Tired of walking into your bedroom only to see a drab headboard and bland bedding? Just because the average person spends approximately 229,961 hours in their lifetime sleeping–that’s almost ⅓ of your life!–doesn’t mean your bedroom décor has to put you to sleep! Want to know one way to add a bold pop of color or pattern to spruce up your space? A DIY headboard! To help you find inspiration for your ultimate oasis, we’ve rounded up six tutorials and our four go-to fabrics for this weekend project. 

1. Dino-Map Headboard from Samarra Khaja

It’s safe to say this DIY headboard is dino-mite! Spoonflower designer SammyK does a t-rexellent job showing you all the steps needed to make Dino Mapasaurus headboard, the DIY project every kid’s room needs.

2Custom Nailhead Headboard from Home Made by Carmona

From the custom upholstered headboard to the cushy throw pillows from Roostery, Ursula and Priya’s vision was realized through their own creativity and discerning taste.

Ursula Carmona, founder of DIY design blog Home Made by Carmona, has been in love with home décor and DIY as long as she can remember–and her 12-year-old daughter Priya is just as creatively inclined. When it came time to remodel her daughter’s room, the mother-daughter duo put their DIY forces together to create a one-of-a-kind headboard featuring Priya’s artwork on Cypress Cotton Canvas. Get to know even more about the inspiration for Priya’s headboard here!

3. DIY Upholstered Headboard from Hello Beautiful 

We’re leaving the sewing machine at home and heading to the hardware store for this headboard project! Emma Jeffrey of Hello Beautiful is sharing a quick-and-easy step-by-step tutorial to add a big statement with little effort. Pro tip: Search the Spoonflower Marketplace for marbled designs to recreate the look.

4. Glam-Chic Headboard from Jeweled Interiors

Jewel Marlowe of Jeweled Interiors is not one to shy away from color and it certainly shows in her daughter’s bedroom makeover. Using Nouveau_Bohemian’s design Tropicana Jaguar (customized to be large scale for this project), Jewel DIY’d a Craigslist headboard to create a bedroom inspired by the iconic style of Kate Spade. The results leave you with a customized headboard straight from the pages of your favorite home dec mag. Bonus: Jewel’s custom bedding from Roostery ties in the theme.

5. Geometric Headboard from DIY Decor Mom 

This handmade headboard from DIY Decor Mom is fit for a king…sized headboard! Annie’s master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge features clean lines, crisp colors and a pop of pattern with the geometric headboard.   

6. IKEA Hack Headboard from Style By Emily Henderson

Photo by David Tsay Photography

Raise your hand if you love a good IKEA hack! Emily Henderson of Style By Emily Henderson has won over our hearts and eyes with her IKEA headboard hack featuring Mid Century Modern Floral by peacoquettedesigns. Talk about bold color choices. The hot pink and yellow design makes quite the statement in this room refresh.

Choosing a Fabric for Your DIY Headboard 

Before you get started on your custom headboard, you’ll want to consider what type of fabric to use. We recommend working with upholstery-grade fabric to ensure the fabric is strong enough for the reupholstering. Since you’ll be working with a staple gun and stretching the fabric over your headboard, durable fabric is a must! If your fabric it too thin, the fabric can rip through the staples once they’re in place.

Upholstery-Grade Home Décor Fabrics

Shop the featured designs in this post


Top row, left to right: Connect the Blocks, Dino Mapasaurus Skyscraper Bathed In Light
Middle row, left to right: Mid Century Modern FloralWhimsy Girl FloralTropicana Jaguar
Bottom row: Deco Greek KeyJungle Tigers BrightTerrazzo Blues,

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