Refresh Your Home with a DIY Mini Plant Holder

APR 3, 2018 updated Jun 8, 2021

Ah, spring – a time when everything feels fresh, new and full of life. As we welcome in blooming flowers and warmer weather, we’re also welcoming in our newest natural fabric, Cypress Cotton Canvas. It’s the perfect cotton fabric for refreshing every room in your home and Spoonflower staffer Gina is showing you how with a sweet miniature Cypress Cotton Canvas plant holder, great for adding a pop of color to your coffee table or making the gift of a new plant extra special for your friends and family. Ready to get started? 

Gina: While Cypress Cotton Canvas is ideal for large projects like upholstery, you can add new life to your space with a piece as small as one 8”x8” sample swatch. 

Pick a design, order a sample and let’s start sewing!


Featured design by michellemathis
  • 1 – 8”x8” swatch of Cypress Cotton Canvas
  • Tiny potted plant (or at least just the pot to use for measuring)
  • Fabric pen or tailor’s chalk, ruler, pins and scissors
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine (or you can hand stitch this project if you don’t have a machine – it’s pretty quick and easy!)

Note: This project works best for pots with a diameter of 7.5 inches or smaller.

Prepare your Pieces

Trim the unprinted selvage off of your swatch and place it wrong side up.

Put your pot in one corner about an inch away from either edge and trace around it.

Measure ½ inch outside your circle and draw a second circle. Cut out the circle on the outside line.

Measure the diameter of the circle, then multiply by 3.14. This will serve as the length for the plant holder body.

Measure the height of your pot and add an one inch. This will serve as the width for your plant holder body. 

Cut out a rectangle using these dimensions. You should now have one rectangle and one circle.

Sewing your Plant Holder

With right sides facing, fold your rectangle so the short edges are touching. Stitch with a ¼ inch hem.

With right sides facing, pin your circle to one of the rounded edges of your rectangle. Sew in place with a ¼ inch hem.

Optional step: I added a zigzag stitch to my edges to prevent too much fraying.

Fold the top edge of your holder over toward the wrong side about ¼ inch, then another ½ inch. Pin and topstitch.

Turn your holder inside out – you’re done!

My plant is plastic, but if you’re using a real plant we recommend removing your plant from the bag before watering or treating your finished bag with waterproofing spray to protect your fabric.

Be right back, going to go make an army of plant bags to line my desk. If you catch the springtime succulent bug too, snap a photo of your cute little plants and #spoonflower to share your creations with us.

Happy sewing (and, happy spring!)


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