8 Velvet Approved DIY Projects

OCT 6, 2017

Don’t worry if you haven’t tried our Celosia Velvetyet, we’ve got you covered! From apparel and accessories to accents in home decor, we’ve rounded up eight gorgeous DIY projects that feature our most luxurious fabric that we’re just absolutely crushing on. A true trend making a modern comeback, dig into inspirational elegance with these custom velvet projects that will surely summon a dash of style and grace in your everyday life. 

1. Be the belle of the ball with this super luxe holiday dress by Merrick’s Art.

Celosia Velvet dress by Merrick's Art | Spoonflower Blog
Eucalyptus Leaves and Flowers by lavish_season

2. Looking for a universal gift for a loved one? Our Essential DIY Floor Pouf hits the spot.

DIY Celosia Velvet Floor Pouf | Spoonflower Blog
Shaggy Day by akwaflorell

3. Can’t decide what pattern you love most? This reversible clutch by The Style Safari is your answer.

DIY Celosia Velvet clutch by The Style Safari | Spoonflower Blog
Blush White Ikat Stripes and Indigo Blue Ikat Stripes by thestylesafari

4. Since we love a good clutch, we could not pass up this classic style. Get a similar look with the Portside Pouch by Sprout Patterns.

Style inspiration with Celosia Velvet | Spoonflower Blog
Monstera Leaves in Celosia Velvet by crystal_walen

5. For the little cuties in your life, there’s the Baa Baa Dress and the Mini Baa Baa Dress by Sprout Patterns.

Celosia Velvet Baa Baa Dress by Sprout Patterns | Spoonflower Blog
Swedish Folk Art Birds by rebecca_reck_art, Linen in Dark Watermelon Red by joanmclemore

An important update about Sprout Patterns | Spoonflower Blog

6. We don’t think there is anything more chic than this Wildflower Duster Coat by Tabitha Sewer.

Wildflower Duster Coat in Celosia Velvet | Spoonflower Blog
Adobo Multi Desert and Adobo Rain Multi by Holli Zollinger

7. The Cleo Dress by Tilly and the Buttons is the perfect go-to for beginners.

Cleo Dress by Tilly and the Buttons | Spoonflower Blog
Swedish Folk Art Birds by rebecca_reck_art

7. Bold statements at home make for everyday luxury. Get inspired by this stunning reupholstered couch from I SPY DIY.

I SPY DIY upholstered settee using Celosia Velvet | Spoonflower Blog
Shibori Diamond Blue by pricedesigns

Creativity doesn’t have to end here! Celosia Velvet is the cherry on top of all of your holiday DIY projects. Or maybe you want to skip the DIY and indulge in a made-to-order cozy velvet chair from our sister brand, Roostery.

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