Campfire Craft: Laminated Zipper Pouch for Roasting Sticks

MAY 15, 2018

There’s nothing quite like family and friends surrounding an open campfire enjoying one of our favorite summertime treats, s’mores. This delicious, sticky treat has become a summer camp staple, and whether you like them lightly toasted and golden brown, or charred outside and soft on the inside, it’s safe to say we could all do without the mess from those melted ‘mallows. Luckily, we’ve whipped up a handy laminated zipper pouch to keep those gooey roasting sticks contained and mess-free. Check out the video tutorial below, or follow the full step-by-step guide to get started. 

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Assembling Your Pouch

Cut out two 15 x 6” fabric rectangles to hold 13” long marshmallow sticks. Before cutting your fabric, make sure to measure your marshmallow sticks to confirm this length will work for your bag! 

‘mallow math
Length of your marshmallow stick + 2″ = width of your fabric rectangles

Trace one piece of the fabric you just cut onto the paper side of your vinyl. Cut out your vinyl so it’s ½” shorter around all four sides. Repeat for the second piece of vinyl.

You should now have two pieces of fabric, and two pieces of slightly smaller vinyl.

Fuse the iron-on vinyl to the unprinted side of the fabric by peeling off the paper backing and applying with your hand. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles before pressing with an iron and be sure to use a press cloth.

Pro tip: Not all iron-on vinyls are the same so be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions before applying to your fabric.

Pin the zipper along the top edge of the fabric with the wrong side of the zipper facing up.

Switch to your zipper foot, and sew your zipper in place with a ¼” seam allowance.

If needed, adjust the zipper pull before you start so it’s not in the way when you’re stitching. Once you meet up with the zipper pull, lift your presser foot and move the zipper pull up and out of the way.

Press the zipper and fabric. You can use an iron for this, but the vinyl gives the fabric a little extra structure so pressing with your finger will also work!

Repeat these two steps for the other side of your fabric.

Top stitch on both sides of the zipper with a ¼” seam allowance.

With right sides together, pin around the edges of your fabric, making sure to unzip your zipper.

Stitch the three sides together.

Trim your edges and flip the fabric right side out, making sure to avoid cutting into your stitches. For a crisp finish, push out your corners.

Now you’ve got a cute place to pop those marshmallow sticks when they’re not in use!

Ready for even s’more DIY projects for your weekend cookout? Stitch up easy bandanas with a professional finish in Cotton Poplin Ultra following our mitered corners tutorial. This project is guaranteed to leave you with happy campers!

Pro tip: Standard bandanas are 22 x 22″ so cut your fabric into a 24″ square and stitch with a 1/2″ double hem.

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