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  • Love the hump jumper tip. I use the velvet to make bag and I have 8 layers to sew through. I have a pile of broken needles to prove it. I tried it on the bag I was working on and it’s magic. Thank you so much. You just saved me a fortune in needles.

    • Hi Allan,

      That’s so great to hear! We loved this type from Tasha. It’s been so useful for our recent projects that used our Dogwood Denim. The thought of sewing 8 layers would have had us running in the opposite direction but with Tasha’s tip, it’s so much easier!

  • Hump Jumper: Never knew! Almost 5 decades of sewing! Had no idea that so many problems where caused because the pressure foot was not parallel — I’m a believer and haven’t even tried it yet.

  • Hump jumper idea was great! I liked that ironing was a big part of her sewing! I totally believe that also.

  • Lorrell Holtz-Oxley

    The DYI “hump jumper” is worth the price of admission, folks. Many thanks for the wonderful hack idea!

  • Thanks for the “hump-jumper” tip. I’m going to try it the next time I have an opportunity!

    • Let us know how it goes! We tried it out over the weekend while sewing a denim dress and it worked like a charm.