5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day

AUG 27, 2019 updated Jun 5, 2021
5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
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Earlier this month, Ying of Tailor Made Shop stopped by the blog to share everything you need to know about sewing a sports bra. Did you catch the #sewingactivewear bug like we did after reading her post? To continue the #braugust2019 celebration, we invited five sewists in the handmade garment community to put their bra-making skills to the test, and it’s safe to say we’re ready to make our own handmade lingerie. Get ready to break out your ball point needle and fold-over elastic, because these five projects are sure to inspire you! 

Danica | Danica Does It

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
Danica is ready for a weekend of lounging in her Cottesloe Bralette featuring the design Sydney by melissa_rothman.

Would you consider a comfortable, fuss-free bra a unicorn in the lingerie world? How many times have you gone shopping in the lingerie department and left empty handed because nothing felt just right? Luckily for sewists who are making their own lingerie, a comfortable bra that fits CAN exist! And that’s exactly what Danica of Danica Does It and Mary of Sablecraft made to celebrate Braugust 2019. Using the Cottesloe Swimsuit by Megan Nielsen Patterns, Danica and Mary each adapted the swimsuit pattern into a bralette perfect for lounging around the house.

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
Danica’s Cottesloe Bralette featuring Sydney by melissa_rothman pops on Sport Lycra.

“Making my own bra has been one of those sewing fears of mine, mostly because I originally thought that ready-made lingerie would be far too complicated to make! While this bralette is certainly beginner level, I was so surprised with how simple and straightforward it was to make a bra that I would actually wear around the house.”

-Danica of Danica Does It

Mary | Sablecraft

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
A Cotton Spandex Jersey bralette is just what Mary needed for her weekend wardrobe.

If you’ve always wanted to try out a bold design but tend to shy away from statement prints for your everyday wardrobe, undergarments are the perfect project to GO WILD! Inspired by her love of plants and background as a florist, Mary chose redbriarstudio’s Vintage Botanical Wildflowers for her bralette.

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
To adapt the swimsuit pattern for a bralette, Mary added a thick elastic band.

“As a florist and professional plant mom, I feel like the bomb diggity when I’m sporting this bralette. I’m tempted to order another yard to make Sam a pair of boxer briefs,
so he can have plant daddy underwear too!”

-Mary of Sablecraft

Raven | Paloma Projects

If there’s anyone who deserves the “I Leveled-Up My Bra-Making Skills” award, it’s Raven of Paloma Projects. We are so inspired by the way she challenged herself this Braugust, and it was a much-needed reminder about what can happen when you go outside of your comfort zone.

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
Clementine Sprigs Silver on Satin before Raven works her magic.

“I was excited but also felt scared. Could I do it?? Would I succeed? Could I make sure I used this precious fabric and do it justice? With a little humility (read: tons of muslins), some risk (satin bralette???), and a willingness to take accurate measurements, I feel proud of my newly honed skills.”

-Raven of Paloma Projects

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog

By challenging herself and using a fabric outside of her comfort zone, Raven now has made her own beautiful Satin lingerie (although with these results, it’s hard to believe that she’s a newbie to the craft!) Between the sheen of the Satin fabric to the fierceness of the Jaguar Camo print by Nina Leth, it’s hard to say what we love most about this bralette. Just one question: Can we get one in our size? 

Victoria | Victoria Lucille Anne

We might as well call Braugust 2019 the month of the bralette! Continuing on the trend, Victoria of Victoria Lucille Anne tested out the Watson Bra by Cloth Habit in Modern Jersey and we are ready to make our very own version. With the help of Fill-A-Yard®, Victoria chose Women in Head Scarves as her main print and then added a pop of pattern with Tiny Dots in Ebony.

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog

We’re loving how Victoria paired the bralette with high waisted pants and a cardigan to make a me-made look that’s great for lounging or even casual summer outings.  We even hear Victoria is planning on making another version of this bralette in Sport Lycra so she can take a dip in the pool.

“After deciding on this bra pattern, I thought to myself that it would be fun to change it up with a little pattern mixing. I had been dying to use the Fill-A-Yard feature on Spoonflower, and I thought if I could color block the bra with different prints, then it would be possible to use the Fill-A-Yard feature and highlight two prints that I love.”

-Victoria of Victoria Lucille Anne

Alexis | The Real Alexis Bailey

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog
Alexis’ new bralette featuring a painting from Katie Kortman is truly a work of art!

Raise your hand if you’ve considered making your own undergarments but working with knit fabrics and notions has you feeling a little anxious? Alexis Bailey of The Real Alexis Bailey was feeling the same way before she started making the Madalynne X Simplicity 8711 bralette in Cotton Spandex Jersey. We think it’s safe to say she’s officially been converted to making her own undergarments!

“Sewing a bra has been a very relaxing change up from my normal apparel routine. I’ve enjoyed the challenge, and the skills I’ve learned from working with knit fabric and stretch notions. I’ve also enjoyed the process more than anything, and it’s been a reminder to bask in the wonder of great fabric, find happiness in the construction of a garment and enjoy the work of art that is your creation.”

Alexis of The Real Alexis Bailey

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog

Working with a large-scale print like Katie Kortman’s Blue and Magenta Painting, Alexis was challenged with fussy cutting her fabric in order to get a specific area of the design in just the right spot on her sewing pattern pieces.  

If you’ve considered making your own lingerie during Braugustor any time of the yearwe hope these five sewists have given you the extra push of inspiration and confidence you’ve been looking for!

Get started with your me-made undergarments by shopping the featured designs on our lingerie-approved fabrics: Modern Jersey, Satin, Sport Lycra and Cotton Spandex Jersey.

5 Handmade Bras To Inspire Your Next Sewing Day | Spoonflower Blog

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  • What a great post! I am a watercolor artist and sewist and I recently created my first fabrics specifically for making bras, bralette sand panties using Spoonflower. The process was surprisingly easy and I absolutely love the results! I made Orange Lingerie Marlborough bras, Evie La Luve Knickers and Esme panties for BRAugust2019 from Spoonflower fabric- my own and from other artists. Spoonflower is a popular place for lingerie makers to purchase fabric for their lingerie and activewear. We love Spoonflower fabric for our me-made lingerie!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks so much for sharing! We’re so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed making your own lingerie with Spoonflower fabric. Happy making!