13 Resolutions for a Crafty New Year

JAN 3, 2018

Happy New Year, everyone! As we do every January, we’re putting our mind to accomplishing a few projects over the next twelve months, from cleaning up a craft room, adding to a me-made wardrobe or trying a new skill like woodworking. Whether you want to tackle one big idea or go for nine (we love the #2018MakeNine movement from Spoonflower designer homerowfiberco), now’s the time to create your own maker resolutions! The Spoonflower team has been thinking of our biggest maker goals for the coming year in hopes that we can all make 2018 the year of DIYdive in and see what our resolution are! 

Resolution 1: Organize and wallpaper my pantry

“I’d like to be better at using pantry ingredients, so if I can re-organize the shelves so that everything is more visible and make it beautiful to boot, it’s a win-win. I’ve used Spoonflower wallpaper to create custom drawer liners before and can easily translate that DIY into the pantry closet.” – Suz  P.

9 Unexpected Ways to Use Wallpaper by Good Housekeeping

Resolution 2: Create a denim quilt made from recycled bits of jeans

“I want to introduce more zero waste practices into my studio work and focus on using up-cycled materials. Creating a denim quilt with worn jeans is the perfect solution to keep my textile waste/recycled waste down! I plan to create my own pattern, but the Triangle Quilt by Modern Handcraft is an excellent source of inspiration.” – Katie B.

Denim Triangle Quilt by Modern Handcraft

Resolution 3: Print large format photos on fabric

“Earlier this month, I shared how I created large format photography prints using Spoonflower fabric. I plan to do more of that—it’s all about giant photos!” – Todd G. 

 Resolution 4: Reduce waste with reusable napkins

“I’m so in love with the vibrant watercolor tie-dyed napkins by I Spy DIY. Alternatively, I’ve kept my eye out for watercolor designs on our sister site, Roostery because having custom tailored cloth napkins is also on my list!” – Laurie S.
Tie-Dyed Watercolor Napkins by I Spy DIY

Resolution 5: Create handmade jewelry

“I’ve got at least six handmade apparel projects on my list this year, but before I get started I want to make my wardrobe more festive with handmade jewelry. There’s no better way to do that than with this easy copper and yarn Tassel Necklace DIY from Style Bee.” – Suz P.

Tassel Necklace DIY by Style Bee

Resolution 6: Quilting and appliqué

“I just adore the Wildabon Quilt pattern and have long admired the different styles and methods of quilting and appliqué but haven’t tried myself! I’m thinking of starting small, then working my way up to a quilt for my bed.” – Nicole K.

Wildabon Quilt Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander

 Resolution 7: Starting my handmade line of headscarves

“Beginning with custom “crowns” or headscarves featuring designs by myself and other designers of color and allies. I’ve been putting it off for so long, but no matter what, it keeps coming up. Either I’ll dream about it, or get a fresh idea about a new product. It’s just time to make it happen.” – Jenell G.
DIY Double-sided Head Wrap by Latonya Staubs for A Beautiful Mess

Resolution 8: Sew the Evergreen jacket by Hey June Handmade

The Evergreen has honestly been on my ‘to-make list’ for a few years. I love moto-zip jackets as a style but have been too intimidated by outerwear to really tackle this one. 2018 is the year!” – Paula A.
The Evergreen Jacket by Hey June Handmade

Resolution 9: Create a reusable lunch bag complete with napkins

“I ordered fabric for lunch bags ages ago and it just stares at me every time I enter my sewing room. Using paper bags all the time is getting a little boring, so this is high on my project list for 2018!” – Skye Van D.
Lunch bag tutorial by Pink Penguin

Resolution 10: Redecorate and reorganize my sewing room

“I love working in my sewing room but I don’t feel like I’m using the space to it’s potential. I’d love to remove the carpet and put in a wood floor and beautiful statement rug. I have a peg board but I want to take it to the next level with extra storage accessories. I pinned this peg board by Mandy Pellegrin a long time ago but 2018 will be the year I finally recreate it!
– Meredith F.
The ultimate organization inspiration: Peg board by Mandy Pellegrin and wall storage by Decor Hacks

Resolution 11: Learn to use Arduino and Raspberry Pi for home gadgets

“I’m a big nerd and have always wanted to create home-of-the-future gadgets like the MagicMirror and motion sensing lights among other tech things.” – Josh M.


The open source smart mirror platform: MagicMirror

Resolution 12: To make a dent in my fabric stash!

“I had a large fabric stash before I started at Spoonflower and it’s only gotten bigger since joining the team. In the New Year, I would like to commit to using what I already have instead of continually adding to my fabric collection just because I see something new and shiny. I’m a bit of a fabric magpie! I love the Kalle shirtdress and the Blaster cardigan, those two are first on my list! – Beckie M.

Kalle Shirtdress and sleeve expansion by Closet Case, Blaster Cardigan by Andi Satterlund

Resolution 13: To make a faux leather jacket

“I haven’t had the chance to sew anything purely for fun in over a year, and I want to tackle something exciting and challenging for my first project of 2018. I’ve always been intimidated by sewing leather and leather-like materials, but I think it’s a challenge I’m ready to take on! And what could be cooler than donning a me-made leather jacket?” – Mary Ashlyn T.
Ziggi Jacket by Style Arc

What will inspire you in the new year? Tag us at #Spoonflower so we can see your 2018 creations!

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