Once September 1 hits, fabric, craft, and home goods stores start to stock their shelves with holiday wares. Whether you love it or hate it, seeing holiday stockings for sale when it’s still warm outside will never not be weird for us at Spoonflower HQ in Durham, NC. This year, we’re taking a different approach: making our own! This project can be done using 1 yard of fabric (this is a great Fill-a-Yard™ project!), takes no time at all, and will have friends and family members begging for your DIY secret. Whether you tell them (or make them one) is up to you. Download your free pattern and let’s get started!

Spoonflower Holiday Stockings
Recreate the look with these featured designs!

Materials – Here’s what you’ll need for this project

Materials for our Stocking

*Pro tip:  With the Fill-a-Yard™ template, you can create two coordinating fleece stockings!

Laying out your pattern pieces, cutting them out

Cut out the pattern pieces – fold your fabric in half (right sides or wrong sides together, doesn’t matter) and cut out your pieces. 

Stocking pieces


  • Sock (cut 2)
  • Cuff (cut 2)
  • Strap (Not pictured here–we used Sateen, but you can use anything sturdy!)

Sew stocking sock together: Pin right sides together and sew the stocking sock pieces together.

Creating the Strap: Next, we’re going to prep our strap. Take the fabric you cut for your strap, fold it in half lengthwise and iron. Open up your strap and fold in the two long edges to meet at the center crease. Next, fold in half so the raw edges are enclosed and iron.

Topstitch the length of your strap to secure the edge. You should end up with something like the strap above!

Sewn stocking cuff pieces

Sew Cuff Pieces Together: Pin both cuff pieces, right sides together, and stitch down the short sides.

Pinning strap to sock

Now we’re going to pin the strap to the stocking stock and sandwich it between the sock and the cuff. That way, when we flip it inside out, it’ll look clean and all raw edges will be hidden inside the cuff.  We recommend pinning your strap on the heel seam of the sock. 

Pinning cuff to sock, matching side seams

Pin the cuff to the sock, matching the side seams and covering the strap.

Sewing cuff in place

Sew in place.

Turning out the stocking

Finally, turn your stocking right side out. Here, you can hem the bottom of your cuff, or leave it unhemmed since Spoonflower’s Fleece doesn’t fray (consider it our gift to you!) Now, just make a couple more for your family and friends in case they get jealous.

Finished stocking!

Holiday complete! Optional: Roasting chestnuts on an open fire. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIYs for a handmade holiday to keep you going!

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