Handmade Halloween: No-Sew Rainbow Lollipop Kid’s Costume

JUL 11, 2018 updated May 20, 2021

Known for a bright and bold design aesthetic in her Spoonflower shop and on her blog, Kara Whitten knows how to make a statement with her wildly creative DIY projects. This Halloween, Kara did not shy away from color when she dreamt up a perfectly sweet no-sew costume. Using just one yard of Linen Cotton Canvas, Kara shows how to transform a popular childhood treat, the unicorn horn lollipop, into a costume that’s sure to be the sweetest on the block. 

Kara: One thing that I can proudly say is that I have almost always made my kids Halloween costumes. I have made everything from a little “Superbaby” costume, to princesses, to puppies, and everything in between. I was so excited to try my hand at a rainbow lollipop costume using a custom designed rainbow print for Spoonflower. What’s better than candy colors? How about the fact that this costume can be made without sewing?! That’s right. No sewing skills are needed to transform your little one into a rainbow unicorn lollipop for Halloween this year!

Rainbow Stripes by karawhitten


1. Begin by laying out your concrete tube form on the batting. Add a line of hot glue down the length of the tube and secure one end of the batting to the tube.

2. Roll the batting around the tube and use more hot glue to secure the other end to the tube to give it a little padding. Then tuck the ends of the batting inside the tube and use the hot glue to secure them in place.

3. Next, lay the batting covered tube on top of your rainbow stripe fabric on an angle and secure the corner of the fabric onto the inside of the tube.

4. Roll the tube over the fabric to cover the entire tube with the rainbow stripe fabric. Use the hot glue to attach the end of the fabric to the tube and create the back seam.

5. Tuck the remaining fabric inside the tube on the top and bottom and secure with more hot glue.

6. Next, hot glue a piece of the ¼” ribbon to the inside bottom of the tube and wrap at a diagonal opposite to the lines on the fabric around the tube up to the top of the tube. Pull tightly to create the telltale folds of the unicorn horn lollipop and secure the end of the ribbon on the top interior of the tube with more hot glue.

7. The final step is to hot glue the ribbon shoulder straps onto the interior top of the tube. Once the glue is hardened, the costume is ready to wear.

Isn’t it just adorable? Pair the costume with white leggings and a tank top for a more realistic lollipop stick look. Also feel free to let your kid hold a real twisted lollipop to add to the look of the costume. So simple and oh so cute. Plus your kid will stand out in the costumed crowd with this get-up!

Ready to take this Halloween costume to the next level? We’re a sucker for the lollipop designs created by the Spoonflower community and think they’d make the perfect trick-or-treat bag to pair with Kara’s costume.

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About the Guest Blogger

Kara Whitten is the creative behind A Kailo Chic Life, a colorful and pattern rich DIY lifestyle blog. She believes everyone needs a little color in their homes and life and strives to bring simple projects and ideas for using color to her blog. She is a mom of 2 and currently works from her home studio in Austin, Texas.


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