See the Statement Piece this Project Runway Winner Created with Spoonflower

JUN 16, 2017

What do you get when you combine the season 15 winner of Project Runway, a maximalist artist, and endless amounts of creativity (paired with custom fabric, of course!)? While your first thought may be a one-of-a-kind dress featuring an intricate design, would you ever think it would be a design concept that could make you think more about the country, or even the world, you live in? At Spoonflower, we have so much pride and respect for our design community and the designers who use their creativity to stand up and speak out. Today, we’re sharing an exciting collaboration with Project Runway winner, Erin Robertson and artist Jordan PiantedosiYou may have seen Erin’s use of Spoonflower fabric during her time on Project Runway (we are all about the Poly Crepe de Chine dress she made), but follow along as she and Jordan showcase their most recent project, a custom fabric design that empowers you to wear your voice as you raise your voice.

Erin Robertson models a couture coat printed on heavy cotton twill

Erin : I have been working with Spoonflower for the past 4 years, all throughout college and still to this day! Having a company like Spoonflower allows me to take an idea and actually have it come to fruition for a project like this is so amazing! Fashion is more than looking good; it’s saying something about yourself and the future of fashion is better slower.

Jordan Piantedosi’s design represents the flower children of the past, present and future

The drawings of flowers and fay folk marching and holding signs represents the flower children of the past, present, and future. They also represent the optimistic & artistic dreamers who are willing to stand up for what they believe in : human rights, nature, progress, truth, and love.

Erin and Jordan celebrate the arrival of their custom designed fabric!
Rich colors printed on Heavy Cotton Twill brings this creative collaboration to life

Growing my business slowly and thoughtfully, I am currently working on a few projects and one of my favorites is using Spoonflower as a vehicle to communicate a strong message. Jordan Piantedosi and I have collaborated on many projects over the years, including the iconic prints in my Project Runway season 15 winning collection! We’re teaming up again to make a social impact on our fellow humans.

The layout was very thought out with a focus on no waste. For the scarves and totes, this was possible with pattern shapes like squares and rectangles.

We wanted to navigate through the negative energy surrounding social, racial, and political conversations, putting forth a positive protest message. The resulting print is something we hope will be worn and shared in a powerful show of solidarity with those voices that are marginalized. We want to empower people to wear their voice as they raise their voice.

With an emphasis on zero waste, fabric scraps were turned into a mini Erin doll!

Thank you sew much for reading and we hope this inspires you not only in design and layouts for printing, but also in the message of the work you create.  We are on this world together and it’s up to all of us to inspire each other!  Stay tuned to the next project Jordan and I are up to with Spoonflower!  It will be about fun quirky facts, all things science and nature related!

Erin Robertson models a couture coat printed on heavy cotton twill
Erin’s hand embroidered coat radiates with passion and creativity

Want to wear an Erin Robertson and Jordan Piantedosi original? Take a closer look at the one-of-a-kind coat, scarves and tote bags now for sale on Erin’s website and be sure to visit her Spoonflower shop to find these designs on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap! 100% of ALL profits generated from the sales of the items sold on her site will be donated to the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, Arts For Humanity, Emily’s List, RIP Medical Debt, Sacred Stone Camp, Pink&Black and Oceana. 

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  • I’ve seen her…on Project Runway, and she’s really good.
    I’ve designed at white dress…I’ve bought some fringe from….I’ve kept it along while, not knowing what to do with it. But, then recently…I’ve stumbled onto something that I had kept away. I’ve designed a dress pattern for myself, and had designed a white dress with that fringe. I was going to wear it to church one Sunday, but…the garment had turned out to be a little short. So, I’d made the skirt part of the dress a little longer. And, now….it’s really beautiful, at least I think so!
    I may logon back onto…and order more fringe, but this time…I’ll order it in black!

  • When I first looked at this I love it and then i really looked at it. It’s pretty but I don’t love it as much. I’m a huge lover of fashion but when fashion and politics mix I step away. I find this divisive in a time where we really need to talk about unity and love instead of the hate we see today. Fashion to me is a way to unite people but this seems to push even more for divide, censorship, violence and hate towards those who may not think the same, hold the same beliefs or voted for our President. While I do not believe this is something fabric is to be censored, I do find it insulting that that it could be found inspiring in a world where people are bullied because they are white and being punished for past crimes that they had nothing to do with. I am a black woman who is not oppressed, not a feminist and I do not feel victimized. There is no right that a man has that I do not have and to be completely honest, I sadly have more rights than a man and more say. Even advertisements are aimed at me not at men. I am completely against black lives matter who actually are fighting for segregation to return. They even call white people sub-human on their website. I am a military brat from a very diverse family and this ideology is threatening to mixed race families like mine. It makes me fear for my white and mixed family members. I’m not one to boycott because I don’t like something or don’t agree and will still buy fabric here but I do find it sad that this was given a spotlight. This constant push of encouragement of victim-hood and violence towards people who think differently is hurting us. I see nothing about solidarity here. We are all human beings on this journey called life just trying to find our on way. Our gender, nor the color of our skin, nor our height, weight or sexuality makes us any better or any worse than another. We all bleed red and we all deserve to live the life we want as long as it is not rape, murder, violence or theft. No one deserves to be bullied for being different.

  • Amazing design and message!! I cannot wait to look at her website and her Spoonflower account. The donation part puts them OVER the top!! Thank you for your creations and your messages!!!

  • What a wonderfully creative way to express yourselves…to put such a fresh spin on serious thoughts. You have given me the answer ‘why do I do so many jellyfish and related designs?’ I know in my heart but never made it a point to say so… Brava! and best of all luck to you both . XOXOXO Patti of greenlotus

  • The print is fab ♥️I think people will love to see this print on t-shirts which is always very much in demand and loved by all!!! We would love to see some creative print on t-shirts that will hit the market very soon 😍We love you Erin 😘

    • Great idea! If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could make a version of your own by purchasing their design in Erin’s Spoonflower shop. This design would be great as a Modern Jersey tee!