nadyabasos, holli_zollinger, or nadiahassan?

Libra, you’re a classic and never short on charm. Being ruled by Venus, you also have a strong love of elegant aesthetics and take special care to make sure you’re always surrounded by beauty. Balancing your classic style with the trends that come and go is like a sport for you and spoiler alertyou always win. We know you have a penchant for the finer things in life with a keen eye for clean design, so we’ve curated a fair and balanced selection of luxe textile designs from William-Morris-inspired damasks to herringbone and art deco designs too that will elevate your style whether you shop fabric, wallpaper or custom home decor. 

Scorpio… you’re kind of magic. Out of all the astrological signs, you are the most enchanted by all things supernatural. You’re also not afraid to retreat into your own headspacemany Scorpios are likely to have a meditation practice. This year, seek out pillows and curtains in lush Celosia Velvet featuring darker, purpely palettes. Might we suggest an accent wall with our Peel and Stick Wallpaper featuring crystals, moon phases or the zodiac magic eye? Or even a Celosia Velvet cushion for sitting upon when consulting your spirit board or tarot cards? Whatever you decide, we found the perfect 15 mystifying designs that are sure to appeal to your inner mystic.  

With your thirst for wanderlust and penchant for storytelling, it’s no wonder you’re the go-to road trip buddy amongst your friend group! Remember to bring along your animal companions on all those adventures, Sags are known to have a deep kinship with the animal world and are especially drawn to horses and dogs. These 15 surface patterns from designers like lellobird and hudsondesigncompany will transport you to new and exciting worlds that are sure to delight your bohemian heart. What are you waiting for, Sagittarius? Creative adventures await.  

Capricorn, you are always living your best life. That’s thanks to your killer work ethic and because you never let yourself off the hook. Perhaps that’s because, Saturn being your ruling planet, you have a special appreciation for discipline. These traits cause you to be particularly drawn to the elegant yet controlled aesthetic of Art Deco, which is influenced by the precision of architectural design. As an earth sign, capricorns LOVE to nest and be at home. Appeal to your inner homebody and penchant for DIY by installing wallpaper yourself this year and upgrading your space to reflect your personal taste. We chose 15 designs for wallpaper and home decor projects that are sure to keep you grounded yet remind you that there’s always room to grow. 

Aquarius, forget marching, you dance to the beat of your own drum. If you’ve ever been accused of being mysterious or having your head in the clouds (not like you care what other people think), you’re going to adore this collection of surface patterns from the likes of nouveau_bohemian, alenkakarabanova, and pattern_state. We picked out 15 designs that will appeal to your Aquarian heart, all inspired by winged creatures, avant-garde vibes and ethereal textures.

Pisces, your zodiac is ruled by the planet Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea. This being the case, you might secretly wish you were a mermaid, swimming freely in the depths of the sea! We’d love to spend a day inside your imagination, Pisces—there is so much creativity in there to explore. Unleash the mystical, romantic artist inside you by exploring the dark, moody and fantastical designs of helenpdesignsgaia_marfurt, and marketa_stengl, who are all featured in our curated collection of 15 designs hand-picked just for your whimsical heart.

Did your sign’s collection match your design style? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and then shop more zodiacinspired designs in the Marketplace!

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